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Jennifer Lawrence explains Golden Globes 'I beat Meryl!' quip -- VIDEO

“It’s never a good idea for me to wing it,” Jennifer Lawrence told David Letterman last night after he asked about her Golden Globes acceptance speech. Her fans, of course, would disagree — when Lawrence wings it, she tends to produce endlessly quotable lines about everything from her first meeting with Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence (“I spit egg inside his mouth when I was talking. Into his mouth”) to her post-red carpet ritual (“The first thing I do when I get off a carpet is take my heels off, rub my makeup everywhere, and basically pick up a garbage can and go ‘Rawwrrrrr!’ and dump it all over my head”).

Then again, sometimes Lawrence’s goofy sense of humor can get the Silver Linings Playbook star into trouble. Take that Golden Globes speech, for instance: Upon accepting her award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, the first thing Lawrence said was, “What does it say? ‘I beat Meryl!'” Many viewers at home — including prolific Globes tweeter Lindsay Lohan — were scandalized; what right did this 22-year-old have to diss the world’s most celebrated actress?

But others understood what Lawrence was really doing — and while on the Late Show, she took the opportunity to set the record straight.  READ FULL STORY

Definitive proof Meryl Streep needs to play Hillary Clinton on the big screen

Last night, while I was lounging on my couch and finishing off a pint of “Everything but the…” (a pint I had started in the same sitting, mind you), the photo you see above was being taken. That’s right, Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton are apparently BFFLs and enjoy Instagramming themselves on their nights out. Stars! They’re just like us (except a night out for Hillary and Meryl means the Kennedy Center Honors gala and not your local college pub — eh, potato, po-tah-toe).

But it’s not the womance that’s the news here — though I’d love a reality show on these two (MTV take note!) — it’s the uncanny resemblance between them. READ FULL STORY

Celeb justice league, including Kevin Bacon & Meryl Streep, unite for reproductive rights PSA

Will we ever get tired of watching PSAs stuffed with brief appearances by multiple celebrities? It’s not likely, as long as they’re as entertaining as this new ad from the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The clip promotes their Draw The Line campaign, which urges American to sign the “Bill of Reproductive Rights” — and it stars celebs like Kevin Bacon, Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Silverman, and Audra McDonald furiously responding to remarks made by Georgia State Rep. Terry England while an imitation Mission Impossible theme plays. If you’ve ever yearned to hear Martha Plimpton exclaim “forced vaginal WHAT?” in outrage, this is the PSA for you. Watch it here:


Long live the new queen! Kristen Stewart crowned highest-paid actress in Hollywood

Kristen Stewart is Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, according to a Forbes magazine study of the industry in the last year. The 22-year-old star of the Twilight films bolstered her bank account with her role in last month’s action film Snow White and the Huntsman. All together, Stewart earned $34.5 million, half a million more than Cameron Diaz, who cleaned up when Bad Teacher performed well at the box office. Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie rounded out the $20 million club, and Stewart’s Snow White costar Charlize Theron ranked fifth with $18 million.

Overall, the list’s names were familiar, with Kristen Wiig the only newcomer from last year’s top 10 — replacing Reese Witherspoon. Click below for the entire list: READ FULL STORY

Meryl Streep weighs the pros and cons of 'Devil Wears Prada' sequel -- VIDEO

After Meryl Streep presented Viola Davis with a Crystal + Lucy Award last night, Access Hollywood‘s Shaun Robinson asked about the possibility of a Devil Wears Prada sequel. With the nonchalance of any old Oscar night, La Streep admitted she hadn’t heard anything about the project but might be game — except for one major downside. Fast forward to 3:35 in the (semi-NSFW) video below to find out the obstacle that could keep Miranda Priestly from returning to the big screen.  READ FULL STORY

Your party is a wonderland: 'Vanity Fair' Paramount portrait is an A-list playground

Image credit: Art Streiber, exclusively for Vanity Fair

Well, I just lost my afternoon. In honor of Paramount’s 100th anniversary, Vanity Fair has “assembled 116 of the greatest talents ever to work at the studio.” That means Leo, Bob, and Marty, some icons of the studio’s golden age (hello, Eva Marie Saint, Jerry Lewis, and Michael York!), almost the entire casts of Transformers and Star Trek, and even that Canadian whippersnapper Justin Bieber, whom you might remember from a little indie film called Never Say Never. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (Titanic zing, hey-yo!).

