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Maxim Hot 100 list: Bar Refaeli, Amanda Knox, and...Stephen Colbert?

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is the hottest woman alive. It’s science. Actually, more reliable than science: It’s a popular vote of Maxim‘s readers. The 26-year-old former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model was named the men’s magazine’s hottest pin-up, displacing last year’s trophy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (who dropped to 11th this year). Click below for the rest of this year’s Top 10, and some commentary on other notables, including the hottest cartoon mom, the hottest athlete, and the hottest late-night TV host. READ FULL STORY

Project Top Chef Model: Santa WAS listening

Sometimes, I drift off while watching yet another installment of Real Housewives (of Beverly Hills, of course, I would never fall asleep during Atlanta, let’s get real) and then, pachoo! All the sudden I look up and colorful shapes are flying at my face! Someone is laughing wildly and flicking mashed potatoes off a spoon into the camera! Buttons! Padma Lakshmi/Tom Coliccio/Bethenny Frankel/Tabatha Coffey/Andy Cohen pops up and stares me down! Always the same hands-on-hips pose. Always the dead eyes that say “Fall asleep, I dare you.” Rarely does a 30-second interval pass without a commercial for another Housewives franchise or reality competition show. It’s maddening, yet oddly comforting.  READ FULL STORY

'Project Runway': Should Jay be allowed to design for women if he hates them?

Last night, my DVR said “Models of the Runway,” but thank god it was a 30-minute combo platter Project Runway/Models reunion special, because if I had sat through one more full episode of Models of the Runway, I do believe my head might’ve just rolled right off! Missy alluded to it in her finale recap, but can we talk about Jay’s ridiculous comment to model Cerri? In a clip series, Cerri was shown saying she didn’t like Jay’s design, and then Jay fired back at her during the live show, “That’s why we don’t hire models with bad teeth and thick legs.”

Oh, honeybitch. It’s understandable to take criticism of your work as a personal affront, but you need to let that stuff process at least 30 seconds before proceeding in any way. Grownups do it all the time. I do it with bitchy PopWatch comments nearly every day!

1. Did Jay just sabotage his career?
2. Do you think Brittany has recovered yet?
3. How pretty is Cerri?!?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'Project Runway' recap: The Bryant Park showdown, plus a reunion of bitchery

Project-Runway-finaleImage Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionWe have a winner, folks. And it’s not L’Oréal Paris, Garnier Fructis, or the Westin New York Times Square, even though all those shameless bits of product-placement enjoyed enough movie star close-ups last night to qualify for a SAG card.

Nope, the winner of Project Runway season 7 was… READ FULL STORY

'Models of the Runway' recap: Trashy

This week, I bit the bullet and watched Models of the Runway on fast-forward until it was time to choose models. It ended up being a great show. What pretty creatures! Cerri, the porcelain doll with the hot Irish accent, yelled at everyone for leaving their trash on the floor, Top Model-style. Heidi let her weird group therapy, and because it was so sped up, it wasn’t awkward at all! The fake mommies and fake daughters had a sad models-only picnic in Central Park. During this carefully staged event, Megan’s face suggested a liveliness so rare that slowed it down to real-time to discover that Megan and her mini happened to worship the same three deities: Hannah Montana, the color pink, and their hair. Then the models stomped around in the breezeway with puzzling giant orange spheres right behind the EW office, which Tanner and I call Gossip Cove. Oh, no! What if we’d seen them? THINGS ARE SUDDENLY HITTING TOO CLOSE TO HOME. I promise, Internet, just like last week: I will never write about Models of the Runway again. Find out which designers chose which models after the jump, and read Missy Schwartz’ Project Runway recapREAD FULL STORY

'Models of the Runway' recap: Alexis debuts her sternum

Welcome back to the practical joke I am playing on the Internet by recapping Models of the Runway! See how amused that makeup artist is? The rest of the girls hate Alexis even more than that. All the more reason to do everything in her power to get those boobs of hers on TV.

I can’t say “nothing happened” like I usually do, because the models did a “Marry” Claire photo shoot. It was a magical land filled with bright lights and a rack of light-blue men’s oxfords. Brittany: “I’m guessing they’re for us?” Brittany was right! But this wasn’t even the biggest plot point. No, get this: Alexis wasn’t getting enough attention back at the apartment, so she spun a tall tale about a dream she’d had in which…are you even ready?….MEGAN GOT FAT. Megan got pissed. THEN Alexis ate up another “scene” by apologizing to Megan. And THEN Alexis wandered into frame AGAIN to inform Megan of some amazing news. “I just looked something up, and it’s actually a very good thing. It says that to dream that others are fat signifies prosperity.” For you, Alexis. The dream would signify prosperity FOR YOU. Oh god, I don’t know if I can take it anymore. Of course I can! Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump, and don’t miss Missy Schwartz’ Project Runway recap! READ FULL STORY

'Models of the Runway' recap: Someone please tell Alexis she's not on 'Survivor'

“Don’t hate me. I’m trying to play a game here!” protested Alexis the U.F.O. to no one while making ironic double peace signs with her alien hands. Really, dear, sweet other-planetary creature: No one is fighting against you. You are playing the role of coat hanger #9 in a game of chance. As usual, nothing happened on last night’s Models of the Runway, and yet I refuse to not recap it because my warped logic dictates that this blog item somehow earns me back the 22 minutes of my life I wasted away. Alexis’ attempts to talk strategy and bad-mouth Sarah during the pedicure party went over about as well as Heidi’s question to the group: “Would you like to spend more time with these women?” The highlight of the episode was when the models and the temporary real-people models with heart conditions had to halfheartedly exercise in the middle of Madison Square Park. This seemed about 66.6-repeating percent more embarrassing than another common NYC-lady plight: having to use the treadmill butted up against the full-length window in a New York Sports Club during rush hour. Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump, and don’t miss non-Campbell’s spokeswoman Missy Schwartz’ Project Runway recap! READ FULL STORY

'Models of the Runway': Should Megan have spoken?

Allow me to introduce myself: I am the only person who’s seen every single episode of Models of the Runway. Please prove me wrong in the comments. Anyway, scandale! on last night’s Project Runway: Jesse/Ping’s model, Megan, dared to open her mouth. Megan tattled on Ping for not even glancing her way let alone fitting her for the pair’s “Look For Less,” a drab skirt and top that I was sure had been pulled out of the “formalwear: kind of” pile I had in my closet during seventh grade. On Models of the Runway, the models, especially Cerri the feisty Dubliner, harped on Megan for her gross display of the ability to speak, but later on, Jesse ended up thanking Megan for her loyalty and choosing her again. Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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