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Who could Chiwetel Ejiofor play in 'Doctor Strange'?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor is the latest highly-respected actor to be pursued by a movie studio for a role in a superhero film—that film being Marvel’s Doctor Strange. If the report is true—and even if it is, the deal is supposedly in its earliest stages—it would certainly raise the film’s profile significantly. Which is a good thing when your subject matter is as abstract and weird as Doctor Strange. (Neither Marvel nor Ejiofor has yet responded to EW’s request for comment.)

But who would Ejiofor play in the film?

Speculation abounds—especially since THR called the Strange role a leading one, then offered three possible suggestions: villain Baron Mordo, Strange’s mentor The Ancient One, or Strange’s assistant Wong. Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool points out that comics speculators seem to believe Ejiofor would play Brother Voodoo, another mystic hero in the Marvel Universe who goes on to briefly replace Stephen Strange as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme.

Let’s break these down, one at a time:


'Secret Wars' will be the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it

Like the modern movie industry, the comics industry is really big on announcing things. Nary a month goes by without some comics publisher somewhere (usually Marvel or DC) announcing something. ‘Here’s a big title you should totally be excited about!’ they say. But ask them questions—as one is wont to do when a Big Exciting Announcement is made—and then they get really gun shy. “Wait and see,” they say. Because they actually are going to answer your question, eventually. Just in the form of another announcement.

Ever since last October’s New York Comic-Con, Marvel’s Big Announcement was Secret Wars, a particularly loaded phrase in Marvel Comics history since it is also the name of a massive 1984 series that—despite literally being a giant toy ad—was actually pretty effective at getting people into comics. But after that announcement was made, Marvel went silent on the matter, effectively telling fans to talk amongst themselves while they slowly released a bunch of mysterious teasers. Said teasers were eventually kind of explained, even if that explanation didn’t really make sense.

Today, January 20, 2015, is the day Marvel has chosen as the day things are allowed to make sense. Here is the secret behind Secret Wars:

They’re going to destroy the Marvel Universe.


'Age of Ultron' in May? Get hyped about 'Avengers' comics NOW

For the past three weeks, we have all been living in the same year that the next Avengers movie is supposed to come out—which means it is officially time to Get Hyped (and stay hyped for about four and a half more months). But what if you could get hyped about a really good Avengers story right now?

For the past two years, writer Jonathan Hickman—along with a rotating roster of artists including Jerome Opeña, Michael Deodato, and Stefano Casseli—has been constructing a superhero epic that’s perfectly suited for a 2015 audience. Like the most irresistibly bingeworthy shows, Hickman’s Avengers pulls you forward with a grim sense of foreboding, giving you just enough to know that its heroes are slowly speeding toward tragedy—while readers try and piece together the ways in which everything will fall apart.

With its current story arc, called “Time Runs Out,” that fall is creeping closer every month, which makes now the perfect time to catch up.


Marvel dusts off two episodes of the bonkers '70s Japanese Spider-Man TV show

Ever since the Japanese production company Toei’s Spider-Man adaptation first started airing in 1978, Marvel’s kept the series at a safe distance from the official canon, which is easy to understand when you actually see the show and the liberties that it takes with the character. For instance, instead of being a spunky teen photojournalist, Spider-Man’s a motocross racer in his civilian alter ego. Instead of getting his powers in a lab accident from a radioactive spider bite, he falls into a cave and is given a blood transfusion by a space-wizard from the planet Spider. Instead of not battling his enemies in a skyscraper-sized flying robot named Leopardon, he does. READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Geekly: How many 'X-Men' films is too many 'X-Men' films?

X-Men: Days of Future Past wasn’t just a success. It was a resurrection, or maybe an exorcism. In the decade after X2, Fox had produced four movies about Marvel’s mutants. Two of the movies were terrible but popular; two of the movies were very good but financially disappointing. None of the latter X films had produced anything like The Dark Knight or The Avengers or even The Amazing Spider-Man—movies that defined the zeitgeist, movies that made mega-blockbuster money. Before 2014, no X-Men movie had ever broken the $500 million mark. This doesn’t seem like it should matter, but boy does it matter. READ FULL STORY

Watch a fan-made trailer for the DC/Marvel mash-up that'll never happen

There are approximately 72 superhero movies coming out over the next 10 years, but the one thing audiences shouldn’t expect to see any time soon is a crossover between Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes.

So this awesome fan-made trailer will have to suffice for now.


Spider-Woman has a cool new costume

Back in August, there was a bit of controversy around the new Spider-Woman series—specifically focusing on a variant cover that was a bit suggestive, like how Basic Instinct was a bit suggestive or Shame was a bit Fassbender-y. One thing that got a bit lost in the controversy: There’s a new Spider-Woman series! Jessica Drew has been a superpowered bench player for decades, and it’s always cool to see another female-centric mainstream superhero series. READ FULL STORY

Watch the Avengers and friends sing Christmas carols in this supercut

How’s this for an Easter egg: Hidden across all of the Marvel Studios films are the lyrics to a whole bunch of Christmas carols. Who knew? Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been saving the world and bringing loads of holiday cheer all this time.

But thanks to YouTube user James Covenant’s work, Marvel’s secret Christmas agenda has now been laid bare for all to see. Stick around for the end—it’s pretty good.


Honest Trailer for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is actually pretty funny

Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers series is kind of an Internet institution—if there’s a popular movie, chances are, a video of theirs isn’t far behind. Their latest victim? Guardians of the Galaxy, which is out on Blu-ray and DVD today.


Best of 2014: Who won the year, Marvel or DC?

If you grew up a comics fan, chances are you were faced with one question pretty early on: What’s better, Marvel or DC? It was a big decision, like signing a mortgage at five years old. You were going to spend years investing and defending it, so you’d better pick wisely.

Of course, treating the subject like a binary is inherently silly. There’s no reason not to like both Marvel and DC. Plus, “better” is a purely subjective term—while one publisher’s output might not resonate with some people, others might find it to be the best thing ever.

But thanks to the pervasive popularity of all things superheroic—especially this year—that ancient debate has found new life. And though there are also plenty of comics publishers beyond Marvel and DC, these two are definitely out to dominate the pop cultural conversation in a way they never really have before.

So who wore it better in 2014: Marvel or DC? Let’s take a closer look. READ FULL STORY

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