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Matt Davis returns to 'Vampire Diaries,' and all the ways that finale was a game-changer

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries, stop reading now!

I remember about a year ago, Julie Plec tweeted that she’d come up with ending of season 5 of The Vampire Diaries – and in her words, it was a “mind f—.” Guess what? She wasn’t lying.

What happened in last night’s finale — if I’m interpreting it correctly — changes everything we know about the show. In the destruction of the Other Side, not only was Alaric able to come back two seasons after his death, but fans said goodbye to two main characters as Bonnie and Damon held hands and seemingly found peace. But that’s not all that happened: When Tyler came back from the Other Side, he realized that his healing powers had left him. Was he human again?

Assuming all of these plots stick, season 6 could look very, very different from the world we know. Stefan, Elena, Alaric, Tyler, and Enzo could all be human, though some of you argue that Tyler was only human because he died that way. Or more specifically, that he was back to being a werewolf. If that’s the case, then only Tyler will really have changed. Regardless, it’s a lot for viewers to wrap their heads around, but there is one thing I think all Vampire Diaries fans can agree on: We are so excited to have Alaric back. And yes, we’ve confirmed that Matt Davis will be a series regular next season. READ FULL STORY

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The CW’s new meta-mystery Cult brings us into a world that most visitors to this website happen to know pretty well: The realm of overly obsessive pop culture fandom. It’s a sometimes fun, sometimes scary, always interesting shadowland where enthusiasm for fantasy takes the most peculiar forms: Ardent ‘shipping, colorful cosplay, mad theorizing by know-it-all bloggers who give themselves fake PhDs and are rarely correct about anything. (Such hacks! Such frauds!) Created by Farscape’s Rockne S. O’Bannon, a scribe with genre smarts who clearly knows much about the benefits and beautiful weirdness of fandom, Cult imagines a culture where a show called “Cult” airs on The CW and seems to be having a seriously adverse if not deadly affect on its most ardent viewers. (Like we said: Meta.)   READ FULL STORY

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