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'Medium' series finale: Farewell to one of TV's best families

medium-cbsImage Credit: Danny Feld/NBCMedium never got the love and attention it deserved, and after seven psychic seasons on two different networks, the series comes to a close tonight. The gory crime-solving and supernatural elements of the show were fun, but the best part of the show was always its realistic portrayal of a stable, happy family, squabbles and all.

Joe and Allison DuBois are a close second to Eric and Tami Taylor for my favorite married couple on TV — playful, loving, expressive, and they’re terrific parents, too. Before Modern Family was getting all the (totally deserved!) credit for its realistic, not-at-all annoying kid actors, Medium‘s trio of blond munchkins were tearing it up. (Especially Maria Lark.) The DuBois women might be able to communicate with the dead, but they also argue over spelling tests, or who might need glasses, or who finished the cereal or passed her driving test.

Seven seasons is a good run, and Medium made the most of it, so let’s it bury and praise it all at once: What was your favorite Medium moment, PopWatchers?

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November Sweeps calendar: 'Glee,' 'House,' 'Big Bang Theory' and more welcome big-name guests

November-2010-Sweeps-GuideImage Credit: Harper Smith/NBC; Adam Rose/Fox; Bob D'Amico/ABC; David M. Russell/CBS; Virginia Sherwood/NBC; United Feature Syndicate IncNovember is here, and you probably know what that means for television: Sweeps! It’s that bountiful time of the TV season when the networks try to ramp up viewership as much as possible so they can set their advertising prices for the year. All of which means means we’ll see crazy guest stars! Specials! Awards shows! Big interviews! For example, Cher is going on 20/20 to talk Burlesque Nov. 19; ABC is airing the Country Music Awards on Nov. 10; Oprah will sit down with the Jackson clan on Nov. 8; and Gwyneth Paltrow, well, she’s appearing on both the CMAs on Nov. 10 and Glee Nov. 16. How does one make sense of the November Sweeps madness? Duh, it’s easy, silly: Just use our handy, complete-yet-only-the-stuff-you-care-about guide below:

Oprah (Syndicated, check local listings): More of Oprah and Gayle’s camping trip at Yosemite National Park
Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS, 8 p.m.): Only 12 castaways remain as the tribes merge
In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville (ABC, 10 p.m.): This hour-long special features Roberts interviewing country music stars Brad Paisley, LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, and Kellie Pickler
Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 10 p.m.): A History of Violence‘s Maria Bello and ER‘s Alex Kingston guest star

The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8 p.m.): Dollhouse‘s Eliza Dushku guest stars
Bones (Fox, 8 p.m.): So You Think You Can Dance‘s Stephen “tWitch” Boss guest stars
Community (NBC, 8 p.m.): Hilary Duff and Andy Dick guest star
30 Rock (NBC, 8:30 p.m.): Elizabeth Banks returns

Oprah (Syndicated, check local listings): First of two-part event featuring Madea‘s Tyler Perry and 200 men who are stepping up to speak out about the trauma of their childhood sexual abuse (the second part airs Friday, Nov. 12)
Medium (CBS, 8 p.m.): Scrubs‘ Judy Reyes and NCIS‘ Rena Sofer guest star
Supernanny (ABC, 8 p.m.): Season premiere!
CSI: NY (CBS, 9 p.m.): Night Court‘s John Larroquette guest stars as Deputy Chief of Manhattan Borough Detectives Ted Carver


Favorite flashback episode poll: Vote now!

flashbacks_320.jpg Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABC; Greg Gayne/Fox; NBCWhen we asked readers to name TV’s best flashback episode, we got more than 1,000 responses. After the jump, you’ll find a poll representing 45 of the most popular and/or passionately-pitched picks. Declare your favorite. Then visit our gallery of 25 Flashback Episodes You Love for a trip down memory lane. READ FULL STORY

'Medium' recap: A shade shady

After a somewhat ho-hum start to its sixth season — and a move to a new night and network (Fridays on CBS) — Medium has gotten back on stride, and last night’s “The Future’s So Bright” found the procedurals-are-better-with-psychics drama back at its creepy, inventive best. The episode followed Patricia Arquette’s Allison after she borrowed a pair of sunglasses from the department’s lost-and-found drawer to deal with a sudden sensitivity to light — and discovered every person she encountered had a number floating over his or her head that corresponded to the number of days that person had left to live. (If correct, looks like Devalos has just under 33 years left, while Scanlon’s got 42 years to complete his bucket list.) But talk about moral conundrums! How do you avoid slipping on the shades and checking the lifeline of your husband, your children, yourself? And should you? I loved the scene where Allison stood facing the bathroom mirror, grappling with turning Pandora’s predictor on herself.

