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Have you ever played the 'Lost' numbers? You should have last night.

the-numbersAs someone tweeted me last night: It pays to watch TV. At least $150. The January 4 Mega Millions winning numbers shared four in common with those that Hurley played on Lost. His numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. The Mega Millions numbers: 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and 42. According to the Mega Millions website, which has received “unprecedented traffic,” 41,763 people matched four of those numbers and earned $150. Of course, we can’t tell if they were all playing the Lost numbers, but you know some of them were. Another 390 people matched five of the numbers (taking home $10,000 or $250,000, depending on which ones), while a lucky two matched all six (and will split an estimated jackpot of $355,000,000).

So, time to confess: Have you ever used the Lost numbers, whether it be for the lotto or something else? If not, have you used any other numbers with pop culture associations? (We all promise not to steal them.)

'Tangled': We make fun of happy endings, and yet, we demand them

Flynn-tangledImage Credit: DisneySPOILER ALERT: If you go see Tangled, Disney’s take on Rapunzel, there will come a moment when all hope is lost. Rapunzel’s “Mother” (voiced by Donna Murphy) stabs Rapunzel’s love interest, the thief Flynn Rider (voiced by Chuck‘s Zachary Levi), and to save him, Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) cuts a deal: If Mother lets her heal Flynn with her magic hair, she’ll stay with her forever and Mother can keep using Rapunzel’s gift to keep herself young. Flynn doesn’t want Rapunzel to sacrifice her freedom, and cuts off her hair, which renders it powerless (read: brunette). Flynn then dies. There’s a long enough pause as Rapunzel grieves that it crossed my mind that he may actually stay dead. Perhaps the message is that some people come into your life for a short time and give you the courage to lead a better one, and that 18-year-old Rapunzel didn’t need to find a man, she needed to find herself — and Flynn understood that. Of course, I didn’t really think the movie would end like that, nor did I really want it to apparently: When Flynn lay lifeless, I said “That’s bulls—” — silently to myself, thankfully, since there were children around.

So here’s my question to you: If you saw Tangled, could you imagine the film without a happily ever after for Rapunzel and Flynn (her tears had magic in them, too, it turns out)? Are there any fairytales you truly believe could, and should, end differently?

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'American Idol': New promo accurately reflects my anticipation for Season 10 premiere!

What can I say? I’m starting to get a case of the tinglies (mixed with an equal dose of the nameless dreads) about American Idol‘s upcoming tenth season. THE PREMIERE IS ONLY 55 DAYS AWAY. And Fox’s brand-new 30-second promo — featuring several aspiring singers who now have an approximately 1-in-500 chance of being played on my iPod on repeat loop before the end of 2011 — is contributing to my excitement. Oddly enough, all five quotes here from said prospective Idols (I’m not counting the one from a contestant’s mom) accurately reflect my feelings about the season 10 premiere*. I am being totally serious. You know I don’t joke about Idol. Let’s review: “It really does mean everything to me.” “I need this so bad.” “I have to really make sure that I’m on my game.” “No matter what happens today, it’s the biggest day of my life.” “This is it.”

See what I mean? After the jump, check out the promo for yourself, then take our handy PopWatch poll and tell us which contestant sentiment best sums up your feelings about season 10.

(*These statements could also be coming from A) participants in The Hunger Games; B) Powerball ticket-holders; C) My ravenous family, wondering who’s going to quit pretending to be polite and make the first move on this year’s Thanksgiving feast. READ FULL STORY

'Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things': 5 Facial Expressions of Near-Terror on Monday's show!

favorite-thingsImage Credit: George Burns/Harpo ProductionsIt wasn’t OHHHH-VERRRRRRRR! On today’s Oprah, Ms. Thang delivered a message from on high (her metaphorical perch atop a pile of solid gold iPads) to announce to the studio audience that THEY TOO would be on the receiving end of Santa Winfrey’s sleighful of presents. First, she baited a lady in a hot pink blazer to admit how disappointed everyone probably was because they’d just seen those lucky bitches from the previous taping (that had happened just before theirs) pile out with tons of new stuff.

And then. [A single ornament rolls out.] What’s this? “I got an ornament!” [It begins to snow.] “Actually….it’s beginning to look a lot like….FAVORITE THI-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!” READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter': Quidditch World Cup happening this weekend, for real

Quidditch-TournamentImage Credit: Christopher Capozziello/Getty ImagesWhen the first Harry Potter film hit theaters in 2001, could you have predicted that New York City would be hosting the fourth annual Quidditch World Cup this weekend? Some of you may be aware that students at Vermont’s Middlebury College are credited with first making the fantasy sport a reality in 2005, and today, there’s an International Quidditch Association. Forty-six teams will compete this weekend, including Middlebury, Boston University, Michigan State, NYU, Vassar, Syracuse, and Yale. I don’t know which is more entertaining:

Watching people purposely run around with a broomstick between their legs

• Watching the Snitch, a person dressed in gold with a tennis ball stuffed into a sock that dangles out of his or her shorts, run around. “Snitches have been known to ride on bicycles across the field; snitches have hid in families in the stands; in 2008 a snitch appeared at the top of one of the buildings,” IQA spokeswoman Alicia Radford told Fox News. “… I even saw a snitch once take off the seeker’s cape and wave it at him like a matador.”

