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If Dakota Fanning stars in the adaptation of 'If I Stay,' tissues will be needed (in a good way)

dakota-fanningImage Credit: Maury Phillips/WireImage.comDakota Fanning is in talks to star in Summit’s adaptation of the young adult novel If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Variety reports. In case you haven’t read the book — or the blog post I wrote after my eyes repeatedly welled up — she’ll play Mia, a 17-year-old girl from Oregon who gets into a car accident with her parents and younger brother. The choice of whether she stays (lives) or goes (dies) is hers and plays out over a 196-page outerbody experience that you can read in one sitting.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was originally attached to the film but dropped out to helm Red Riding Hood, and Brazilian filmmaker Heitor Dhalia has stepped in, the trade reports. This is a great, age-appropriate role for 16-year-old Fanning, whose wise-beyond-her-years demeanor will serve well the story of a young woman grappling with a decision that no teen should ever have to face. Forman has written a second book, Where She Went, which hits shelves in April 2011. (Don’t click that link if you don’t want a spoiler.) With that sequel and Summit, home of the Twilight Saga, behind it, the movie should be able to find an audience. I’d love to see a young, talented actress like Fanning carry a successful film. What about you?

Baz Luhrmann workshops 'Great Gatsby' script with Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Rebecca Hall

Great-Gatsby-Leonardo-DiCaprioImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosWhile there may be no second acts in American lives — as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said — there does appear to be second acts when it comes to movie adaptations of the famed author’s novels. According to Deadline, Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann recently held a workshop in New York for a read-through of his screenplay for Fitzgerald’s timeless classic The Great Gatsby, with Leonardo DiCaprio reading the part of super-rich cipher Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as the striving narrator Nick Carraway, and The Town‘s Rebecca Hall as Jazz Age beauty Daisy Buchanan.

Sources tell EW that this type of rehearsal process is not unusual for Luhrmann, but it also in no way guarantees that the three stars will end up being cast in the film. That said, it seems like pretty dead-on casting to us. And a huge improvement over the last big-ticket (but sappy and underwhelming) movie version of the film made in 1974 with Robert Redford as Gatsby, Sam Waterston as Nick, and Mia Farrow as Daisy. DiCaprio, who worked with Luhrmann in 1996’s Romeo + Juliet, has shown that he can play the dashing, debonair type hiding secrets, Maguire seems perfect for Carraway’s soft-spoken, wounded introspection, and Hall has proven that she can play frazzled yet alluring. Other names being batted around for the Daisy role include Natalie Portman and Amanda Seyfried. READ FULL STORY

Noomi Rapace is wooing and tattooing Hollywood

noomi-rapaceImage Credit: Venturelli/WireImage.comThe basic tenets of American tourism also apply to the way we treat foreign films and actors: We probably won’t visit you where you live, because you speak a language other than English and we get confused easily, but you are more than welcome to come here. Immigrant labor has long helped prop up Hollywood and add a bit of spice to all the dime-a-dozen Midwest and London accents, all the way from Marlene Dietrich to Marion Cotillard. Sweden in particular has been a snowy wealth of fodder for American entertainment, with Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Alexander Skarsgard and this guy all making it big on our shores.

The latest Scandinavian import is actress Noomi Rapace, known best for her role as Lisbeth Salander, a.k.a. “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” in the Swedish adaptations of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy. According to the LA Times, Rapace is close to signing onto The Last Voyage of Demeter, a film about the westbound journey of another immigrant looking to sink his teeth into the English-speaking world: Dracula. Add this to the Sherlock Holmes 2 role she’s already banked and the Mission: Impossible 4 and Alien-prequel roles she is rumored to be in talks for, and it’s clear that even Americans suffering from the all-too-common disorder of subtitle-phobia will soon be familiar with her. Luckily, she seems to be imbued with some of that Swedish good sense. “I think it’s very important to keep a distance from the celebrity world,” she told EW in a recent feature on her. “If you let everybody into your personal life, then people will shortly be bored, because they know everything about you.” READ FULL STORY

