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There Should be a Sequel: 'Now You See Me'

Every week, EW will imagine a sequel to a movie that we wish would happen — no matter how unlikely the idea really is.

Let me start off by stating the obvious: Not every film needs a sequel. As Darren Franich poignantly pointed out: “Every big-budget movie Hollywood releases now is not just a movie. It’s also an advertisement for a potential sequel, or spinoff, or alternate-universe prequel-reboot.” Valid point, and in most cases, this is true. However, sometimes a full story simply can’t be told in two hours (theoretically speaking) or less. No matter how much you might have loathed The Dark Knight Rises, you have to admit that it wrapped things up pretty cleanly and gave the audience some sense of closure. That’s a sequel’s purpose — closure. Do they always attain it? Of course not. But for every Grown Ups 2, there’s an Iron Man 3.

That being said, most of the flicks released widely this summer were a bit lackluster. One, however, stood out for me. Has anyone seen Now You See Me? Sure, I was dragged to see a matinee viewing, but I’ll admit it: I was smitten. I don’t know if it was Isla Fisher getting the screen time that she deserves, the so-stupid-it’s-clever plot or the sight of an always-welcome Morgan Freeman, but Now You See Me was a gem that could have an equally special follow-up. Don’t believe me? Let me defend my case.

Morgan Freeman knows the meaning of a power nap -- VIDEO

Is cinema legend Morgan Freeman falling asleep during this on-air interview while his Now You See Me costar Michael Caine answers a question? We know Morgan Freeman is very intelligent and contemplative, so he could just be closing his eyes to think. Except he kind of does that thing where you catch yourself after nodding off.

Watch the clip below and decide if he’s a power nap master or just a really serious thinker:


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