Luckily, the magic accessory did more than offer ultimate expiration dates. READ FULL STORY

Who deserves an Emmy nod for Supporting Actor/Actress in a Drama? (Fresh faces encouraged!)

Emmys-Drama_l So we took Friday off from building our wish list of nominees in the major Emmy categories, but now it's time to delve into the awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress (Drama Division). Last year's winners — Zeljko Ivanek for Damages and Dianne Wiest for In Treatment — were as surprising as they were satisfying, and hopefully Emmy will follow suit by recognizing more fresh performances in 2009. Here's four folks I'm rooting for:

Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost: The once slightly menacing Juliet became season 5's central romantic figure as she set up house with Sawyer and settled into a groove with the Dharma Initiative. Until, of course, Jack and Kate returned to mess up the dynamic. (Boo!) Is there any actress on television who can convey so much anguish and passion with a single glance? Answer: No! So give the woman her Emmy nod!

Michael Cudlitz, Southland: It's remarkable the way Cudlitz convincingly brings to life Officer John Cooper's on-the-job swagger one minute, then captures those scenes of his character trying to score prescription pain killers at a gay-bar dive. Toss in those enigmatic hints of the beat cop's home life, and you've got a complex, fully realized character in just seven episodes. (BTW, while Emmy is at it, how about a simultaneous nomination for Cudlitz's Southland colleague, Shawn Hatosy, whose beleaguered, sweet-natured detective is also a series standout.)

Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica: Often overlooked in the discussion of the SciFi hottie's stunning good looks is the fact that she's a damn fine actress. Sure, Katee Sackhoff's scenery-chewing style gets more buzz, but I'd argue that Helfer's subtler work, capturing the personality nuances of several versions of the Number Six Cylon model, is more worthy of Emmy recognition.

Jake Weber, Medium: Okay, yeah, I can't write the guy's name without using the word Emmy, but Weber's steadfast, supportive spouse grounds the series, and his acting is every bit as impressive as Patricia Arquette's work in the lead role. That episode where Weber's Joe continues loving his wife while she's trapped in the body of Jeffrey Tambor's murder suspect belongs on Emmy's must-watch reel. Anything short of that would be a paranormal mystery.

Okay, there's my take, now it's your turn. Who deserves an Emmy nod for Best Supporting Actor/Actress in a Drama? Speak now: Nominations are revealed on Thursday morning! And  remember, if your favorites don't make the cut with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, they still have a chance at an EWwy.

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addCredit("Mitchell: Mario Perez/ABC; Cudlitz: Justin Lubin/NBC; Helfer: Carole Segal/SyFy; Weber: Danny Feld/NBC")

'Medium' season finale: How'd you like that cliffhanger?

Medium_l Three cheers for CBS! If the Eye Net hadn’t picked Medium off NBC’s scrap heap and given it a sixth season — it’ll be paired with Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights next fall — then the underrated psychic detective series would’ve ended its run with Emmy winner Patricia Arquette’s Allison Dubois unconscious and unresponsive after suffering a stroke during brain surgery. (FYI: I put in a call to CBS Paramount to find out if an alternate ending was shot, just in case last night’s episode had turned out to be a series finale. Check back this afternoon for an update.)