What is 'Bourne Legacy' without Matt Damon?

not-bourneImage Credit: Jasin BolandWith Universal’s decision to hire Bourne screenwriter Tony Gilroy to write and direct The Bourne Legacy, it momentarily seemed as if the studio had a promising strategy to lure Matt Damon back for a fourth Bourne film. Though the actor had expressed his reluctance unless Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass was involved, Gilroy seemed like the one guy who might tempt Damon to reconsider. Not only was Gilroy a co-architect of the Bourne universe, but he had masterfully directed Damon’s Ocean’s Eleven pal, George Clooney, in the Oscar-nominated Michael Clayton. But in an interview with HollywoodElsewhere.com, Gilroy explained that retaining Damon wasn’t the plan at all. “Jason Bourne will not be in this film,” Gilroy said. “What happened in the first three films is the trigger for what happens [in Legacy]…[T]he world we’re making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne’s return [down the road.]”

Consider me crestfallen. The world of Jason Bourne was not really extraordinarily fascinating: Treadstone? Blackbriar? It was Jason Bourne himself, in particular his internal struggle to come to terms with his deadly past, that made the trilogy compelling. READ FULL STORY

Ridley Scott meets with Noomi Rapace, Carey Mulligan, and Abbie Cornish for 'Alien' prequel

Noomi-Rapace-AlienImage Credit: Franco Origlia/Getty Images; Everett CollectionEver since it was first announced that director Ridley Scott would, at long last, be revisiting the sci-fi franchise he launched with 1979’s Alien, we’ve been as giddy as schoolkids. Over time, little teasers and tidbits of intel have trickled out: Like the fact that the film would be a prequel (not a sequel), that it would be in 3-D, and that Scott was on the lookout for a fresh actress to play the younger version of Sigourney Weaver’s indelibly kick-ass heroine, Ripley. Now EW has confirmation from Scott’s camp that the director has been busy lately meeting with several young leading ladies for the juicy part, including An Education Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, Aussie actress Abbie Cornish (who appeared in Scott’s 2006 Russell Crowe flick A Good Year), and fresh-faced import Noomi Rapace, star of the Swedish Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Rob Brunner, Rapace hinted at this development, albeit a bit cagily: READ FULL STORY

Rachel Weisz and Emily Blunt play sisters doing ... what exactly?

Emily-Blunt-Rachel-WeiszImage Credit: David Gabber/PR Photos; Alexandra Wyman/Getty ImagesRachel Weisz and Emily Blunt are set to star as sisters in the latest project directed by indie wunderkind Lynn Shelton, according to Weisz’s reps. There’s not much else they’re revealing – no title, no plot – only the promise that the acting will be “semi-improvised,” and shot over a few weeks this coming fall. So let’s try our hand at guessing what it’s all about, shall we?

Shelton’s three previous films all feature two characters in intimate congress. In her January 2009 release, Humpday, a pair of old college buddies explore the implications of having sex with each other on tape to win an amateur porn competition. My Effortless Brilliance from 2008 features two dudes again, ex-best friends sorting out their differences in a remote cabin in Eastern Washington. And in Shelton’s first feature from 2005, We Go Way Back, a rising actress who’s nabbed a plum role is dogged by the specter of her younger self.

All good fodder for a sister flick. In considering the predecessors, here’s what I’ve come up with: Weisz’s character convinces Blunt’s to reshoot a childhood home video in a cabin in the woods. In the process, they come to understand why they love each other and themselves. And that they’re pretty.

So what about it PopWatchers: any better ideas?

Sandra Bullock close to landing 'Gravity' for her first post-'Blind Side' role

Sandra-BullockImage Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.comEW has confirmed that Sandra Bullock is within reach of snagging the lead in director Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi thriller Gravity, her first film since winning an Oscar for The Blind Side. (Deadline.com first reported the story.) Currently in negotiations for the part after Natalie Portman dropped out due to scheduling issues, Bullock would star opposite Robert Downey, Jr. as an astronaut on a remote space station who survives a disaster and must fight to return home to her daughter. (Cuarón also wrote the screenplay with his grown son Jonas.)

