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'Tron Legacy' visuals revealed: Check them out here!

More visuals from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie have hit the Web, and just like the trailer before them, they’re absolutely stunning. Pictured here are hottie Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hudlund caught in a very sultry moment. (Sizzle!) I honestly have no idea what’s going on between the pair, but we can assume it’s romantic, yes? It’s intriguing: Are they about to kiss each other — or punch each other? Maybe both! Either way, a sultry moment. Wilde plays the confidante of Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn, and Hudlund is Bridges’ son Sam. The movie poster and whatnot were also released (poster after the jump), and truly, they’re about what you’d expect, based on what we’ve already seen. Neon-y, dark, futuristic. Oh wait, you haven’t seen the trailer/footage that’s already been released? Check that out after the jump as well.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do seeing these new bits of the Tron release get you excited for next December? (It’s only a year away!)

Photo Credit: Disney

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'Sex and the City 2' teaser poster: Yay or No way?

Warner Brothers unveiled its official teaser poster for the Sex and the City sequel with Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in the white Halston Heritage number that marked the first public sighting of filming in September, and my reaction? A mixture of “Huh?” and “My eyes!”

Love the dress, love the necklace, love the shoes — though I could do without the gold aviators — but there’s nothing subtle about this teaser. It sounds more like it’s screaming at me with that blinding light. (I guess that explains the sunglasses.) I know Carrie isn’t afraid of a little bling, but this looks more like a poster for a New Year’s Eve party or a Hed Kandi album cover come to life.

And where are the other gals? A Warner Brothers rep is not yet sure if teasers featuring Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall will be released, but you may remember from the first SATC that the teaser included just Parker, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this technotronic-futuristic teaser is all we get.

It also seems like the producers just can’t let go of these “Carrie” puns. Last time it was “Get Carried Away”; this time it’s “Carrie On.” It really just reminds me of that amazingly hilarious Saturday Night Live SATC spoof titled, “Carrie On, Bags.”

What do you guys think of the poster? Yay! Or now way?

A Flying Babies movie trailer: What will the French think of next?

You heard me: Flying babies. Or “les enfants volants” as they’d say in the country that produced Ricky, a new French-language inspirational drama(?!) that appears to be about a kid born with wings. As far as I can tell, this movie has three things going for it.

1.)It was directed by François Ozon, who made the awesome Swimming Pool.

2.) It has a vaguely disturbing poster that just shows a closeup of the kid giving a sideways glance. (Is he wearing mascara?)

3.) Its trailer — in which Ricky’s parents discover his ability, try to hide him from the government, and then tie a string around him and fly him thereby creating the world’s first LIVE BABY KITE — will actually melt your brain a little. Not a ton, just like 5 seconds on defrost in the microwave. Behold:

(In related baby zen news, “Charlie Bit My Finger” has recently been auto-tuned, with Grammy-worthy results.)

'Law Abiding Citizen': Can I buy a hyphen?

Picture 1Law Abiding Citizen, surely one of the dumbest movie titles of 2009, has been killing me not-softly since Owen Gleiberman’s EW review of it went up Wednesday afternoon. It is taking everything I have right now to not go into the backend of our website and add a hyphen to every instance of Law Abiding Citizen. I can’t take it much longer. I’m thinking I will just need to let it go, though. This is me letting go. I don’t want to get fired over this. There is no hyphen in the title of the movie. Who am I to scurry around that musty old claptrap we call a “content tool” and add punctuation marks according to my whims? It would be disrespectful of a proper noun. The illiterate copywriters who decided on it might be offended. I will just sit here and not add a hyphen to the title all over our website. Around 3 p.m. I can probably duck out to the art store and buy some spray paint so I can draw hyphens on the subway posters instead. Should I use caret symbols? I don’t think the job demands it.

PERSONAL NOTEPAD SECTION: Law-Abiding Citizen. Law-Abiding Citizen. Ohhhhhhhhh that felt good. I’m fired.

EW.com Exclusive: The new poster for '2012' -- The monk returns!