Because Vanity Fair knows you want to see every one of those 116 faces up close and personal, they’ve installed a zoom function on their site. Fair warning, PopWatchers: This thing is addictive. Click through at your own risk. Below, we scope out a few of the famous faces and hand out our portrait honors. READ FULL STORY

Coroner rules that a dingo actually did take Australian mother's baby

Back in 1988, Meryl Streep earned an Academy Award nomination for her role in A Cry in the Dark as Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, an Australian mother accused of murdering her child. The movie’s most famous line — when Streep proclaims “A dingo took my baby!” — became an oft-parodied gag in the ’90s thanks to Seinfeld. But now, according to People, an Australian coroner has officially confirmed that a dingo (a wild dog found in the Outback) really was responsible for the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain on a 1980 camping trip. The real-life Chamberlain-Creighton spent three years in prison for the crime before a retrial found her innocent. Watch a clip from the film below: READ FULL STORY

Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline to star in one-night-only reading of 'Romeo and Juliet'

A pair of (movie) star-crossed lovers! Kevin Kline, 64, and Meryl Streep, 62, are set to play Romeo and Juliet (approximate ages: 16 and 13) in a one-night-only staged reading of the play at the Public Theater in New York’s Central Park.

The momentous coming together of two sexagenarian thespians is in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Shakespeare in the Park, a theater series in which both Kline and Streep have participated in the past. The staged reading — which means you won’t see a full-on balcony scene or Renaissance nobility couture — will play the Delacorte Theatre on June 18, but tickets for the starry event start at $1,500 a pop (unless the Public opts to let in groundlings this year). Al Pacino will also be honored at the gala for his work with the Public Theater.

Kline and Streep certainly have the gravitas to pull off Romeo and Juliet, but the wrinkled elephant in the room — their ages. Will Montague be played by Mickey Rooney? Will the nurse be less of a matronly figure for Juliet, and more of a Golden Girl BFF? And will Friar Laurence look like the Crypt Keeper? I know 60 isn’t that old, but a more appropriate title may be Romeo & Juliet: Off Their Rockers, would it not?

PopWatchers, monologue for me: How will Kev and Meryl pull this one off? Aren’t they just a little old? Are you planning to grab a ticket for the spectacular Shakespearean event?

Read more:
EW’s Stage Hub
Meryl Streep: Once or twice, believe it or not, she wasn’t even nominated…
Oscar winner Kevin Kline gets schooled on Oscar etiquette by Mike Myers — VIDEO

Meryl Streep: Once or twice, believe it or not, she wasn't even nominated...

Even before Meryl Streep was awarded her third Oscar last night, there was no denying that she is among the most honored movie actors of our (or any) time. Since co-starring in The Deer Hunter 34 years ago, she has been nominated for 17 Oscars, a Ruthian record that appears unbreakable. She’s five nominations ahead of Jack Nicholson, who’s tied with Katharine Hepburn for second place of all time, and 36-year-old Kate Winslet is only one-third of the way to eclipsing Streep, who, by the way, is far from finished (See: the upcoming Great Hope Springs, with Tommy Lee Jones; and August: Osage County, opposite Julia Roberts). Twenty Oscar nominations is certainly within her reach.

You could argue that she should be there already. Though it seems like Streep has been nominated for every role she’s ever played, there have been times where she’s actually been overlooked. I’m not talking about Mamma Mia! or The River Wild, though they were two of her most popular movies. I’m talking about numerous carefully calibrated turns that if you don’t have her IMDb page open in front you, you’d swear she was nominated for. When you’ve been nominated as many times as Streep, it’s difficult to recall which ones were recognized by Oscar and which ones were merely excellent films, sans nomination. A little test, to prove my point: I’ll list five of her movies, three of which earned her nominations.

Without Googling, pick the two that didn’t make the cut:

-The Hours


-Marvin’s Room

-Music of the Heart

 -One True Thing

Click below for the answers and for three of my favorite non-nominated Meryl Streep performances.


Oscars Myth Busting: Do presenters have a connection to the winner?

Put down those Pop Rocks and Diet Cokes. We’ve got some A-list myths to examine! Ahead of this Sunday’s Oscars, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most famous myths to rise out of the annual awards ceremony. Want to know if being nude will get you a Best Actress statue? Or if the Best Supporting Actress trophy is indeed a curse? You’re in luck -- we’ll be investigating one Oscars-related urban legend each day this week. Today, we’ll see if we can bust the presenter-winner nepotism myth: Over the past 25 years, has everyone been as connected as, say, 1994 presenter and winner Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg? Read on to find out. (And click here for more of EW’s Oscars Myth Busting.)

Oscar myth: Presenter-winner nepotism

What Is It?: In some quarters, there is a belief that Oscar presenters are handpicked to deliver the award to their A-list buddies or former costars. READ FULL STORY

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