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'Metal Gear' gets a solid makeover with 'Revengeance' -- REVIEW


It’s been a long, arduous journey for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The Metal Gear Solid spinoff was originally announced in 2009 starring Raiden, a character once reviled by fans and blamed for ruining Metal Gear Solid 2. After numerous delays, the game was quietly canceled when developer Kojima Productions struggled with the transition from sneaking-based stealth gameplay to crazy katana action. But in 2011, Platinum Games—developer of 2010’s gleefully over-the-top Bayonetta—took over the project, and Raiden was reborn.

Raiden’s redemption began in Metal Gear Solid 4, where the once-whiny, love-sick rookie transformed into a badass cyborg ninja who featured in the game’s most ridiculously cool cutscenes, and continues in Revengeance. It seems as if Platinum’s goal was to match those hyper-kinetic, stylized scenes with actual gameplay. In the first few levels alone you’re racing down the sides of buildings, jumping on rockets and slicing helicopters to smithereens, and you remain firmly in control. Though the game does have its share of button-timed quick time events, they rarely get in the way of the action. READ FULL STORY

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