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'The Heat' poster under fire for photoshopping Melissa McCarthy

In case you’ve somehow forgotten, this is what Melissa McCarthy’s face looks like. Her eyes are a light bluish green; her face and neck are fairly substantial.

Neither of those things is true, however, in the U.K. poster for The Heat, McCarthy’s upcoming buddy cop comedy with Sandra Bullock. On the left, you’ll see the offending image; for comparison’s sake, we’ve included the American poster on the right. READ FULL STORY

'Star Trek' poster-palooza: New retro-cool posters inspired by the original TV series -- EXCLUSIVE

A day of art from the Star Trek entertainment-industrial complex continues: While fans scrutinize and decrypt the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’ forthcoming sequel to the 2009 blockbuster big screen reboot of the sci-fi classic, CBS Studios and Quantum Mechanix have released the latest batch of retro-cool posters by illustrator Juan Ortiz, inspired by episodes of the original Star Trek TV series.

First: “A Taste of Armageddon.” From the first season of ST:TOS, the episode found Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise caught in the middle of a most peculiar kind of war game. The episode contains one of the greatest fight scenes ever staged for television. READ FULL STORY

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling looks hot even when his face is totally busted -- PHOTO

In 2011, the Internet nearly revolted when Ryan Gosling lost the title of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive to Bradley Cooper — a star whose French language skills beat out Gosling’s Tumblr dominance and his smoking performances in Drive, The Ides of March, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

But things might change next year. While he took a break from the spotlight in 2012, Gosling will return to theaters in 2013 with four movies — including Only God Forgives. And as this new poster for that Nicolas Winding Refn film proves, Gosling somehow manages to be sexy even when his eye is swollen shut and half of his beautiful face has been bloodied. If this doesn’t make a statement about Gosling’s hotness quotient, nothing will. Here’s the poster:


The new 'Safe Haven' poster reminds us of something


Yesterday, Relativity unveiled the official poster for Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel-turned-movie, Safe Haven, which stars Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel and hits theaters on Feb. 8, 2013. The poster doesn’t have anything in common with posters for other popular Nicholas Sparks movies… well, except everything. I mean, seriously:


'Battleship,' 'Snow White,' and more blockbusters get fake artsy posters

As you may know, we here at EW.com love us some fake movie posters, possibly because most actual movie posters nowadays tend to be market-tested and crafted with all the subtlety of man sticking a megaphone in your ear and yelling “BATTLESHIP IS ABOUT SHIPS THAT BATTLE.” Lucky for us, the good people at NextMovie have put together ten posters which take this summer’s biggest movies and give them the indie-film treatment. The Avengers is reimagined as a Wes Anderson primary-colors quirkfest. G.I. Joe: Retaliation proudly advertises its status as an official Sundance selection. The Dark Knight Rises is described with the following words: “From the director of Insomnia.” Our two favorites are below, but click over to NextMovie for the whole batch.

Racy billboards for Jean Dujardin's next film too much for France


The Artist Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin has managed to temporarily steal the limelight back from Uggie. Or rather, the ARPP, France’s advertising watchdog, has done it for him. The group asked that sexually suggestive billboards for Dujardin’s next film Les Infidèles (The Players) be taken down as a “preventative measure” while it officially combs through complaints filed by members of the public. According to French reports, picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, some people just don’t want to see a woman’s legs being held in the air by a man, or a woman appear to be performing fellatio on a man, under a double entendre tagline about having a meeting or going through a tunnel. A rep for Dujardin has yet to return EW’s request for comment.

What do you think (besides that this is a great way to get American media to write about your French film)? Much ado about nothing? I’m not offended (perhaps because of the non-aggressive Judd Apatow film-style backdrop), but then, I did choose not to picture the fellatio poster on our site, so perhaps I do recognize that there’s a line. You can see more posters on the film’s Facebook page, along with a red-band trailer we’ve embedded below. Warning: It starts off tame enough, but the sex and nudity do eventually kick in.  READ FULL STORY

Today in pop culture platinum (literally): Look who's gone gold!

Kanye West, that demure little media flower, made headlines this week when he compared himself to Hitler.

But it turns out that he is fewer Kevin Bacon degrees away from another evil despot — or at least, the poster for a movie about the super-sociopathic son of one.

Am I the only one who just noticed how go-for-baroque twinsies the album cover for Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne and the movie poster for the Dominic Cooper-starring Uday Hussein chronicle The Devil’s Double are? Gold bouillon for everyone!


I love where this 'Drive' poster is going, font-wise

Ryan Gosling can do no wrong, so why not emblazon his magnificent nether regions with a hilariously outdated pink font? I look at this and just hear a valley girl screaming “Ryan Goslingggggggg!” Here’s the official poster for Drive, starring Gosling as a a movie stunt man who moonlights as a getaway driver.


New 'Muppets' poster begs you to rank the Muppets by how much love they're making to the camera

The international movie poster for Disney’s The Muppets (Nov. 23) features…the Muppets. It was a great call! The world is a rainbow of color.

Now that I’ve been staring at these beasts for a solid few minutes, I think I’ll rank ‘em in terms of how much love they’re making to the camera.  READ FULL STORY

Check out the totally awesome retro 'Captain America' poster

One of the main reasons that I’m hopeful about next month’s Captain America film is that the previews seem to indicate that the movie will feature a propaganda-perfect retro aesthetic: Rocketeer-brown military jackets, sci-fi apparatuses that look straight out off a pulp sci-fi book cover, and, best of all, Cap’s pouch-heavy costume. So I’m totally digging the special limited-edition poster that Marvel Studios printed for the film. Initially given only to the cast and crew, the poster was part of a giveaway at the Hero Complex Film Festival. Illustrated by artist Paolo Rivera, the poster has the burnished look of an Old Hollywood poster — think Casablanca, except with a red-faced dude. The best part is how the poster recreates the very first issue of Captain America, with the all-American hero punching ol’ Uncle Adolf right in the kisser. Take that, fascism! Check out the full poster below: READ FULL STORY

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