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'Supernatural' recap: Searching for Clarence

Castiel learned a lot about what it means to be human on tonight’s Supernatural. He got annoyed with having to constantly pee, he had to learn how to ration his food, he started noticing boobs, he had sex, he died. You know, normal stuff. But the hardest human lesson of all probably came at the end of the episode, when he learned what it’s like to have your friends turn their backs on you.

But why’d the Winchesters give Cas the heave-ho? I’ll explain, but first, let’s go back.

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: 'I love our story'

Things got a little aca-awkward for Ted on tonight’s How I Met Your Mother thanks to guest star Anna Camp. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Hide and Zeke

Does anyone give an inspirational speech better than Dean freaking Winchester? Because if Tuesday night’s episode of Supernatural is any indication, the eldest Winchester has been studying the Coach Taylor Guide to Heart-Stirring Rhetoric, and I like it. A lot.

But speaking more generally, “The Devil May Care” as a whole was a pretty solid hour that saw the return of stepford demon Abaddon, the introduction of a few new faces (only one of which lived to see the end of the hour), and more of angel Ezekiel in a very interesting way.

That’s your teaser. Let’s jump into the details: READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Choosing sides

It’s 48 hours before the wedding and Barney and Robin are still going at it. No, not in the fun way. I mean in a bad way.

This week’s issue? Barney felt that Robin was making him choose between her and his family. To be fair, she was. But it was more complicated than that. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' recap: The show without Ziva? #thiscouldworkboss

How did the NCIS team handle life after Ziva David’s big departure? Well, honestly, how anyone would handle the departure of a co-worker and friend.

They mentioned her. They were thinking of her. They got territorial when someone tried to sit at her desk. But, ultimately, life went on. (As ours must, I suppose.) READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' season premiere recap: 'There ain't no me if there ain't no you.'

Supernatural’s ninth season started like most Supernatural premieres: with complete chaos surrounding the Winchester brothers. Quick inventory: Sam was on the brink of death. Fallen angels were out for blood. And Dean was on Mission Save Sam At Any Cost.

As you may have guessed: Sam didn’t die. But…

Spoilers ahead!


'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Closure?

Barney sort of took the words out of my mouth tonight on How I Met Your Mother.

As you probably recall, last week’s episode left off on what we thought was an impending confrontation between Barney and Ted, after Barney admitted that he saw Ted helping Robin find her locket at the park (which we saw last season). Ted immediately tried to deny that his gesture meant anything more than it appeared, and, to his surprise, Barney accepted his babbling defense. Or so it seemed. Spoilers ahead! READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' recap: Ziva says goodbye

We’ve had big losses on NCIS before — like when Kate was shot by Ari , or when Jenny Sheperd died at the end of season 5, or when Ziva’s dad and Jackie Vance were killed in a drive-by shooting. So when we learned that Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was going to make an exit this season, I was terrified for her. But her exit not only — as we were promised — left Ziva in one piece, it left room for a return.

That said, this was a hard episode to watch because it was like an emotional bullet to the heart.  READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Mandy Patinkin!

How I Met Your Mother went right for my compression sock-covered Achilles heel tonight with an episode that had a trifecta of awesome: Swords, scotch, and Princess Bride references.

Full details of the second (erm, sorta third) episode of the final season are as follows…

We picked up at 2 p.m., 52 hours to go before the Stinson-Scherbatsky union. Marshall was still en route to the location, stopping only to pay some dues (which I’ll get to momentarily). Robin and Barney, fearing the flame in their relationship would extinguish after marriage, were on a quest to have one more round of good sex before making it official, but it proved harder than anticipated (no pun intended!). And as all of that unfolded, Lily came across a list of things Ted hoped to do before moving to Chicago, and in running through it with him, guided Ted to an important lesson. (Did anyone else momentarily forget he was planning on moving?) READ FULL STORY

'Teen Wolf' finale recap: 'I am the Alpha'


Whoa. Well done, Teen Wolf.

After what’s turning out to be arguably its best season yet, Teen Wolf closed out season 3A with a danger-filled, heart-pounder of a finale that delivered action until the final moments. Seriously, guys. OMG, OMFG, OPP … and all those other things the kids say. [Details on all of it are forthcoming. So proceed with caution, DVRers...]

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