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Comic-Con and EW, together again.

Megan-FoxAh, San Diego Comic-Con. For four glorious days every July, you bring together the geekiest of fanboys and fangirls and the brightest of movie and TV stars, and give the world a tantalizing glimpse of what’s in store for the future of pop culture. And EW is right there to take in all the crazy costumes, cool first-look clips, and A-list celebs visiting our photo studio, and video suite at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel.

This year will be no different: Both myself and the illustrious Michael Ausiello will be on hand to talk to a cavalcade of famous faces hoping to whip up the geekosphere into a buzz-building frenzy for their movie and TV projects. And this year, we’re asking you — yes, you! — to tweet us your questions for those actors and directors. So if you want to get in on all the Comic-Con action, follow EW on Twitter (our highly imaginative handle is @EW), and starting this Thursday, I’ll be soliciting tweeted questions for the movies guests of that day. (Mr. Ausiello will be handling questions for TV stars via @michaelausiello.)

To get an idea of what goes on at our EW video suite, after the jump, check out a clip of my interview with director Karyn Kusama, actress Megan Fox, screenwriter Diablo Cody, and producer Jason Reitman about last fall’s distaff horror film Jennifer’s Body. Please excuse my spastic laughter face — I have no control over it, and that’s okay. READ FULL STORY

Today in Mixed Signals: Megan Fox gets engaged, makes out with herself, gets a tattoo for Mickey Rourke

Recent events have led the PopWatch detective to conclude that famous actress “Megan Fox” is actually a set of identical triplets, and that all three are currently caught in a battle to one-up the others with attention-getting publicity stunts. Megan #1 (a.k.a. Domestic Megan) just got re-engaged to Brian Austin Green. Megan #2 (Wild Megan) claims to have gotten a new tattoo in honor of Mickey Rourke. (Another Shelf Life literary mystery solved!) Finally, Megan #3 (Deconstructive Megan) is on the cover of Interview magazine making out with a nude mannequin of herself. We’re confused, too. READ FULL STORY

It's official: Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley replaces Megan Fox in 'Transformers 3'

rosie-huntington-whiteleyImage Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage.comFanboys, start your hormones: Transformers director Michael Bay confirms that Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be filling the shoes (or more specifically, the micro-mini jean skirt) of Megan Fox in the franchise’s next pic, which just started filming in L.A.

Welcome to Hollywood, Rosie! May all your slo-mo running-sexily-from-explosion shots be merry and bright. Just be careful when you’re dealing with all those superpowered intergalactic warlords. Oh, and the Decepticons, too.

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New 'Jonah Hex' trailer: Less family, more guns

The new trailer for Josh Brolin’s comic book western Jonah Hex has hit the internet over at IGN. The first thing you notice is that, where the first trailer emphasized Hex’s dead-family revenge storyline, the new one is action, action, action. There’s even a scene that shows Hex visiting a gunsmith, played by the indispensable Lance Reddick. The guns all have that steampunkish anachronistic vibe, which gives me bad flashbacks to Wild Wild West, but see for yourself. READ FULL STORY

Megan Fox not in 'Transformers 3': Good or bad for her career?

megan-foxImage Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage.comAh, Megan. I guess, in some way, we all knew the day would come when you’d part with the Transformers franchise. You’re an actress. You need to grow! To run free! To emote opposite actual human beings instead of tennis balls that will later be CG’d into skyscraper-size robots! It’s only natural. And yet, it seems like just yesterday you were leaning over the hood of that car in your jean skirt, sending a nation of fanboys into momentary hormone-induced comas.

So, on this bittersweet occasion, we’ll simply throw the question out to our loyal PopWatchers: Is Megan Fox’s career damaged by her exit from the Transformers series, or does it clear the way for better opportunities? Sure, those movies launched her career into hyperspace and gave her a nice cushion to fall back on when side projects (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Jennifer’s Body) didn’t quite pop at the box office. But if her goal is to show everyone she has A-list acting chops, Transformers hasn’t exactly given her much to do, and this could be her chance to break away from the eye-candy roles that have dominated her resume so far.

What do you guys think? Vote in our poll below, and then sound off in the comments!

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