Still, the grim final scene — Allison lying bandaged and comatose in a hospital bed — was in keeping with the episode’s less-than-upbeat mood. Allison’s dreamscape opened with her microwaving a TV dinner at a dumpy hotel efficiency on the one-year anniversary of Joe and the girls’ deaths at the hands of a drug cartel, while her waking life found her investigating the murder of a police detective whose body had been delivered to his family in a set of gore-spattered coolers. As far as Medium mysteries go, this one was pretty obvious — I suspected that Munoz was pulling a double-cross from the moment Allison’s DeKalb Avenue tip failed to pay dividends — but this episode was interested in a larger question: Would our heroine want to survive her brain tumor if it meant putting her family in jeopardy? (As we saw from her futuristic vision — and the delightful parting shot of ”You’re right. Ladies first” before firing her gun and blowing the baddies and herself to Valhalla — the answer turned out to be a resounding “no.”)

Aside from the pyrotechnics, though, I liked the little details from the front lines of the Dubois residence this week: Allison leaving sweet notes in the girls’ lunch boxes; the family experiencing day-to-day strain resulting from Joe’s weekly trips to San Diego; Allison, in a rare moment of impatience that would later be explained by the tumor, snapping at Marie. Because Medium has always put family first, painting a rich and realistic portrait of middle-class life, Allison’s crisis was both poignant and fitting. And so while I understood Joe’s argument that Allison’s dreams couldn’t be trusted because of the pressure on her brain stem — this was, after all, her second recent hospitalization following her body swap with Jeffrey Tambor! — I was glad to see him finally relent and send Ariel, Bridgette, and Marie to the safety of his sister’s home. I mean, seriously, the one time you might want to immediately jump aboard wifey’s psychic bandwagon is when it involves your daughters being targeted by a murderous drug-cartel henchman. (Anyone notice said baddie was played by José Zúñiga, formerly of CBS’ short lived but delightful dramedy That’s Life?)

And so we’re left with a cliffhanger. Obviously, with Medium back in play on CBS, Allison is bound to regain consciousness, but wouldn’t it be an interesting twist if her “gift” is altered in some way by the surgery or the stroke? If you ran Medium, how would you kick off the show’s sixth season? (I’d like to see Allison solve a case or two while her consciousness or communication skills remain impaired.) And how enraged/depressed would you have been if NBC had allowed this to be the series finale? Oh let’s not even think about that scenario. Instead, I’ll end this recap the way I began it: Three cheers for CBS!

addCredit(“Danny Feld/NBC”)

'Medium's' jump to CBS has us wondering: What's 'your network'?

Medium_lMedium jumping ship to CBS makes so much sense it’s scary. As CBS chief Nina Tassler suggested, the show is practically the spiritual lovechild to the Eye’s own Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. NBC offered the somewhat dubious reasoning that the network wants to go younger, and just didn’t think people cared enough about Medium. Even though, you know, it gets higher ratings than Chuck. (Surprising, right? Chuck fans must be just very vocal. And also hungry.) With Medium switching networks, and folks rallying for My Name Is Earl to find a new home somewhere not run by Ben Silverman, loyalty seems to lie with the shows, not the networks. Of course, whether fans follow the Patricia Arquette whodunit to CBS remains to be seen, but I bet it’ll be just as popular, if not more so.

Confession time: The only show I watch on CBS is The Amazing Race. That’s all. I’ve caught a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, but have yet to fully commit. Yet, out of all the networks, CBS seems to be the most focused, offering procedurals, traditional sitcoms and reality shows for the masses. As Time magazine put it, the network’s audience is "sometimes older, sometimes not, but generally more conservative in its taste." There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. The network has some of the highest-rated shows on TV in The Mentalist, NCIS and CSI and its brood of stepchildren. But does liking CBS make you less cool? And, uh, boring?

PopWatchers: What is YOUR network? Given NBC’s identity crisis and ABC’s propensity to cancel shows in their first or second seasons, do you even hold any loyalty to one network in particular anymore? Which channel is home to most of your favorites? Sharing is caring, so speak up!

addCredit(“Arquette: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC”)

'Medium': Five reasons CBS should save it from NBC's death sentence!