• People debating about whether this should become an official NCAA sport

These are brave, fun souls. In a PopWatch poll last month, 33 percent of people said they will be holding a wand when they see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in theaters; 47 percent said they would laugh at the people holding wands, but secretly wish they had one; 20 percent said they would laugh at the people holding wands, period. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for your love of Harry PotterREAD FULL STORY

Exclusive: Heidi's wearing Mondo's polka-dot dress!

project-runway-finaleImage Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionA Project Runway source tells EW that Heidi Klum plans to wear a different version of the black and white polka-dot gown created by season 8 runner-up (BOOOOOOOOO) Mondo Guerra to tonight’s Los Angeles premiere of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. Eh mah gahd, you gehs! Heidi Klum must read PopWatch! Our urgent demand in her native language — Tragen Sie das schöne Polkapunktkleid — must have really spoken to her. Gut, ja!

We’ll post a pic tomorrow. After this, Mondo’s clothes will surely start “sellin’ like bagels!”

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'Top Chef: Just Desserts' poll: Zac's cake wreck

“I just love the whimsy of the water,” Zac trilled in an attempt to distract the celebrated couple from the fact that his cake looked like something out of a roughly handled children’s coloring book called Pirates Just Want to Have Fun. “The white chocolate is a sea foam and kind of a play on your bikini strings,” he told Sylvia Weinstock of Sylvia Weinstock Cakes. (Read full recap.)

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Breaking: Conan's clown hair same as real hair

An alter-ego red pompadour and cameos from handsome man Jon Hamm and little person Larry King within the first five minutes of TBS’ Conan?! Doesn’t Conan O’Brien know I have a very important Dancing With the Stars recap to write?

SPOILER ALERT: The beard lives!

Update: Oh, s—! He just moved the moon!

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Would Heidi Klum dressing exclusively in Mondo's clothes make you begin to accept the travesty that was last week's 'Project Runway' finale?

project-runway-finaleImage Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionSomehow I just caught up on last Thursday’s devastating Project Runway finale, and even though I knew Wretchin’ Gretchen had won, I am currently filled with new, more profound rage about six days late! Will you let me in to your Mondo Obviously Should Have Won support group? I can whine. Wahhhhhhh!

I don’t need to harp too much. Missy’s been through it; ‘it’ obviously being ‘the apocalypse.’ I have but one request: Heidi Klum needs to sack up and wear Mondo Guerra’s black-and-white polka dot evening gown to a red carpet event. Halloween is over, so she missed the boat on that. (Just kidding; Heidi’s Halloween costume was awesome.) It doesn’t have to be the Golden Globes. Any old event will do. And considering how eager she was to pair this wacky shirt with a sleek black pencil skirt, Heidi should also be required to wear at least one of Mondo’s separates on every talk show appearance until the end of time. That’s how long it’s gonna take to pay this off, Klum! Sorry! You like it shiny and short? Here you go!

Do it, Heidi, do it! Everyone tell Heidi to do it! Tragen Sie das schöne Polkapunktkleid!

(Also: Do we need to set up a ‘Season 8 Support Group’ category and do a post like this every week until the healing begins?)

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Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Aaron Sorkin writing Hugh Jackman's Houdini musical: Composer Danny Elfman has 'high hopes'

danny-elfmanImage Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos; Everett CollectionWe’ve heard precious little about Houdini, the Broadway musical starring Hugh Jackman as the famed magician since word of its potential existence first got out in 2008. But an impressive creative team has quietly assembled around the project, including playwright Aaron Sorkin, composer Danny Elfman, lyricist Glenn Slater, and director Jack O’Brien — and despite repeated delays, Elfman says work on Houdini is now well underway.

“I’ve written music on and off for two years already,” Elfman tells EW. “It’s such a different process [from my film scoring work]. For me, it’s taking forever. But other people say, ‘Oh, no, you’ve only been on that a couple of years, that’s nothing!'”

Elfman spent the last week in New York meeting with Sorkin, O’Brien, Slater, and a producer to discuss the show. “Right now Aaron Sorkin is writing,” says the composer. “He’s writing away, and we all have high hopes that Aaron’s going to come through and do some good stuff.” READ FULL STORY

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