2012-poster_lThe end is nigh, PopWatchers! Again! Or so director Roland Emmerich would like us to believe come Nov. 13, when his latest pyrotechnic explode-athon, 2012, hits theaters. EW.com got an exclusive look at the brand-spanking-new one-sheet (pictured), so let’s examine it, shall we? Underneath the tagline WE WERE WARNED (Hollywood is so great with subtlety!) stands our old friend the Buddhist monk, whom we first met in the earliest teaser for the movie. Now the guy is standing atop the Himalayas, his robes a-blowin’ in the wind as the flood waters come a-barrelin’ in. Better get a move on, buddy, and ring that bell. READ FULL STORY

New posters for classic movies

Guesswhoscomingtodinner_l How cool is this new poster for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? I'm basically in love with it — along with the rest of the freshly re-imagined posters for old films that Turner Classic Movies is now using to promo its summer programming! I'm usually more of a fan of modern things being revamped to look vintage, so these updates took me by surprise. (P.S. – They were all designed by One Trick Pony, an advertising and branding firm based in New Jersey.)

I think the Dinner one is the best … but the moody, smoky image for The Big Heat comes a close second, and the bold, striking design of The Magnificent Seven poster isn't far behind. Honestly, they're all pretty awesome, even though the navigation for the site itself drives me insane.

Thoughts, PopWatchers? Do you like these movie posters as much as I do, or have you seen others recently that you prefer?

'Orphan' movie poster: Just pick a tagline already!

Orphan-movie-poster_l There's something wrong with Orphan's movie poster. What, you ask? Why, it appears as though the film's marketers couldn't decide between two completely different taglines — There's something wrong with Esther and Can you keep a secret? — so they just decided to plop them both on in hopes that one will stick. Either that, or the poster is asking me to keep "July 24" a secret. That's certainly a strange thing to ask of me. Everyone will know by at least July 23 that July 24 will happen! Silly Orphan!

Do you wish Orphan had just picked a tagline too, PopWatchers? Or am I just being cranky?

New 'Harry Potter' posters: Love! Jealousy! Betrayal!

Harry-potter-half-blood-prince_l Forget Voldemort's killing spree: The Potterverse is about to get its Melrose Place on judging by these newly-leaked posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (out July 15). Just check out the look on Hermione's face as she watches Ron cozy up to Lavender.

Harry-potter-half-blood-prince-2_l And get a load of Harry, all serious and smitten, gearing up for his My Girl moment with Ginny (I know, I know: Macaulay Culkin was about half Harry's age in that movie. There's just something about those glasses…). This one in particular looks like it was made just so Potter fans can go nuts pasting their own heads over Ginny's (feel free to share yours below!).

After the jump, we also get glimpses of Draco, wand in hand, and the kooky Luna Lovegood. But really, from the posters, it looks like the Ron-Hermione-Lavender love triangle — which gets zero screen time in the trailer — is going to be front and center in the movie.


'Twilight Saga: New Moon' one-sheet debuts: Hello, Jacob! And Edward's chest hair!

Newmoonteaser_lThe teaser one-sheet for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, in theaters Nov. 20, has been released confirming what we long suspected — both Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) are hotter with shorter hair. At first glance, I thought this poster belonged to Lautner: The clenched fist and jaw, the bicep, the eye. (And again, the hair.) But then I looked closer at Pattinson, smiled that I actually get paid for this, and noted the purposeful peek of manly chest hair. Suddenly, I remembered that New Moon is a battle between a boy and a man — not just a wolf and a vampire — for Bella’s affections. (You’ll need to find an enlarged image to fully appreciate what I’m extracting from the photo. Of chest hair. Wait, this is what I get paid for?)

My other thoughts: That expressive look on Kristen Stewart’s face allows me to hope that the acting in the sequel will be much improved. The coloring of the background reminds me of fan-made New Moon posters. (Coincidence?) I’m liking that this film already feels darker and more atmospheric than the first.

Your turn.

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'The Haunting in Connecticut' posters: Please go away!


As my pal Josh Rich reported earlier today, The Haunting in Connecticut made a decent amount of money this weekend, racking up $23 million. Well, good for it. I have nothing against this movie per se — sorry, I haven’t seen it — but I was hoping that perhaps after its opening weekend, I wouldn’t have to look at that kid barfing up gawd knows what on those gawd-awful posters anymore. (Thanks to EW intern Aly Semigran who snapped this shot on Friday afternoon.) But now that the flick has made some dough, I fear the damn ads are gonna linger for a while. I guess I’ll have to take a different route to the subway each morning because on a certain stretch of 14th Street here in Manhattan, there is an entire block plastered with shot after shot of that poor kid and that amorphous creepy thing coming out of his mouth. If the visual assault must continue, I guess I kind of want to know what, exactly, is being vomited? Is it a ghost? A tree? Huh? Can any of you tell me?

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