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'Modern Family' react: The all-too-familiar plot disappoints

Tonight’s episode of Modern Family had a tough act to follow after last week’s back-to-back laugh fest. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver.

The all-too-familiar plot — Jay keeps a secret from Gloria because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings; Cam and Mitch try to prove to each other that they’re capable of taking on each other’s roles as homemaker and breadwinner, respectively; and Claire and Phil find themselves drifting apart from their children — and low-impact one-liners made for a relatively dull half hour.

Here’s what happened. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by kim in kentucky:

“Dance until your feet hurt. Sing until your lungs hurt. Act until you’re William Hurt.”

–Phil (Ty Burrell) on Modern Family, reading from his book Phil’s Osophy

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Wednesday, Sept. 10 and come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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'Modern Family' react: The laughs roll in back-to-back

Image credit: Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC

Baby bumps, vasectomies, lesbians, oh my!

Modern Family returned tonight with two back-to-back episodes. As riveting as last Wednesday’s first presidential debate was, Obama and Romney’s comedic timing is no match for the Dunphy/Pritchett/Delgado/Tucker clan’s.

First episode: “Schooled”

Change is in the air as Haley leaves for college, Lily starts kindergarten, and Jay and Gloria enroll in parenting classes to appease Manny. With the use of a human Venn diagram and the help of guest stars Michaela Watkins and Wendi McLendon-Covey, Mitch and Cam also realize that, contrary to what they thought, gay men and lesbians have commonalities. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by kim in kentucky:

“Gentlemen, come on. As my uncle used to say: Let’s not let a botched kidnapping ruin our whole afternoon.”

–Shorty (Chazz Palminteri) on Modern Family

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Wednesday, Sept. 26 and come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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'Modern Family' season premiere react: The episode lives up to its sweet and simple roots

Image credit: Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC

Tonight’s season four premiere of Modern Family  demonstrated exactly why the show has won three consecutive outstanding comedy Emmys. The episode, which picked up where last season left off with Gloria with child and Cam and Mitch without, was simple, yet heartfelt. The series may not be flashy, but is always poignant and laugh out loud funny.


'Modern Family' season 4: Are you still down with the Dunphys?

As Sunday’s Emmy Awards proved, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences members are still gaga for Modern Family. Six out of twelve Outstanding Supporting Actor/Actress nominees hailed from ABC’s flagship sitcom; cast members Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen won their respective categories, both for the second time. The show itself took home its third consecutive Outstanding Comedy statuette, as well as awards for writing and directing. Maybe Phil didn’t need to fix that step after all.

But for some viewers, this outpouring of Emmy love might seem misplaced. Modern Family‘s third season was funny, but it was also uneven — and too often, it featured characters hitting the same notes over and over. A show that once won praise for its innovation had started to feel just the tiniest bit stale. This is inevitable for any long-running show, especially a family comedy like ModFam  — but still, it’s tough to say whether the series is simply settling into middle age or beginning a slow but steady decline.


Watch Sofia Vergara dance at an Emmy afterparty -- VIDEO

Because you didn’t get enough gratuitous shots of Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara during E! red carpet show over the Emmy ceremony itself, TMZ has footage of her celebrating at the HBO afterparty by dancing to Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” while women nearby chanted “Sofia! Sofia!” (Presumably, the men were rendered speechless — or praying that she would suffer another wardrobe malfunction like she had 20 minutes before Modern Family earned its third straight Best Comedy Emmy.)

My favorite part of the video is around 2:30, when the guys playing the conga drums — it’s okay if you don’t notice them until the third time you watch the video — start loosening their ties and taking off their jackets as the music changes to Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” and Vergara gets her second wind. READ FULL STORY

Emmys: Sofia Vergara gets the front row, Jesse Tyler Ferguson not so much

You know what we realized looking at this photo ABC Publicity tweeted today of where Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara will be seated Sunday night at the Emmys (front row, naturally): Even if the cast submits in the supporting categories because they consider themselves equals, the seating chart doesn’t. Jesse Tyler Ferguson is at least three rows back. On the plus side: He’s right behind Michael J. Fox, who should be fun to talk to during commercial breaks.

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Julie Bowen on seeing Angelina Jolie: 'She's like a unicorn'

Angelina Jolie has been called many things, but Modern Family actress Julie Bowen went in a different direction when she called the Oscar-winning actress (who moonlights as a meme-ready wax figure) a unicorn.

“If I see Angelina Jolie, I have to look away … She’s like a unicorn,” Bowen said in an interview with Health. “It’s like, ‘There’s Angelina Jolie. We’re not going to seriously stand here and pretend it’s not like seeing a yeti, right?”

Stars! They’re just like us: Reduced to awkwardly staring at the pseudo-mythical creature in the room.

But maybe the two can bond over their beauty regimens (That’s all Hollywood stars talk about, right?) “I do find it odd people choose to do stuff that makes them look like crazy Hollywood faces, but I’ve got zero judgment,” Bowen said. “I’ve worn some ugly shoes.”

As long as they don’t get in the way of showing off a leg, we’re guessing Jolie is onboard.

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'So You Think You Can Dance': Jesse Tyler Ferguson is shaking and needs a cocktail

Jesse Tyler Ferguson — “weird and creepy and not a stalker,” he swears — just loves to come back and be a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. The Modern Family star invented the Hot Jalapeno Bus (a new friend for Mary Murphy’s Hot Tamale Train), and poignantly called out Will’s personal-story junket (“Dance saved my life…”) as a reason why arts programs are so important to schools. He is, quite simply, the best.

Meanwhile, the Top 8’s parents made everyone cry by talking about how proud they were (Chehon’s mom and Tiffany’s dad especially), and Eliana and DWTS: Live in Las Vegas headliner Ryan Di Lello tumbled their way through one of my favorite ballroom routines of the series. Actually, Chehon and Anya’s fit that bill, too. Smiling! In a tango! It worked!

SPOILERS AHEAD: The two dancers heading home are…. READ FULL STORY

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