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Dina Lohan says the right things on 'Today,' but should she be talking?

Did we need to see Dina Lohan interviewed again on Today this morning? No. (Should the show stop calling her? Probably.) But after watching Matt Lauer’s latest sitdown with her, we’re allowing ourselves renewed hope that Lindsay Lohan is finally getting the help she needs. Dina began by praising the Betty Ford Center, where Lindsay is undergoing court-appointed rehab until Jan. 3. She says Lindsay is “happy,” “relaxed,” and “just a different person” there. Asked if she thinks this rehab stay will produce different results for Lindsay, Dina gave the only reasonable answer: “We take it one day at a time. Addiction is difficult. I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball. I pray hard.” READ FULL STORY

George W. Bush talks liquor, Libby with Matt Lauer

In advance of tonight’s one-hour primetime special on NBC, Matt Lauer teased more of his pre-taped interview with George W. Bush this morning on Today. Sitting in the church where he married his wife, Bush told Lauer that his faith helped him decide to quit drinking cold turkey after his 40th birthday. “I was a drinker. Now I wasn’t a knee-walkin’ drunk,” Bush says. Oh, how we’ve missed his turn of phrase. He was a habitual drinker who’s certain would never have become president had he not stopped, because alcohol made his quick tongue “not only quick, but caused me to be stupid.” Lauer says he’ll give an example of that in the full interview, which airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Bush also discussed his controversial decision to commute the sentence of Scooter Libby, saving Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff from prison. In Bush’s memoir, on shelves Tuesday, he says Cheney was angry he didn’t give Libby a full pardon, and told him, “I can’t believe you’re gonna leave a soldier on the battlefield.” Did Bush and Cheney’s relationship ever recover? “I’m pleased to report, it has…. We are friends today,” Bush says. “I was a little concerned at one time,” he added with a laugh. READ FULL STORY

Hoda teases Amy Sedaris, no one acknowledges 'Mad Men' cast member on 'Today'

Amy Sedaris made an abrupt appearance on The Today Show this morning, only to watch Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford explode in a fit of giggles. “You’re ridiculous!” Hoda said, between laughs. Keep it together, Hodes! I do like the part where Hoda and Kathie Lee do synchronized wine-sips, though: READ FULL STORY

'The View': Joy doesn't want Sharron Angle's flowers

the-view-joy-flowersImage Credit: Behar: Donna Svennevik/ABCYesterday, Joy Behar told Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle to “go to hell, bitch.” Today, she won’t accept that bitch’s flowers!

Let’s just pause for a moment and bask in the wonder of my new favorite View character, Glum Bouquet-Presenter! This item is really all about him.

Anyway, Joy pulled a note out of her shirt, announced she was having “a brassiere moment,” and read the note Angle had included with the autumnal bouquet: “Raised $150,000 today. Thanks for your help.” OH HELL NO. Joy, a self-proclaimed “street fighter,” became incensed. “I’d like to point out that those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants. And they’re not voting for you, bitch,” she fired back. “She could have spent that $500 on sensitivity training, or donated to an AIDS victim house, or maybe school lunches for poor children. Don’t send me flowers, Sharron. Put your money where your mouth is.”

Barbara Walters said Angle’s camp assured The View that because Joy was “so offensive to so many people, they will raise money for whoever” Joy disapproves of. That makes sense. Finally! It’s so nice to see everyone acting like adults!

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'The View' hosts to revisit Bill O'Reilly controversy on Monday

bill-oreilly-the-viewIf you were wondering whether the ladies of The View addressed on-air Friday yesterday’s “fiery debate” with Bill O’Reilly that caused Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to momentarily walk off the set (and Barbara Walters to scold them for it), we have the answer: They did not. As our commenters pointed out after I sat through the hour and muted the segment in which Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck watched a woman get a cortisone shot in an ingrown hair on the back of her leg, The View pretapes its Friday shows. Today’s was filmed before Thursday’s live O’Reilly interview. A rep for The View tells EW that the hosts “will weigh in” on the situation again on Monday.

