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PopWatch Planner: 'Mad Men,' 'Game of Thrones,' and 'The Killing' return, and Spock beams down to 'The Big Bang Theory'

Judging by its record-setting opening weekend, the odds are ever more in your favor that you’ve seen The Hunger Games by now. Which means your schedule is that much more free to have it be overwhelmed by the DVR death-match looming next Sunday, when the second seasons of The Killing and Game of Thrones premiere, against the second episode of Mad Men‘s fifth season (and, oh right, there’s The Good Wife and The Amazing Race and The Simpsons and the final season of Desperate Housewives, too). It’ll be up to you to decide how the heck to navigate this scheduling minefield, but click here to see how EW TV critic Ken Tucker’s wading through it.

In between, Madonna’s newest studio album hits stores, Spock(‘s voice) comes to The Big Bang Theory, and Julia Roberts and Sam Worthington valiantly vie for second place against the Hunger Games juggernaut. But first things first, tonight marks the long-awaited, two-hour return of Mad Men. Enjoy your week!

SUNDAY, March 25
Mad Men season premiere — 9 p.m., AMC

We’ve waited 17 months, so the least Don, Peggy, Joan, Roger, and Pete can do is welcome us back with a two hour feast of gorgeous 1960s nostalgia and doleful glances into bottomless chasms of existential ennui, right?  READ FULL STORY

Piers Morgan blasts Madonna's 'gruesome' Super Bowl performance on 'Chelsea Lately'

CNN talk show host Piers Morgan is used to teasing headline-grabbing soundbites out of his guests, but he’s also known to dish out a few himself. He was in rare form last night when he sat down with Chelsea Handler, starting at the top: “Oh my God, [Madonna’s] