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PopWatch Rewind Week 5: 'Dick Tracy'

Sure, he was dating Madonna, but Warren Beatty’s life wasn’t perfect. The year was 1990. Beatty was coming off of Ishtar, a mega-flop and a rare misstep in a glorious career. The famous ladies’ man was still the portrait of Hollywood glamour — again, dating Madonna — but before Ishtar, he hadn’t made a film since 1981’s epic Reds. He turned to a curious labor of love: an adaptation of Dick Tracy, a 60-year-old comic strip about a lantern-jawed detective who fights magnificently ugly criminals. The timing was perfect: Tim Burton’s Batman came out the year before Tracy, and set a gold standard for comic book adaptations, merchandising, blockbuster promotion, and generally making a boatload of money off of comic-based movie with a tweaked approach to set design. Lest you doubt the connection, the two movies share a nearly identical Danny Elfman score. (Seriously, the dude just Xeroxed his Batman sheet music and made a couple changes.) With all this in mind, and in honor of this week’s release of two other movies directed by actors (Ben Affleck’s The Town and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Jack Goes Boating), we discuss that crime-busting, yellow-coated man with the two-way radio watch, Dick Tracy.

Darren Franich: This might be the most Oscar-heavy cast ever assembled for a comic film. There’s Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and Kathy Bates as a stenographer. The film’s shot by Vittorio Storaro, who won Oscars for Apocalypse Now, Reds, and The Last Emperor. Throw in Dick Van Dyke, Madonna, and the original songs by Stephen Sondheim, and Dick Tracy officially has a team EGOT.

Keith Staskiewicz: And for the first time, Al Pacino really plays an outsize caricature of himself, which he then carried with him throughout the following 20 years. All of the mannerisms are there: sudden outbursts, table slapping, a permanent scowl. It’s like he’s wearing a Halloween mask of himself, which ended up melding to his face and becoming the real Al Pacino. READ FULL STORY

Madonna's new D&G campaign: Help turn it into an avant-garde comic book!

I woke up on the daft side of the bed this morning, which led to some half-asleep ruminating about the true meaning of Madonna’s new ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana. In my mind, the four striking images are begging for some comic-book style captions to give ‘em a narrative through-line. With that in mind, I took a stab at writing some of my own…check ‘em out below (the last three after the jump), and when you’re done, dash to the comments section to suggest four captions of your own! Who knows? Maybe Madge’s next great movie project will begin right here at PopWatch!madge-dolce-1Image Credit: Dolce & Gabbana READ FULL STORY

Madonna and daughter's fashion line looks revealed

Madonna-sketches-MaterialGirlCome August, nerd glasses, star prints, and bustiers underneath blazers will be all the rage — or so Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes, hope. Sketches for the mother and daughter’s Macy’s fashion line were revealed this week, showcasing a line that seems to be piggy-backing on the current, slightly inexplicable 1980s trend. The pieces don’t push the envelope by any means, and they seem to be literally regurgitated from Madonna’s 1980s looks, but it does seem like exactly what we’d expect from the pop queen and her spawn. Plus, the safe fashion options seem like the right choice for such a mass retailer.

The duo’s line, Material Girl, hits floors Aug. 3.

What do you guys think of the line? Would you wear any of it?

EW Turns 20! What do you miss (or regret) most about 1990?

To help celebrate EW’s 20th birthday, I threw a party in my office. But nobody came; Ausiello was having a special sale on decorative stickers next door. (Ugh, if you’re bored enough, go vote for that freak to become PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2010.) So instead I sat at my desk in a New Kids on the Block knotted tee and Kelly Kapowski-esque print leggings and wrote this crazy photo gallery about the year 1990. Electric Slide your way down the rabbit hole and click through it Step By Step. Then page your friends to talk about it! Of course, there’s a bunch of nostalgia we missed (like Mariah Carey’s debut), so tell us what lingers with you the most. What was your VISION OF LOVE from 1990?

In conclusion, the following serves as my answer to the headline and an inside tip for anyone with “a case of identity”: You can still buy Caboodles.

EW Turns 20! hub: Looking back at two decades of covering the best (and worst) in pop culture

Lunchtime Poll: The bra is a deadly weapon

The fact that Katy Perry doesn’t approve of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video is rather rich and creamy coming from someone who shoots whipped cream out of her bra at the end of the teaser for her own “California Gurls” video. Blasphemy and sexualité are certainly different things, but the concept of bra-as-weapon is something these divas share. They must fight to the death in a Lunchtime Poll!

