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'Dragon Tattoo' casts its Lisbeth Salander: Have you seen Rooney Mara in previous roles?

Rooney Mara just landed the role of Lisbeth Salander in the U.S. remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. We’ve known for weeks now that director David Fincher had hoped to cast an unknown for the lead role in the hottest literary adaptation in development right now (or possibly ever?), and that’s why we here at PopWatch HQ don’t feel too bad about not having any recollection of seeing Mara on screen beyond the trailer for The Social Network (where she plays Erica). Heck, not even a scan of her IMDb credits could jog our memories. Is this like a S1m0ne thing? Did Fincher just whip up a “Rooney Mara” prototype with his dark and stylish puppetmaster claws? Take a gander at Rooney’s credits and see if any bells ring or ER sirens go off.

–Nancy Holbrook in 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street
–Fernanda in Tanner Hall
–Taggarty in Youth in Revolt
–Tara in Friends (With Benefits)
–Megan in two 2009 episodes of ER
–Wendy in The Winning Season
–Courtney in Dare
–Rebecca Smith in an episode of TV’s The Cleaner
–Evelyn in Dream Boy
–Alexis Sherman in a 2007 episode of ABC’s one-season wonder Women’s Murder Club
–Jessica DeLay in one episode of SVU
–And her first role in something called Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (!)

If you remember her, did she stand out for you? Will her talents translate to Dragon? All must be revealed! In fact, if you’ve ever seen Rooney Mara do anything, brag about it in the comments!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Fourth 'Mad Max' film still a go: Ready to revisit one of Mel Gibson's signature roles?

mad-max-4Image Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images; Everett Collection; Janet Mayer/PR PhotosWriter-director George Miller is still moving forth with a fourth Mad Max film, Fury Road. With Tom Hardy (Inception) set to inherit the role that made Mel Gibson a star, news comes today via The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog that Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley who made her feature debut in this year’s Runaways as the sister to Dakota Fanning’s Cherie Currie, is in talks to play one of the “Five Wives,” women Mad Max must protect. When it was announced last October that the film, costarring Charlize Theron, would go into production this year in Australia, 64 percent of PopWatch readers said they were only excited about the franchise returning IF Mel Gibson returned with it. I’m thinking that poll might yield different results now that Gibson is back in the news with, what are we up to?, seven alleged rants caught on tape. Let’s put it to a vote. For the record, I wouldn’t want to see a Gibson cameo in Fury Road at this point, but his recent troubles do not taint the franchise for me. I’ve got no problem compartmentalizing and enjoying old Gibson films. If Bird on a Wire was on TV right now, I’d be watching it.

'Arrested Development' movie: Jason Bateman has a role in mind for Jennifer Aniston

aniston-batemanImage Credit: Toni Passig/WireImage.com; Sam UrdankThe Arrested Development movie — one of the year’s biggest will-they-or-won’t-they nail biters — could have a new Friend on its roster. (Okay, the “Friend” thing was a little cornball. You don’t mind.) During a junket for The Switch, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston both told MTV they’d like to see her star in an AD film. “Anything to work with Jason,” Aniston gushed. Bateman claims to already have a role in mind for her, but insists there are no freebies and that “she’ll have to sing for her supper.” Let’s speculate…

Potential Jennifer Aniston characters in the ‘Arrested Development’ movie:

  • Uncle Jack’s (Martin Short’)s new wife
  • Ventriloquist love interest for G.O.B. (possible three- or four-way action including Franklin)
  • the MILF George Michael hooks up with to make Maeby jealous READ FULL STORY

William Petersen returns to the big screen

william-petersenImage Credit: Tony Barson/WireImage.com William Petersen has accepted his first screen role since CSI, and his first part in a feature in 10 years. He’s joined Adrien Brody in the indie drama Detachment from American History X director Tony Kaye. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story centers on “a normally detached substitute teacher (Brody) who becomes invested in the students and teachers at the troubled school where he works and grows close to a homeless teen working as a prostitute.” Petersen, who’s focused on theater since leaving CSI, will play a history-teaching Vietnam vet who causes a stir when he shows a gay film in class to promote tolerance. Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks is a fellow teacher and potential love interest for Brody’s character, while Lucy Liu is the school’s frustrated psychologist.

This sounds like a meaty, layered role for Petersen, and the prospect of him acting opposite Brody, who shares his quiet intensity, is intriguing. Have you missed Petersen? Is this the right project to make his return? With Kaye at the helm, I’m not expecting the cliché feel-good troubled teen pic. He’s got me curious.

Lunchtime Poll: Calling all Skaaaaaaarsgaaaaards

Stellan Skarsgård is in talks to star in David Fincher’s remake of Swedish film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (based on the novel by Stieg Larsson, pictured). He’d play Martin Vanger, one of the story’s main suspects in the 40-year-old disappearance of a teenage girl. Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a U.S. version! What’s a Scandinavian doing in our remake of an already good movie?!

I’m just kidding. But does anyone else constantly do a double take upon reading that last name? Vote below.

