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Matt Damon finally, finally conquers 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' -- VIDEO

Thought Matt Damon would be content with a simple guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Think again.

After years of serving as the butt of Kimmel’s regular show-closing joke — “Apologies to Matt Damon; we ran out of time” — the Oscar winner got his revenge last night by seizing control of Live. Kimmel spent the entire episode taped to a chair with a tie stuffed in his mouth, watching helplessly as Damon taunted him, replaced his sidekick and his bandleader with Andy Garcia and Sheryl Crow — a definite case of trading up — and enlisted a bevy of other stars to assist in his takeover. From the show’s very first minutes, it was clear that this would be a night to remember:


Lance Armstrong movie in the works. Who should play him?

Lance Armstrong may not ever be seen back at the Tour de France, but in movie theaters? That may be on the horizon.

Last week, Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, announced plans to adapt New York Times reporter Juliet Macur’s upcoming book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, due out in June [EW’s request for comment from Paramount was not returned]. It’s no surprise Hollywood has made a move — the story is captivating, and full of the kind of highs and lows that filmgoers love. Which just leads to the inevitable question: Who will portray the disgraced cyclist?

Bradley Cooper told BBC News yesterday that he “would be interested in [playing Armstrong]. I think he’s fascinating. What a fascinating character.”  Cooper would be a great choice – post Silver Linings Playbook, it’s clear the professionally trained actor enjoys serious fare, and a prime part like Armstrong in a good adaptation could be great Oscar bait. Beyond Cooper, here are some other choices of men we’d love to see tackle the role. READ FULL STORY

Matt Damon's great Bill Clinton impression feels your pain -- VIDEO

Hold the phone — Matt Damon hasn’t hosted Saturday Night Live since 2002?! That’s bananas. The show could definitely use a strong dose of Bourne 1.0 in 2013 — especially if Damon whips out his unexpectedly spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation.

The Promised Land star did that impression on The Tonight Show yesterday, regaling Jay Leno with an anecdote about a screening of Good Will Hunting at Camp David circa 1997. He sounded just like our 42nd president — or, at least, like Darrell Hammond speaking as our 42nd president. And as a bonus, the story revealed why Clinton loves Tom Hanks. (It’s not just because everybody loves Tom Hanks.)


Giselle Bundchen, Matt Damon, and John Legend want to build a movement around candy -- VIDEO

Greed. Corruption. Trans fats. Such is the sordid state of candy today. We are a miserable populace force-fed the injustices of corn syrup and artificial flavors.

No more!

Enter UNREAL — a brand-spankin’-new candy company that’s here to cast off our chains and liberate us, O children of the earth, from our oppressors.

Their new four-minute promo video takes viewers on a journey into forests and rivers and other exotic locales as it unlocks the all-natural origins of their sweets. And adding their gold-plated endorsements are, that’s right PopWatchers, celebrities: Giselle Bündchen, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, John Legend, and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. They’re all here to convince you that UNREAL is more than just candy — it’s a motherf—ing revolution.

Check out the full video after the jump, and pay special attention to the needless shot of people inner-tubing on the Amazon.


After 'Bourne Legacy,' what is the future of the franchise?

Two weeks ago, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke said that the studio would like another Bourne movie, following the well-received summer sideboot starring Jeremy Renner as fugitive agent Aaron Cross. Some reporters automatically assumed that meant a sequel was already in the works, but though that might prove inevitable, it is not yet official, according to sources close to the franchise. In fact, the future of Bourne is almost as up in the air as it was when Matt Damon decided not to return as the titular secret agent. READ FULL STORY

On the scene: Braving the waterworks at the Stand Up to Cancer telethon

They wanted to move us. And oh, did they know how.

The highlight of the Stand Up to Cancer telethon helmed by Gwyneth Paltrow and a cast of A-list celebrities Friday at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was Taylor Swift’s ode to a cancer victim, a 3-year-old boy named Ronan.

If you’re not getting emotional yet, Swift did it for you. The 22-year-old country singer struggled to hold back tears as she sang the touching ballad she wrote after reading a mom’s blog about losing her little boy to neuroblastoma last year. The song begins, “I remember your bare feet down the hallway, I remember your little laugh…”

The audience of Hollywood elite, cancer survivors, and fans choked up as they listened to this and other testimonies aimed at inspiring donors to give funds to the Stand Up to Cancer organization.


'The Dark Knight Rises': Its homage to... 'Good Will Hunting'?