The role is reportedly a massive one, with Bullock the only actor on screen for long stretches of the film. It’s a curious choice; Bullock hasn’t done straight-forward science fiction since 1993’s Demolition Man. She had been reputedly circling the action comedy Most Wanted with Ryan Reynolds, and the 9/11 drama Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks, two movies that seem more obviously in her wheelhouse. With this film, however, she appears to be heeding the advice of Paul Haggis, her director in 2005’s Crash, from EW’s recent cover story on Bullock’s career: “I think she should do whatever scares her, whatever makes her really uncomfortable.”

What do you make of this choice, PopWatchers? Would you rather Bullock stick to more familiar territory? Or are you intrigued by her attempt to branch out into a new genre?

Ryan Gosling in talks to star in George Clooney's 'Farragut North'

clooney-goslingImage Credit: Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com; Jeff Vespa/WireImage.comThe search continues for the perfect cast for George Clooney’s upcoming political drama Farragut North. Clooney’s rep confirmed to EW that Ryan Gosling is currently in negotiations to play the lead role of a young communications director who gets wrapped up in the dark side of political campaigns.

By the power vested in George Clooney, let’s make this happen! To me, this sounds like a stellar pairing for a film that will likely have “Academy Award nominee” written all over it. Granted, Clooney’s directorial efforts aren’t always Oscar bait (remember Leatherheads?), but given each of their resumes — Clooney’s a Best Supporting Actor winner (Syriana), and has been nominated for Best Actor (twice!) and Best Director, while Gosling received a Best Actor nomination for Half Nelson in 2006 and is considered a strong contender for an acting nod with the upcoming Blue Valentine — this combination looks pretty good on paper. Plus, a Clooney-Gosling combination will guarantee some red carpet dreaminess come awards season, or at least some promotional eye candy.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does George Clooney + Ryan Gosling = a must-see film?

Read more:
George Clooney assembling cast for ‘Farragut North’

Adam Scott set to star alongside Jon Hamm in my dreams, and in an actual movie

Adam-ScottImage Credit: Amanda Meredith/PR PhotosAdam Scott will star in screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt’s upcoming Friends With Kids, the actor’s rep confirms. He’ll be in good company, too, alongside Kristin Wiig and Westfeldt’s longtime partner Jon Hamm. Adam Scott and Jon Hamm on the same screen? Be still my heart.

As a slavish fan of Party Down, Mad Men, and stories written by women, this is pretty much the best news I’ve ever heard. Westfeldt’s previous films — the indie classic Kissing Jessica Stein and the less-seen-but-totally-cute Ira and Abby — combine wry social observations with genuine warmth and stylized storytelling. Yay for everything. Even Piranha 3-D.

Does this take the sting away from Party Down being canceled, PopWatchers? (Not for me.) Do you want to see Hamm and Scott play snuggly besties, or might they be a little more fun as adversaries?

'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo': Christopher Plummer to play Henrik Vanger

Christopher Plummer has joined the cast of David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The mighty acting veteran (oh, Captain my Captain von Trapp!) will play Henrik Vanger, the ailing tycoon who hires Daniel Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist to solve the mystery of his niece’s disappearance.

Plummer seems like ideal casting to me. He’s got just the imposing presence to portray the patriarch of a family with dark secrets — and the silver beard will fit right into the icy Swedish landscape. Much as the words “American remake” usually make me want to run for the hills (that are alive! with the sound of music!), I have to say that so far, I’ve been pretty impressed with the casting on this particular American remake. Robin Wright is playing Erika Berger (Mikael’s colleague and lover) while Sweden’s own Stellan Skarsgaard is portraying Henrik’s nephew, Martin Vanger. The Social Network‘s Rooney Mara, of course, landed the much sought-after role of Lisbeth Salander. That’s a fantastic cast. Here’s hoping the rest will be as impressive.

What do you think of Plummer as Henrik Vanger?

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