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Hoax mastermind tells Dr. Phil he loved Manti Te'o -- VIDEO

Jon Stewart’s arch-nemesis is finally speaking out — and this morning, Today aired a preview of his upcoming interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo spent over two years pretending to be Lennay Kekua, a fictional young woman who caught the eye of Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o. He created a variety of social media profiles for her and even spoke to Te’o on the phone as Lennay, using a voice Te’o assumed to be a woman’s. Though questions about whether Te’o knew Kekua wasn’t real arose when the scandal broke a few weeks ago, Tuiasosopo told McGraw that Te’o absolutely wasn’t in on the hoax.

He also revealed that he was in love with Te’o:  READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric interviews Manti Te'o: 7 intriguing quotes

Katie Couric nabbed a sitdown with Manti Te’o after Deadspin broke the story that his girlfriend Lennay Kekua, whose death was said to inspire the Notre Dame football player, didn’t exist.

In the interview, Couric spoke with the football star about the scandal, his sexuality and the man who created the fake Internet persona — Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Here are the 7 quotes we found most intriguing: READ FULL STORY

Funny or Die saves the day with Manti Te'o parody -- VIDEO

Whether or not you care about Manti Te’o, the confusing hoax/scandal/Catfish-ing has produced some pretty incredible comedic moments over the past few days that will likely continue for as long as it takes to get the full story, which keeps getting stranger.

Thankfully, Funny or Die has jumped on the bandwagon as well with a Manti Te’o eHarmony parody ad. “I hate fake people. They’re just so…it’s like they’re not there when you’re talking to them. But it’s different with Lennay,” says Eugene Cordero portraying Te’o, as the camera cuts to a two shot of him and an empty seat on the couch. Lennay becomes his real-life imaginary friend. He plays catch with her. He feeds her chips. He fondles the computer. And he even references the hoax.

Watch the video after the jump. It’s just what we all needed on this Friday afternoon.


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