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What to expect from the L.A. Podcast Festival (and how you can watch at home)

The summer music festival season is over, but there’s still at least one can’t-miss festival on the horizon. This weekend marks the third annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival, which features live recordings of dozens of comedy podcasts, as well as panels, stand-up shows, and parties. The lineup of all-star microphone fiends features Marc Maron (WTF With Marc Maron), Aisha Tyler (Girl on Guy), Dana Gould (The Dana Gould Hour), Jimmy Pardo (Never Not Funny), Todd Glass (The Todd Glass Show), April Richardson (Go Bayside!), Larry Miller (This Week With Larry Miller), Janet Varney (The JV Club), and an eclectic bunch of others. Announced guests on various shows include Whitney Cummings, Horatio Sanz, and Hal Sparks, with plenty of others coming.  READ FULL STORY

The man who invented podcasts: Patent troll or American dream?

Perhaps you listen to Adam Carolla’s popular comedy podcast while you’re working out at the gym. Or maybe you download the NBC Nightly News video podcast each morning before you jump on the commuter train. There are podcasts for every possible interest and endeavor, and they are one of the best bargains in entertainment — most are free. Some are a digital component of huge media companies, like NBC or ESPN. Others are the brainchild and passion of a single person operating out of his garage.

Earlier this year, many of the most popular podcasters received formal legal notices in the mail, informing them they were violating a patent with their podcast. See, a Texas company called Personal Audio claims that they invented podcasts way back in 1996; and they have a U.S. patent to back them up. If this sounds surprising to you, a podcast listener, imagine how the podcasters themselves felt — confused, frightened, and maybe a little angry. “We’re terrified we might have to stop podcasting,” Marc Maron, who hosts the popular WTF comedy podcast, told NPR’s Planet Money podcast last week. “We might have to go broke trying to protect ourselves from this [extortion racket].” READ FULL STORY

IFC debuts 'Maron' pilot online: 'There's no such thing as a career in comedy!' -- VIDEO

Comedian, podcaster, and very angry man Marc Maron is debuting a new scripted series for IFC which depicts “his day-to-day struggle to maintain relationships other than the ones with his podcast audience and his beloved trio of cats.” It is appropriately entitled Maron, premiering on May 3 — and its first episode (“Dead Possum,” written by veteran sitcom-er Sivert Glarum) is available online, in full, right now.


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