Mediumcbs_lThe foolios at NBC have failed to pick up Patricia Arquette’s psychic crime-solving drama Medium for a sixth season, but what else did you expect from a network that’s handing over its Mon-Fri 10 p.m. hour to Jay Leno? Still, all hope is not lost! My colleague Michael Ausiello reports CBS is considering throwing a lifeline to one of TV’s most underrated dramas. Aside from Arquette’s Emmy-winning turn as Allison Dubois, here’s five additional reasons the show deserves another season on a new network:

1) Joe and Allison DuBois are TV’s best married couple. Seriously, network TV loves depicting married life as an endless cycle of bickering, resentment, and negotiations. But Medium, while never ignoring the workaday challenges faced by an average middle-class couple, also manages to depict the joys and comforts of a long-term relationship. Which is comforting, and almost quaint, in the ‘Til Death/Rules of Engagement era.

2) Miranda Carabello (Marie Dubois) is currently challenging Maria Lark (Bridgette Dubois) for supremacy as cutest kid on the small screen. Anyone catch the recent episode in which Marie woke up with a nightmare about being dressed as a pea pod and forgetting her lines in the school play? Well, if you missed it, it’s embedded after the jump. Sometimes, video is worth 1,000 words!

3) Jake Weber still needs his Emmy nomination! Dude got shortlisted last year, and while it’d be great if he makes the cut in 2009, I’m worried he’ll get shafted in favor of William Shatner (again!).

4) Weekly scares are fun for the whole family! How many shows on your DVR roster consistently leave you clutching your pillow all scurrr’d-like? (Aside from some of those VH1 reality shows?) With Medium, you get an elevated heart rate without ever leaving the couch!

5) Medium is like a creepy, well-written, modern-day Love Boat for TV guest stars. Season 5 alone has found nifty roles for everyone from Jeffrey Tambor to Blythe Danner to James Van Der Beek to Emily Bergl. Support working actors, CBS, and give Medium its sixth season!

addCredit(“Danny Feld/NBC”)


Who are your dream Emmy nominees?

Ivanekortiz_lThe regular 2007-2008 season has come to its end, I’m about 90 percent caught up with my DVR backlog, and Friday was apparently the deadline for TV shows to submit their sample episodes for Emmy consideration. This, of course, means it’s time for my annual rant about Vanessa (L. Yeah) Williams deserving an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role as Wilhelmina Slater on Ugly Betty blog post about which actors and series deserve a little love when the Emmy nominations are revealed on July 17.

My wish list starts with Damages‘ Zeljko Ivanek (left), whose heartbreaking portrayal of a morally dubious, sexually conflicted attorney might get overlooked by Emmy voters, considering his FX series last aired in October and featured standout performances by a couple of bigger names — Glenn Close and Ted Danson — who seem more likely to get kudos. But seriously, I’m calling 911 and reporting a felony crime if Ivanek’s name doesn’t get included for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Similarly, much deserved recognition for the aforementioned (and absolutely sublime) Ms. Williams and headliner America Ferrera on Ugly Betty might lead to a snub for Ana Ortiz (right), despite the fact that her season 2 work as Hilda Suarez went from heartbreaking to hilarious and back — often in the course of a single scene — and even though her reaction shots are among the best in primetime.

Also on my dream nominations list: the consistently gripping Battlestar Galactica for Best Drama (it’s time to do the right thing, Emmy voters!); Chandra Wilson, whose mix of brass and brains makes Grey’s Anatomy bearable even in its most indulgent moments; Jake Weber, the quiet balance to Patricia Arquette’s more ballyhooed genius on Medium; Lost‘s Yunjin Kim (for that helicopter scene alone); and Mia Wasikowska for HBO’s In Treatment (I’m only a few episodes in, but my word, she’s tremendous, as you can see in the clip I’ve embedded after the jump).

Okay, your turn: Which actors, writers, and shows deserve Emmynominations? Speak now, or forfeit the right to gripe when the Academyof Television Arts and Sciences inevitably gets it wrong next month.

addCredit(“Zeljko Ivanek: Larry Riley; Ana Ortiz: Vivian Zink”)


Patricia Arquette's five most-wanted superpowers

If I had a superpower, I’d make everyone realize Medium is one of the best-written and most inventive dramas on television. Patricia Arquette, on the other hand, would settle for "total world domination."

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