From its comic book inspirations to a prominent excerpt from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Christopher Nolan’s saga-ending The Dark Knight Rises was chockablock with pop-culture references. While there were plenty of unexpected moments in the film’s 164 minutes, some of the biggest surprises weren’t plot developments but Nolan’s loving homages to (and occasionally strange riffs on) other films, books, and more. Below, we look into some of the influences of Rises, including one very unexpected shout-out to the speech that won Matt Damon and Ben Affleck an Oscar. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!) READ FULL STORY

Tom Brady on his ever-changing hair and why he'll never enroll at the school of 'Hard Knocks'

Football star Tom Brady has sung on Saturday Night Live, been immortalized on The Simpsons, and popped up on an episode of Entourage, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when he delivered another funny performance in a recent FunnyOrDie video to promote Under Armour. Brady plays the comic straight man, just hoping to locate some gear at a California sporting goods store when the salesperson and some customers become fascinated by him — not by his stardom, but what they perceive as his thick Bah-ston accent. In fact, no one seems to recognize him as the Patriots Super Bowl quarterback, and two yokels even confuse him for Matt Damon. It’s a particularly funny exchange because the two famous men could pass for cousins. (When Damon was named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2007, he told the magazine that Brady was “a taller, better-looking version of me.”)

“I got a chance to know Matt a little bit, and he would appreciate that video,” says Brady, who had a cameo in Damon’s 2003 comedy Stuck on You and admits that people have mistaken him for the Oscar winner, though never in Boston. “The people in Boston are very territorial about their sports stars and with their actors and actresses.”

Brady met with the media Wednesday as part of Under Armour’s promotional event to launch its new line of Spine sneakers, which the company envisions will put it on equal footing with rivals like Nike, Reebok, and adidas. The 34-year-old quarterback is taller — he’s at least 6’4″ — and lankier in person than he looks in his uniform, and after years of jousting with occasionally adversarial reporters after games, he’s a master of handling questions graciously without saying more than he has to. Still, he generously talked to EW about the allure of entertainment, the fashion stylings of New England’s head coach Bill Belichick, and how much longer he sees himself playing in the NFL. Oh yeah, and his hair. READ FULL STORY

Nominated for Nothing: Are you there, Oscar? It's me, 'Margaret'

Every year, brilliant movies are utterly ignored by the Oscars.The Searchers, Groundhog Day, Persona, Breathless, Hoop Dreams, King Kong, Caddyshack — the Academy has a long history of overlooking comedies, action movies, horror flicks, artsy foreign films, and documentaries that aren’t about World War II. This year, we’ll be taking a closer look at films that were too small, too weird, or perhaps simply too awesome for the Academy Awards. These are the Non-Nominees.

The Film: Margaret, Kenneth Lonergan’s long-delayed opus about an Upper West Side high-schooler named Lisa (Anna Paquin, never better) who inadvertently causes a terrible accident that takes the life of an innocent pedestrian (Allison Janney), after she flirts with a bus driver. The next two hours show the complex evolution of her guilt as she launches legal proceedings against the driver, while not fully acknowledging her own role in the tragedy. Lonergan, who immediately established himself as a master of quiet relationship studies in his debut, 2000’s You Can Count on Me, crafts a coming-of-age tale with novelistic richness, showing Lisa’s clashes with her shallow actress mother and her mom’s new boyfriend (Jean Reno, doing his best “Most Interesting Man in the World” impression); her heated foreign policy discussions in debate class;  her first sexual encounter (with Kieran Culkin!); and a budding romance with a self-righteous teacher (Matt Damon). How Lisa’s life and daily routine slowly unravel as a result of her complicity in that horrific traffic accident is a beautiful and terrifying thing to watch. READ FULL STORY

On the scene at New York Fashion Week: Matt Damon accompanies wife to Naeem Khan show; raises the Valentine's Day bar

Guys, you may as well give up right now.

While some love-sick sweethearts are planning to woo their significant others with chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day, Matt Damon did something a little more unusual. He accompanied his wife, Luciana Barroso, to the Naeem Khan fashion show at Lincoln Center today.

The couple, who were literally swarmed by surprised photographers as soon as they took their seats, were holding hands and being generally adorable throughout the entire presentation. And to Damon’s credit, he seemed genuinely focused on the show, which was rumored to be his first (you know, assuming you don’t count the L.A.M.B-Damon impostor debacle of 2011). READ FULL STORY

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