Read more: Yesterday’s Lunchtime Poll: What does Joaquin Phoenix most need in the movie poster for ‘I’m Still Here’?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Liam Neeson no longer Spielberg's 'Lincoln'

Landmark/PR Photos

It sounded like such a dream team: Steven Spielberg directing Tony Kushner’s screenplay about the life of Abraham Lincoln, with Liam Neeson in the title role. And now it turns out it’ll be just a dream after all: Neeson said in an interview with Britain’s GMTV on Friday that he’s no longer attached to the project. “I’m past my sell-by date,” Neeson quipped, referring to the fact that he’s 58 while Lincoln was assassinated at age 56. A rep for the actor tells EW.com, “That project has never seemed to come to fruition so he just moved on a couple of years ago.” Indeed, Spielberg has been keeping busy with several other projects: He’s wrapped The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn starring Daniel Craig and is now in pre-production on the WWI drama War Horse. (Both projects are scheduled for 2011 releases.) But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. “It is a film we all hope to make,” says Spielberg’s rep at DreamWorks. “So much depends on timing and all the elements coming together at the right moment. Schindler’s List was around here for over 10 years. It was worth it, wouldn’t you say?” Point taken.

So with Neeson out of the picture, who else could play Honest Abe? Is any other great actor tall enough?

Russell Brand to play swashbuckler John Hawkwood

Russell-BrandImage Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.comRussell Brand is negotiating to play real-life swashbuckler John Hawkwood in the big-screen action comedy Hawkwood, Deadline reports. (EW’s request for comment has yet to be returned.) Described as “a morally challenged but gifted swordsman,” Hawkwood was a 14th century European mercenary, a sword for hire. I’m torn: It seems like an interesting character Brand could have real fun with… but won’t we all be comparing his take to Johnny Depp’s Oscar-nominated turn as Capt. Jack Sparrow, even if he’s land-bound? Then again, Brand is currently shooting a remake of Arthur, so he must like the challenge of going up against classic performances.

Is there enough room in your heart for two eccentric swashbucklers? (If there’s room enough for four Pirates of the Caribbean films, the answer could be yes — if Brand’s Hawkwood is truly funny and original.)

'America's Next Top Model': Which contestant has had the most successful post-'ANTM' career?

yaya-costaI recently saw the film The Kids Are All Right, and between marveling at Julianne Moore’s performance and Mark Ruffalo’s chest hair, I couldn’t help but notice the acting skills of another one of the film’s stars, Yaya DaCosta, better known as a Cycle 3 contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

Our Brown-educated girl (how could we forget that tidbit with the number of times she said it on the show?) has come a long way from smizing and losing to Eva Pigford (now Eva Marcille for acting purposes).

Before she landed the role as Ruffalo’s friend with benefits in The Kids Are All Right, DaCosta appeared on Law & Order: SVU and multiple episodes of both All My Children and Ugly Betty. In December, she can be seen seen in Tron: Legacy as one of two Sirens.

Tyra would be proud!

And let’s not forget the other contestants who’ve made a name for themselves in the modeling world: READ FULL STORY

Halle Berry steps up to star in 'Shoe Addicts Anonymous'

Halle-BerryImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosLadies, ever wish you could raid Halle Berry’s closet? (Of course, we’d all leave the Catwoman suit well enough alone, right?) Well, for some as-of-yet unannounced actresses, that dream will come true: Deadline reports that Berry is set to lead an ensemble cast in the film adaptation of Beth Harbison’s best-selling novel Shoe Addicts Anonymous. British director Paul Weiland will helm the movie, written by Kristen Buckley and Brian Regan (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days).

The novel follows four Chicago women who all wear size 7.5 shoes and trade looks. Filming is set to start later this year, so it looks like you won’t have to wait for Sex and the City 3 to see some awesome footwear on the big screen. But if you were to steal one Halle Berry look, which would it be?

Angelina Jolie wanted Brad Pitt to cameo in 'Salt'

brad-salt-cameoImage Credit: Andrew Schwartz; Janet Mayer/PR PhotosIt’s not easy being a mother to six children and the biggest female star in the world. After all, when you’re not dangling from ledges hundreds of feet up in the air or head-butting goons or weaving cars through high-speed traffic, there’s that whole “Who’s gonna look after the kids?” thing to juggle. Apparently, that’s all that stood in the way of a Brad Pitt cameo in Salt, Jolie’s upcoming film. When EW spoke to the actress in March, we asked if she had any plans to reunite with her Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar on-screen. Back then, she said, “I love working with him. He’s my favorite actor to work with and the only complicated thing is to find the right project.”

Now, Jolie tells USA Today that she wanted Pitt to make a blink-and-you’d-miss-it cameo in one of the action scenes in Salt. But, apparently, he had to look after their ever-growing brood instead. “He was almost going to be the motorcycle guy that I knocked down, and then he’d call me a bad name,” she said. “But he was with the kids that day, and we couldn’t work it out.” Ever hear of a babysitter? Jeez!

Still, maybe Pitt knew something. After all, seeing his dreamy, A-list mug might have pulled audiences out of the film and given it too much of a cheeky, self-referential Ocean’s 12 vibe — and no one wants that! Then again, it’s not like Pitt hasn’t done this sort of thing for a significant other before. Remember his turn as Will, the guy who started the rumor that Rachel was a hermaphrodite on Friends back when he and Jennifer Aniston were together? If not, see the clip embedded after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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