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Well, here's a cake in the shape of 'Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess

Someone has created the sweetest likeness out of Downton Abbey‘s tartest dame. For the show’s fifth season premiere at Fox Theater in Atlanta, local baker and chocolate-artist Karen Portaleo created an eerily human-like cake of the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith).

According to People, the somewhat creepy confection is made of vanilla cake—soaked in Earl Grey tea, fittingly—and buttercream frosting. It took lifelong baker Portaleo, 50, 18 hours to bake, assemble, and “paint” her immaculately detailed tribute to the character. Portaleo told Today.com that Downton Abbey consultant Alastair Bruce said her cake was “so very American.” Portaleo agreed, laughing, “It is very American to create a human out of cake.”

Judging from Portaleo’s Instagram, it was a hit among guests at the premiere.

Maggie Smith's famous son won't watch 'Downton Abbey'


Who doesn’t love to watch Dame Maggie Smith’s Emmy-winning Dowager Countess and her cunning bons mots?

Her own son! Actor Toby Stephens told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday that he doesn’t enjoy watching Downton Abbey.

The former Bond villain and lead in Starz’s upcoming pirate drama Black Sails was asked whether he’d prefer to be on a sleepy drama like the ITV/PBS hit rather than his action-heavy new show.

“Any day of the week, I’d prefer to be on the show I am now,” Stephens said. “I appreciate Downton Abbey for what it is. I don’t regularly tune in. It’s not really a show I enjoy — It’s just not really what I enjoy watching. Playing this kind of thing for me is like going on an exotic vacation because we don’t do this kind of stuff in the UK. … I’ve seen [UK shows], I’ve done it, I don’t want to do it for the rest of my life. This is fantastic story and production values, that’s what I want to be involved in.”

In other words: Forget that low-budget British-y stuff, bring on more Michael Bay!

Maggie Smith is the only person not watching 'Downton Abbey': VIDEO

In a rare interview airing this Sunday on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith pauses when she’s asked if she’s proud of the show. Why? “I haven’t actually seen it, so I don’t — I don’t sit down and watch it,” she tells Steve Kroft. “Never?” he asks. “No, I haven’t watched it,” she confirms. Smith, who’s promoting her new movie Quartet, is a perfectionist who doesn’t want to see what she should have done differently. (The answer: nothing!) Not in the preview clip below, sadly, is the 78-year-old Oscar, Emmy, and Tony winner’s answer to a question about her reputation as someone who doesn’t suffer mediocrity: “You’re trying to say that I am what everybody says… I’m scary and I understand that totally,” Smith says. “Old people are scary and I have to face it, I am old and I am scary and I am very sorry about it but I don’t know what you do.”  READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is ...

Submitted by Kaitlin:

“I suppose she has an appropriate costume for every activity.”

 Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) from Downton Abbey, addressing ex-prostitute Ethel’s cook uniform

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Sunday Feb. 3 and come back Sunday to share your pick for best sound bite!

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