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Channing Tatum talks 'Magic Mike 2': What do you want to see?


Here at EW, we consider it our duty to bring you all the Magic Mike-related stripping news. It’s because we care.

Since the film opened June 29th, it has earned over $75 million (more impressive: on just a $7 million budget). A Broadway-bound musical is in the works for next summer, so it should be no surprise that Channing Tatum, when asked about a possible Magic Mike 2, told Glamour U.K., “Yes, yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.”

Even bigger? Ignoring the obvious joke (I’m looking at you, Joe Manganiello!) this thrilling news got me thinking about possible Magic Mike 2 plot points. I guess Spoiler Alert! to anyone who has yet to see the movie, but I’m going to be honest: Mike’s plot is about as thin as the waistband of one of their thongs. READ FULL STORY

Your 'Magic Mike' moviegoing experience: EW Exit Poll

What was your Magic Mike experience like? I went opening night in midtown Manhattan and knew I had a good crowd when cheers broke out as Ryan Gosling made his first appearance in the Gangster Squad trailer and there was applause when Channing Tatum made his entrance in Magic Mike walking from his bed to his bathroom nude. It was only an 8:40 p.m. showing, but we’d clearly all hit a happy hour beforehand and there was audible appreciation shown throughout the movie — both for the comedy (Big Dickie Richie’s penis pump, Dallas teaching The Kid to dance) and the moves (people clapped for Tatum’s solos).

I also saw the film Saturday night in Chelsea with a different group of friends. I had high expectations for the audience when we walked into theater 4 and found a DJ. Two male “models” were on hand to dance with patrons and award prizes (like the Magic Mike T-shirt my colleague Sandra Gonzalez received). The pre-show’s emcee seemed to think this crowd was a little tame — “Did you guys actually come here sober?” — and it was. We still got an audible response for Tatum’s entrance and laughter at all the right moments, but there was no spontaneous applause. (There was, however, a theater worker handing out tiny boxes of Crunchy Nut cereal as we left, which I’d like to think was a marketing plan by Kellogg’s and not just a coincidence.)

What was your experience like? Tell us below. Then take our EW Exit Poll. READ FULL STORY

Five reasons why straight dudes will like 'Magic Mike'


Now that Hollywood barely makes movies for women anymore, the exceedingly rare female-targeted wide-release film has become a new kind of event picture. Bridesmaids, Meryl Streep vehicles, Sex and the City sequels, Love Actually riffs like He’s Just Not That Into You: They’ve become the female equivalent of superhero movies, with box office results that are frontloaded to girls-night-out Fridays. Magic Mike is just the most recent example of this trend. The Channing Tatum male-stripper movie has arty credentials and a bleak narrative trajectory, neither of which were emphasized in the ribbed-abs marketing campaign: The movie earned nearly $40 million over the weekend, with an audience that was 73 percent female. I’d be intrigued to know how much of the 27 percent male demographic was heterosexual, because I get the sense that the sheer exuberance of Magic Mike‘s beefcakery — the not-at-all guilty pleasures of how the movie luxuriates in men’s bodies — has turned the movie into pure straight-dude kryptonite.

And although I’d like to chalk that up to reactionary bias, I have to admit that — as a straight dude — I felt awkward about going to see Magic Mike. Or at least I discovered myself overthinking the whole process of going to see the movie. READ FULL STORY

Joe Manganiello talks possible 'Magic Mike' musical: Would you pay to see a live version?

If you go see Magic Mike this weekend, there’s a fair chance after it’s over you’re going to need to see some more stripping, stat.

Step one: Start planning a New York trip with your girlfriends, because Magic Mike may be Broadway-bound.

Magic Mike screenwriter Reid Carolin told USA Today that mini-bombshell at the premiere of the film earlier this week. “We are working on it as a Broadway show, which would be a different story,” said Carolin. “More of a romp, more of a fun night out at a club with a story. I’m almost more excited about that than the movie because I think it’s the perfect thing for women to go see on Broadway, to be participants in the show.”  READ FULL STORY

Channing Tatum leads flash(dance) mob on 'Today' -- VIDEO

Okay, technically, he didn’t take off his shirt — he just opened it to reveal a Magic Mike tank — but the flash mob Channing Tatum led on Today this morning was still a great way to start our Wednesday. At the beginning of the clip, Joe Manganiello provides some nice body roll action as a distraction — and ends up sandwiching Ann Curry with Al Roker. Yes. That happened.  READ FULL STORY

Channing Tatum strips to YMCA -- VIDEO

Sometimes a video is so wonderful, you wonder how you’ve gone your whole life without seeing it.

A clip of Channing Tatum stripping to the YMCA, totally forgetting the moves, and laughing his way through the finish is definitely one of those videos.

First unearthed by TMZ, the vid is from Tatum’s pre-Hollywood days when he worked as a stripper. Cons: Tatum’s YMCA moves leave a little something to be desired. Pros:  His abs are perfect. 


'Magic Mike' red band trailer rewind warning!


A red band Magic Mike trailer from the UK has hit the Web. (We still get the movie on June 29, America. Do not change your girls’ night to July 11.) Watch it below. There is so much skin. READ FULL STORY

'Magic Mike' star Joe Manganiello's craziest pre-fame job? Hint: It involved a pirate suit

In case you haven’t heard yet, Magic Mike (out June 29) was inspired by star Channing Tatum’s old career as a stripper. So when EW got Tatum and his cast mates Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer together for this week’s cover story , we asked if anybody else had a pre-fame job that might make a good Steven Soderbergh movie.

Everyone shared their best odd jobs (Bomer worked on a gas pipeline; McConaughey spent a wild year in Australia), but it was True Blood star Manganiello who had the entire table engrossed with his showstopping story about his craziest before-he-was-famous gig. In fact, he told it so perfectly that we’ve decided to share the whole thing, barely edited, right here. READ FULL STORY

Channing Tatum on 'Magic Mike' manscaping, plus exclusive video from our cover shoot

Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike (out June 29) is based on Channing Tatum’s actual experience as a stripper in his teens. But getting into character for the movie still required some out-of-the-ordinary preparation for the 21 Jump Street star and his costars Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer. Check out this (slightly NSFW) snippet from EW’s raucous roundtable interview with the stars, available on stands this week, before clicking through our exclusive photo gallery.

EW: They told you to wax for the movie? READ FULL STORY

Our favorite onscreen male strippers, from Chris Farley to Danny DeVito -- VIDEO

In case you hadn’t noticed, EW is just a little excited about Magic Mike, the upcoming male stripper movie in which Channing Tatum finally takes off his shirt. While exotic lady dancers have been baring it all on film since before Edison invented the Kinetoscope, their Y-chromosome counterparts haven’t had nearly as much onscreen exposure.

We’re tempted to call Magic Mike an important, pioneering movie about naked dudes — but it’s not the first to shatter Hollywood’s onscreen stripper glass ceiling. Tatum and his costars are pelvic thrusting on the shoulders of giants who are also doing pelvic thrusts. So before we turn our attention to the men of Xquisite, let’s take a look back at their predecessors. Fear not, office drones: The clips are all SFW, though you still might want to exercise caution when deciding whether to press “play.”


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