For those of you not ready to let this debate go, read Ken Tucker’s take on how O’Reilly and Behar addressed the situation on their shows last night. (In short, Behar explained that, to her, O’Reilly saying “Muslims” attacked us on 9/11 and not “Muslim extremists” amounted to hate speech. He argued, “Did we say, in World War II, ‘We were attacked by “Japanese extremists”?’ […] No: We said we were attacked by ‘Japanese.’”) For those of you who do want to change the subject, let’s discuss Walters’ body language during today’s interview with her self-proclaimed “boyfriend,” In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne. Legs crossed, facing him… She really does love him!

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'The View': Joy and Whoopi walk out on Bill O'Reilly

What you see here is the “Before” moment. Bill O’Reilly appeared on The View today to argue against Park51, the Muslim community center slated to be built two blocks from the World Trade Center. First he spoke to Joy Behar like a child: “Hold it, hold it. Listen to me because you’ll learn.” She responded in the only practical way: bunny ears. O’Reilly kept at it, insisting that 70 percent of Americans don’t want this mosque. “Where’s that poll?” Joy wondered. The eruption occurred after O’Reilly blamed Muslims for the WTC attacks: “Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11? That’s what you’re saying?” O’Reilly wanted to make sure. And Whoopi and Joy stormed off the set! “I don’t want to sit here anymore,” Joy said, to clarify.

Barbara Walters took the reins.”You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking offstage. I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened.” Video after the break. READ FULL STORY

Rick Springfield reveals depression, teen suicide attempt

Rick-Springfield Last fall, while promoting his then upcoming guest arc on Californication, Rick Springfield told EW he was shopping around his autobiography and promised us he’d be “brutally honest about anything other than the things that will put me in prison.” When he followed it up with an anecdote about traveling to Vietnam with a band in 1969, almost blowing them up with a hand grenade, and living “off the good grace of the hookers there,” we expected a fun ride. But after watching his appearance on Good Morning America to promote his memoir, Late, Late at Night (out today), we know it’s also a somber one. Watch the interview below. Springfield opened up about the depression he first suffered when he was 17, when he tried to commit suicide. Luckily, the rope he used for a noose snapped.

In light of the recent rash of teen suicides, Springfield echoed his message in the book on GMA: “Give it a year, because your life will change. Nothing remains the same. READ FULL STORY

Elisabeth Hasselbeck joining 'Good Morning America'

Elisabeth-HasselbeckImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a new gig lined up: She’ll be covering family and parenting issues for Good Morning America in addition to her duties on The View. Her first segment will air on Monday and “will look at kids and tattoos – the dangers and the alternatives, as well as how parents should handle kids who come to them begging for one. Elisabeth will also look at the growing trend of parents and kids getting tattoos together,” according to a statement from ABC. O…kay?

I’m not a big Hasselbeck fan, but at least on The View, the other hosts can dilute some of the chirping. Here’s hoping the other GMA correspondents can do the same.

Will you watch Hasselbeck on Good Morning America, PopWatchers?

Rick Sanchez on 'Good Morning America': 'I screwed up'

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez began his tour of contrition at Good Morning America earlier today, admitting to George Stephanopoulos from the outset: “I screwed up.” Sanchez was, of course, referring to the situation where he was fired last week after calling Comedy Central host Jon Stewart a “bigot” and insinuating that his bosses at CNN were part of a Jewish group controlling the media. “First of all, that is not what I meant,” he continued. “Second of all, I apologize and it was wrong for me to be so careless and so inartful. But it happened and I can’t take it back and, you know what, now I have to stand up and be responsible.”

Sanchez’s explanation for everything? He said he was fatigued and had a “chip on his shoulder” about discrimination. Sanchez also revealed that he called Stewart on Monday to apologize (“Why do you always pick on me?” he also asked Stewart) and said that he’d return to CNN in light of the comments by Time-Warner Chairman Jeff Bewkes, who said that he might “someday” come back to CNN or one of the media conglomerate’s other channels. Watch the full Good Morning America interview here:


Elmo and Grover on 'GMA': Katy Perry's welcome for another play date

Elmo and Grover swung by GMA this morning to weigh in on the Katy-Perry-has-breasts controversy. “Elmo loves Miss Katy,” the beloved red monster said, and insisted that they’d have a “play date” again in the near future. Grover asked about his outfit being “too revealing,” but mostly, they just kinda made jokes. No wonder Liz Lemon and Carol love when Muppets present at awards shows. READ FULL STORY

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