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'Arrow', 'Walking Dead', and more earn TV mid-season finale awards

It’s officially that time of year when all your shows are on hiatus—leaving you to ponder (and possibly re-watch) their fall finales for the next month of your life. In other words, your holidays will be plagued with thoughts like these: “Where is Olivia Pope?” “Is Oliver Queen really dead?” “What’s going to happen to Cary Agos?”

Before you get too deep into the “what does it all mean” portion of the coping process, let’s acknowledge some of the best and worst moments that 2014’s mid-season finales had to offer. To do that, we’ve handed out a few (figurative) awards for the hours that will stick with us through the holidays:


From 'Scandal' to 'The Good Wife': EW's TV mid-season finale awards

Now that the mid-season finales have just about come to an end, what were the best and worst moments? Which shows made you scream? Which made you cry? And which ones will you spend your hiatus re-watching? We’ve rounded up the moments that will stick with us, for good or for bad.

Check out our mid-season finale awards below and hit the comments with your own nominations:

Are television promos ruining good cliffhangers?

I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers, as I’m sure most people do. Nothing is more exciting than a good twist, and nothing is more painful than having to wait to find out what will happen next. However, in today’s world of television speed-plotting, I find myself yearning for a genuine cliffhanger, particularly when it comes to mid-season and/or season finales.

What I realized last night is that speed-plotting isn’t the only problem for cliffhangers. In a lot of cases, the antithesis of a genuine cliffhanger seems to be an over-informative episode promo. You spend your summer waiting to find out if a character will live or die only to see them talking in a promo for the upcoming season, and all of a sudden, your urge for the show to come back is cut in half. For example, on this season of Parenthood, my biggest question has been, “Is Julia going to cheat on Joel?” And when promoting the show’s mid-season finale, they not only teased her temptation, but they gave me my answer … and  in a 30-second clip. READ FULL STORY

Throwback Thursday: What's your favorite mid-season finale of all time? -- VIDEO


As a television addict, my favorite time of the year tends to fall around May, because there’s no better television than in those finale weeks full of nothing but heart-stopping season finales. However, I’ve grown to appreciate the art of a good mid-season finale. They’re typically not as grand as season finales, but with only nine or so episodes under their belt, the mid-season finale has less actual story to work with. And it functions much the same way as the season finale in that it has to intrigue me enough to come back in four to six weeks. Plus, the best ones make me want to re-watch the entire first half of the season in anticipation of new episodes.

That being said, there are still some shows that do the whole mid-season thing better than others. But at this point in our spoiler-driven, speed-plot world of TV, most people have at least one mid-season finale that has stuck with them. For me, it was (not surprisingly) the “Is Marissa dead?” story from season 1 of The O.C. Now, The O.C. started in August, so this wasn’t its mid-season finale in terms of when it aired, but it was the episode just before the show’s big hiatus, so I think it fits the bill.

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