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Taylor Lautner signs up for Gus Van Sant flick: Could indie be the way to go for him?

Taylor Lautner was cemented – quite literally — as a bona fide Hollywood star today. But when people look down at his hand print at Grauman’s, will it say “Taylor Lautner,” but forever read “Jacob From Twilight. You Know, The Kid With The Crazy Abs“?

While his turn in the recent double identity action caper — and box office flop — Abduction might suggest just that, it’s unfair to count Lautner out as a one-trick werewolf pony yet. While Lautner will be heading into familiar territory with the big screen adaptation of the YA novel Incarceron, as we EW reported last night, he’ll enter the next phase of his career by working with indie darling director Gus Van Sant. (Hey, he helped start Matt Damon’s career! And Smith Jerrod’s!)

So can you envision him as a dramatic actor in an indie? READ FULL STORY

Grace Kelly movie in the works. Who should play the princess?

On Tuesday, news broke that a period piece about actress Grace Kelly may soon be in the works. The script, titled Grace of Monaco and written by Arash Amel, reportedly focuses on Kelly’s life during a politically-charged six-month period in 1962 and is aiming to be compared to last year’s Best Picture winner The King’s Speech.

Despite a relatively short acting career, Kelly is one in a class of iconic actresses from Hollywood’s golden age. After starring opposite Gary Cooper in High Noon, she caught the attention of director Alfred Hitchcock and starred in three of his films — Dial M for Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief — before retiring from acting at the age of 26 after she met and married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Hitchcock attempted to replicate his star in subsequent films, to varying degrees of success, which contributed to the phrase “Hitchcock Blonde” and to the subtext of 1958’s Vertigo, in which Jimmy Stewart’s character creepily tries to remake a woman in the image of his lost blonde love. READ FULL STORY

UK bookies: Justin Timberlake, Emma Stone are your best bets for the 'Dirty Dancing' remake

Since Kenny Ortega announced that he was directing a reboot of Dirty Dancing (for which he was the original choreographer), there has been some speculation about who would play the iconic roles of Baby and Johnny. UK bookie Paddy Power has two names at the top of his list: Justin Timberlake and Emma Stone. According to British bookmakers, Timberlake has 3-1 odds of landing the role made famous by Patrick Swayze, while Stone is a 5-1 bet at stepping into Jennifer Grey’s ballet flats. See more contenders after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Bruce Willis in talks to play General Joe Colton in 'G.I. Joe' sequel. But what about the hair?

After misfiring with the first G.I. Joe film, The Rise of Cobra, Paramount seems determined to call in elite reinforcements for next year’s sequel. First, the studio announced that sequel-savior Dwayne Johnson would provide some muscle, playing Roadblock. Then Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki came aboard to play Lady Jaye. And now, Bruce Willis is in talks to play the original G.I. Joe, General Joe Colton, as initially reported by the Hollywood Reporter. READ FULL STORY

Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick reunite to talk ESPN movie

Ever since 20th Century Fox decided to turn that 745-page ESPN oral history into a movie, everyone has been speculating who will play their favorite quippy on-air personalities like Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. Even Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. The former SportsCenter tag-team partners reunited last night on Olbermann’s Current TV show and had some fun casting themselves and their former co-workers. It was only semi-serious, with Olbermann using the game as an opportunity to take pot-shots at his perceived former rivals. When Patrick suggested Ryan Gosling for dashing Craig Kilborn, Olbermann replied, “That’s alright, but he’s too talented [to play the role]” and suggested Kilborn’s Daily Show replacement, Jon Stewart, instead. Watch the clips below. READ FULL STORY

ESPN tell-all to be turned into a film. Who will play Keith Olbermann and friends?

It’s official. EW has confirmed that Twentieth Century Fox is acquiring the rights and developing a big-screen adaptation of Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller’s racy, randy tell-all, ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun. The gossipy, doorstop-sized oral history of the 24-hour sports network — in particular, its frat house-style early years — snagged a slew of headlines when it was published back in May thanks to its tawdry tales of on-air rivalries, inter-office prostitution, and of course, Keith Olbermann’s mammoth ego. With David Fincher’s The Social Network providing a blue-print of how to adapt a start-up saga like this one and Bennett Miller’s jock-themed Moneyball hitting theaters in September, we expect big things from this one. And since it’s never too early to start thinking about casting, here are our suggestions for some of the key players.

