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The 'Stranger' tease: Five theories about J.J. Abrams' newest pop culture mystery


J.J. Abrams cast a meaty hook into the Web waters on Aug. 19, a teaser for a new entertainment project that we may or may not know anything about. The mystery box angler loves using this kind of bait: “Stranger” is reminiscent of his puzzling promo stuff for Super-8 or the crypto-content that the Lost brain trust used to feed fans during hiatus. (Remember “The Last Supper” ads prior to season 6?) Decoding this kind of stuff isn’t for everyone. And for some, it annoys as much as it amuses. Regardless: We’re biting. Because we are easily amused, and because we ran out of Breaking Bad analysis to read, and because no one  knows how to bait a hook quite like J.J. Abrams. We love how he turns marketing hype into storytelling fun. What’s “Stranger” about? Five theories — none of which involve Star Wars Episode VII (we assume it’s still wayyy too early for that). READ FULL STORY

Whoa! Joey Lawrence explains the origins of his 90's catchphrase

It was the catchphrase heard around the world … or at least around the Blossom community.

At the ripe age of 15, Joey Lawrence was known for two things: his swoon-worthy hair and his one-of-a-kind “whoa.” And now, more than 20 years after Blossom began, Joey has finally revealed the origin of the catchphrase in an interview with HuffPost TV. What was originally written as a typical surfer dude “whoa” was quickly handed to Lawrence as an opportunity when fans of the show didn’t find the former very funny.


To Kiefer Sutherland, Axe Body Spray smells like...regret

Axe Body Spray has dumped their frat-boy advertising techniques and enlisted man’s man Kiefer Sutherland for their latest commercial. In the classier-than-usual ad, Sutherland reminisces about the one that got away, his high-school crush Susan Glenn. (Don’t we all have our own Susan Glenn?)

Produced by BBH New York, the spot has a Michel Gondry vibe about it. Reality and fantasy are seamlessly intertwined, with the utilization of both practical and CGI effects for added whimsy. But delve a little deeper and Axe’s basic credo still shine’s through: If you want to hook up with gorgeous girls, you’d better douse yourself in Axe. Watch it below: READ FULL STORY

'Piranha 3DD' star David Koechner goes insane in new '5 Second Films' short

This is a bumper week for fans of David Koechner.The Anchorman and Office actor not only appears in piscine gorefest Piranha 3DD but also stars in the latest offering from the 5 Second Films web comedy team (their motto? “Wasting your time, but not very much”).


Elijah Wood joins the cast of 'Red vs. Blue.' Plus: Season 10 trailer -- EXCLUSIVE


The tenth season of animated sci-fi-action-comedy series Red vs. Blue debuts on RoosterTeeth.com on May 28, and co-director Burnie Burns promises the run of shows will be marked by a level of quality routinely lacking in the soldiery skills of its bickering future-warriors. “We thought, ‘We’re hitting ten seasons, we should definitely pull out all the stops,'” says Burns, who also voices the characters Church and Alpha on the video game-inspired show. “We’re wrapping up a lot of the stories, paying off a lot of things. We’re taking the series up a level or two and trying to make it as big and as bada– as we possibly can. We’re just making sure that the action scenes are as over the top and as awesome as they possibly can be.”


Hugh Grant talks role in 'News of the World' takedown, awesomely defeats foe with charming aplomb

Despite the fact that Hugh Grant has been relatively absent from the film scene since 2009’s Did You Hear About the Morgans?, the British actor has been quite busy. Doing what, you ask? Why, helping take down Britain’s News of the World, which announced Thursday it would shut down following a hacking scandal involving murder victim Milly Dowler. (The publication had broken into Dowler’s voicemail while reporting the story.) As EW reported back in April, the 50-year-old actor wrote a piece for the New Statesman about how he secretly recorded former News of the World journalist Paul McMullan, who admitted that former editor Andy Coulson and owner Rupert Murdoch were aware that hacking occurred at the publication. Now, amidst the news that the publication is closing its doors, the actor is speaking out once again about his piece, and still fighting back against the journalist who exposed him to the publication’s immoral practice.

“I was revolted and astonished,” Grant told the BBC about when he learned his phone had been hacked. READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: Cats in a rock band

I’m sooo over boring old bands. I demand an ensemble made completely of cats! Thanks, Japan!

The idea of a kitten smoking a cigarette will haunt me for the rest of my days, but I will never ever tire of animals wearing sunglasses. READ FULL STORY

Chilean miner gets physical singing with Olivia Newton-John

Rescued Chilean miner Edison Pena performed “Summer Nights” with Olivia Newton-John in a concert in Santiago last night. Is there nothing this dude can’t do? He survived a subterranean hell, he ran the New York Marathon, and he sang “Suspicious Minds” on Letterman. And now this! Way to be, Edison Pena. READ FULL STORY

Barbara Walters plotting to make Oprah Winfrey weep. Suggested questions?

Barbara-Walters-OprahImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Brigitte Lacombe/Harpo ProductionOprah Winfrey, it’s time for your exit interview. And who better to serve as pop culture’s human resources rep than the grand inquisitor herself, Barbara Walters? Currently shooting the final season of her 25-year-old talk show, the cultural icon, daytime do-gooder, and occasional book enthusiast will sit down for a chat with the legendary broadcast journalist, headmistress of The View, and notoriously cruel tearjerker that ABC will air on Dec. 9.

According to Associated Press, the conversation — which will be taped at Oprah’s Chicago studios — will precede Walters’ annual salute to the year’s most “fascinating” people. (I’m predicting a 33-way tie for first place, all of them from Chile.) After 25 years of extraordinarily candid disclosures and mem0rable conversations on her own show, I can’t possibly think of anything new Oprah has to say — you know, other than “I do” to that Stedman guy.

Which suddenly hits me: How awesome would it be if Oprah was the next The Bachelorette? Imagine the ratings that would be generated by the spectacle of Oprah holding court in a Hollywood Hills mansion as a bunch of studly guys angle for some precious one-on-one time! Imagine Oprah going on those intimate overnight dates with her final three picks! Ratings gold! Imagine Kristen Baldwin’s recaps! Anyway, what am I supposed to be writing about? Oh, yeah. Oprah. Walters. The Conversation. Will tears flow? And what question would you like to see put to Oprah? Feel free to post below. Or not!

‘The View': Joy and Whoopi walk out on Bill O’Reilly

Willy Wonka's three-course gum is one step closer to disgusting reality

wily-wonka-food-gumImage Credit: Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett CollectionThe long-dreamed-of three-course gum from Willy Wonka could become a reality, scientists say. I’d muster a “yay,” but I’m too busy dry-heaving.

Researchers at the U.K. Institute for Food Research are working on microcapsules to “provide a new way of delivering drugs to the colon,” according to one scientist, but the fun does not end there. Those same capsules could be used for goofs instead of for colon…stuff. “These nanoparticles may hold the answer to creating a three-course gourmet gum,” the food scientist told The Telegraph. Tomato soup, roast beef, and blueberry pie — coming right up. (Your esophagus. As you vomit. Because it would be repulsive.) READ FULL STORY

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