Guns might seem more deadly, but milk has claimed a lot of lives, too. By July 2010, 80 percent of all Americans aware of Katy Perry will become lactose intolerant. I just made that up! But this is definitely true: You can’t trip on bullets if they’re never fired. Really turn all of this over in your head and swish it up a bit in your mouth before placing your vote.

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Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Madonna's daughter now a magazine cover girl: The next Material Girl in the making?

Lourdes-coverMadonna’s daughter, Lourdes, has caused quite the Web chatter these days. Between her collaboration on a clothing line with mama M and Macy’s and her shot to fashionista stardom, people seem to think she’s on the path to becoming a model, singer, actress and/or blogosphere fixture. Well, German magazine Quality has picked up on this little trender and graced her image (surely a paparazzi still, not an actual photographed picture) on their July issue, and with it we wonder, in the great game of magazine cover subjects, does a teen of a pop star really sell? Maybe it piques curiosity…or maybe she’s just big in Europe. What do you think of Lourdes’ cover debut?

Style Hunter: Rachel's red vest from 'Glee'

power-of-madonnaGlee‘s Madonna episode was epic for so many reasons — from the long-awaited renditions of “Like a Virgin” and “Vogue” to the Madonna-centric costume choices. Bustiers aside, it was one of the less noticeable clothing choices that had you guys itching for more info.

During the “Like a Prayer” number, Rachel (Lea Michele) opted for a more casual (than these numbers) denim look that still maintained her signature prep thanks to a cute red sweater vest, which many of you have been clamoring for.

Much like the rest of the show’s wardrobe, the vest comes from a totally accessible source — basics emporium American Apparel. You can snag Rachel’s cranberry unisex solid rib vest ($36; americanapparel.com) for your own Gleeky wardrobe, but we can’t promise that it’ll help you belt out a Madonna tune like Michele.

Dying to find something you spotted on TV or in a movie? Email stylehunter@ew.com and visit the Pop Style area of EW.com to see what we’ve found.

Photo: Michael Yarish/Fox

'Glee': Madonna gives thumbs up for next week's episode

power-of-madonnaImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com; Michael Yarish/FoxNext Tuesday’s Glee, as Jane Lynch’s shot-by-shot remake of “Vogue” revealed, will be an all-out Madonna extravaganza, featuring such hit songs as “Express Yourself,” “Like a Virgin,” “Like a Prayer,” and “4 Minutes.” In the episode, Mr. Schuester asks the girls in glee club to select various Madonna tracks to sing, and the episode already has one major supporter — the Material Girl herself. “I think Mr. Schuester is very cute,” Madonna said in a statement to Fox, “and I’m glad he’s doing such a good job empowering the girls.” And… that’s all, Madonna? No comment on what you make of the show’s interpretation of your music? No praise for Glee‘s young ensemble cast? And no mention of the pure awesomeness that is Jane Lynch? Grumble, grumble…

Well, maybe Madge is simply going to let the episode speak sing for itself. PopWatchers, how pumped are you to see an hour’s worth of Madonna goodness? And do you think Glee will do justice to the pop star’s catalog, or does the whole tribute run the risk of coming off as hokey?

'Glee': Did Sue put enough of herself in 'Vogue'?

I love Sue Sylvester’s shot-by-shot recreation of Madonna’s “Vogue” video (embedded after the jump), but part of me wishes she’d put even more of herself in it. My favorite bits are the Sue snarl that accompanies the choreographed elbow at 1:50, her pushing away the hairstylist at 2:07, “Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Sue Sylvester, dance on air” at 2:25, and “Lauren, Katherine, Lana, too, Will Schuester, I hate you” (followed by Kurt’s confused look) at 2:33. I suppose they needed to establish that it was a an all-out remake of the video, so they didn’t want to deviate too soon. (Jane Lynch’s dancing at 1:38 is priceless by itself.) And the bits they did tweak toward the end didn’t feel forced. Did it live up to your expectations, exceed them, or leave you wanting more? READ FULL STORY

New 'Glee' commercial featuring 'Like a Prayer': Lea Michele = smokin'

This new commercial for Glee‘s April 13 return, featuring Lea Michele’s Rachel belting out a Broadway-flavored version of “Like a Prayer,” presumably from the upcoming all-Madonna episode, gives a little taste of everything I love about the girl. Michele’s huge voice, born-to-be-on-stage persona, adorable comedic half-smile, and smokin’ hot, half-size-too-small school girl sweater dress all serve as reminders that she alone is reason enough to for me to keep watching Glee. (And yes, the sprinkling of awesome Sue Sylvesterisms certainly adds to the allure.) READ FULL STORY

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