Keith Olbermann: Long before he ballooned into the self-important voice of the Left, Olbermann was the winningly snarky cohost of SportsCenter. This one is almost too easy for anyone who saw Ben Affleck’s Olbermann impersonation on SNL. READ FULL STORY

Matthew Morrison in 'What to Expect...' with Cameron Diaz, but we don't expect to see her on 'Glee'

Glee star Matthew Morrison has joined the star-filled cast of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Lionsgate confirms he’ll play a character named Evan, who is partnered with a woman named Jules (Cameron Diaz) on a celebrity dance show. The two fall in love, and Jules becomes pregnant. I’m sure we’ll see commercials for the film airing during Glee when the time comes. But will we see Cameron Diaz guest star on the show? Here are three reasons, off the top of our head, we hope not.  READ FULL STORY

Can any all-star romantic comedy measure up to 'Love Actually'?

It seems like just about every day there’s new casting news regarding the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Heidi Murkoff’s pregnancy bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Yesterday, we announced that Chace Crawford has joined the ever-expanding ensemble, which already includes — so far — Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Anna Kendrick, Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks, Rob Huebel, and Bridesmaids‘ breakout Rebel Wilson. Phew!

But does a growing cast mean growing anticipation for a film? After all, a great all-star cast doesn’t always translate to a great all-around film. (See: Bobby.) And all too often over the past year, our attitudes while watching all-star comedies have shifted from, “Wow, that’s an amazing line-up of stars!” to “Wow, that’s a whole lot of people crammed into one movie!”? I certainly felt the latter with the releases of 2009’s frustrating He’s Just Not That Into You and 2010’s insufferable Valentine’s Day. But will similarily star-packed flicks New Year’s Eve (which features, among many others, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Robert DeNiro, Josh Duhamel, Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sofia Vergara) and What To Expect hold the same fate? Or can they pull off a Love Actually? READ FULL STORY

Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller: Finally on the same side?

A rep for Vince Vaughn confirms that he is in negotiations to join Ben Stiller in the comedy Neighborhood Watch. The long-gestating film, to which Will Ferrell was once attached, is said to revolve around a group of men who form a “neighborhood watch” primarily to get time away from their families, but actually have to do something when they uncover a plot to destroy the world.

Vaughn and Stiller have never been on the same side in a film. They were full-on nemeses in Dodgeball and Starsky & Hutch, they were on rival news teams in Anchorman and estranged brothers in Zoolander. I assume they’ll be fighting on the same side this time, but I hope there’s still some tension between their characters because Vaughn is best when he’s a little prickly. Perhaps they could disagree on the best way to combat the threat, and we could recreate some of Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s magic in Wedding Crashers, in which Vaughn is reluctantly along for the ride… Speaking of Wilson, I’d love to see him in this neighborhood. Who else should be a resident?

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Why my 'Lincoln' casting obsession rivals 'The Hunger Games'

When a best-selling book is turned into a motion picture, the casting of beloved characters becomes an Internet blood-sport. It’s never enough for the filmmakers just to announce who will play the hero; invested fans want to know who will play every minor character, especially the obscure guy who died on page 11. The studios know this, of course, so they tantalize us with the slow drip-drip-drip of casting news, and there’s nothing we can do about it but rant and rage on Internet comment boards. You might feel this way about The Hunger Games, but it’s how I feel about Lincoln, the long-awaited Steven Spielberg film based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s heralded biography, Team of Rivals. Ever since Daniel Day-Lewis was tabbed to play Honest Abe last November, I’ve been mentally filling up Lincoln’s cabinet with some famous faces lined with 19th-century character. Since then, DreamWorks has added Sally Field (Mary Todd Lincoln), Joseph Gordon Levitt (the president’s eldest son, Robert), Tommy Lee Jones (abolitionist senator Thaddeus Stevens), and David Strathairn (Secretary of State William Seward).

Great, but not nearly good enough for this history nerd. READ FULL STORY

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