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'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Zabka-tage

Zab·ka·tage  n. 1. Treacherous action by iconic 80s villain William Zabka to defeat or hinder a cause or an endeavor of Ted Mosby.

The How I Met Your Mother dictionary has a new entry! (See above.) But how did this now-iconic word come to be? That tale, friends, is but one thread in the wild web of this week’s recap…

Spoilers ahead!


'NCIS' recap: Not-so-simple explanations

There were sort of two cases being investigated in tonight’s episode of NCIS. The first was a hit-and-run case and the other was a murder that was, unbeknownst to NCIS, committed by the suspect in the hit-and-run and also the suspect’s alibi.

The problem was that the suspect, a guy named Dunne, obviously, didn’t want to tell NCIS that another murder was his alibi. So while his lawyer (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), a former FBI agent, could clear him in the hit-and-run, she also didn’t want him to get away on the other murder. (She was bound by attorney-client privilege and could not tell them the whole truth.) So she helped clue-in the team at NCIS that something wasn’t right in her client’s story. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' recap: 'He's the best person I know'

Who didn’t get a little misty-eyed during tonight’s NCIS?

If you raised your hand, you have no soul. Kidding. (I think.) But everyone had to have been at least moved by the episode that found Gibbs worrying about his aging father while the team worked the case of a murdered marine sergeant named Michael Dawson, who appeared to have been killed during a robbery at a men’s suit shop. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Dog daze

What do Sam and Dean do when their best witness in a case is a big, fluffy German Shepherd named The Colonel? Well, in the past, they would have been up a creek. But, these days, they’re armed with all sorts of Men of Letters tricks so, naturally, they found a way to talk to the dog.

In this case, it was Dean who took the hit and drank a hairy potion so he could communicate with animals, and the side effects were nothing short of hilarious. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: How I [spoiler]ed to your mother

Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming.

After a few episodes that have tested the patience of some viewers (“We’re STILL NOT at the wedding?!” they say) , How I Met Your Mother has rewarded us with a huge moment. But as usual, it didn’t take place in the present-day.  READ FULL STORY

Did 'Revolution' miss its chance for a 'Game of Thrones' moment?

Habitual baddie Sebastian Monroe was supposed to die on last night’s Revolution. But he probably didn’t. And that’s a kind of a shame.

You see, the previews for the episode seemed to hint at former militia leader Monroe’s demise at the hands of those mean Rangers. For someone who is a casual viewer like me, this tease upgraded the episode to Must Watch Live status. I had major doubts that they’d actually carry out the deed — it’s largely agreed upon that Monroe is one of the best parts of this rodeo — but I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t miss a really big moment.

'Supernatural' recap: No place like home

Well, I didn’t see that ending coming. But I like it. I really do.

This makes no sense if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Supernatural. So in case you haven’t (or if you dig reading about things you just watched — yay!) let’s break it down: READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' recap: New tricks

Someone was up to no good on tonight’s NCIS — and for once, it wasn’t Tony DiNozzo!

But we’ll get to that.

First: This week’s case involved an explosion on board an oil rig, which meant that NCIS had to partner with the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) and we got a visit from Agent Borin (Diane Neal) — AKA, Female Gibbs.

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Favors for friends

If you’re one of those How I Met Your Mother fans who embrace the show’s crazier elements, odds are you enjoyed this week’s episode, which had lots of cartoonish fun and those “Please explain more of that story” moments. If you appreciate those qualities — like I do — the episode was a fun blip on the show’s radar. Best of all, it reminded me of an old-but-important Friend Rule that I have to start using more often in real life. Ironic, really, because so much of the episode was the opposite of what would happen in real life. Explanation: READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' recap: 'No one will say her name'

We’re now on the third Ziva-less episode of the season here on NCIS, but for Tony, the wound of his partner’s departure is as fresh as if it had happened hours ago. And tonight’s episode gave us a glimpse into exactly how he’s been dealing with the loss. Hint: Not well.

But of course, this is Tony DiNozzo and he’s not just going to come right out and say that. Instead, we carried on with a case that illuminated the real issue at hand and also reunited Tony with a person from his Baltimore days, named Anton.

Anton’s story was a complicated one but it boils down to: He was once an informant for Tony but when he feared his life was in danger, he killed the man who he thought was going to tell others that he’d been working with the police. Years after being in the wind, he resurfaced on the day an officer named Wells, who had a high-level security clearance, turned up dead. Of course, this made him suspect No. 1. READ FULL STORY

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