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'Breaking Bad': Jonathan Banks' fairy tales will give you nightmares -- VIDEO


Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) is a badass. Enough said.

But between shootouts, surveillance ops, and all-around Breaking Bad violence, Mike was also a loving grandfather. And in a video for Paul Tompkins’ “Speakeasy” series, Banks combines Mike’s two sides, reading twisted, profanity-laced versions of fairy tales, including “Robbing Hood,” “Snow White and the Seven Corpse Barrels,” “Snitchin’ Little” and “Little Dead Riding Hood.” Even box cutters and plastic barrels make appearances in the reinterpreted bedtime stories.

“No half measures,” Banks says pointedly to the camera after finishing a reading. “Now go to sleep.”

Though Banks breaks the act toward the end, admitting, “These are sh– cold reads,” we think he appears intimidating as ever. But don’t take our word for it; check out the video for yourself below.

Pop Culture Pet Peeve: Awesome characters dying lame deaths

(Warning: We’re talking about pop culture deaths, so spoilers ahead!)

I’ll admit it: I fall for the bad guy. No, I’m not talking about romantically (unless your name is Ryan Atwood). What I mean is that I always end up rooting for the guy who seems invincible. For example, Dominic Toretto is one of my favorite movie characters. And actually, I do love him. So maybe this is romantically.

Regardless, I cheer for the guy who can’t be beat. On Breaking Bad, that was Mike (This case is definitely not romantic.). Back before Walt strapped bombs to wheelchairs, there was one guy who kept Gus Fring’s entire operation running smoothly. Mike was the guy you called if you needed help. He was the guy who was so calm and so smooth that cops could never pin anything on him. And he was the guy you didn’t want to piss off. He could walk into an entire warehouse by himself and kill everyone involved with only a handgun. And the guy was a grandfather, for goodness sake!

But when it came time for his death — why he had to die, I have NO idea — nothing seemed to add up for me.

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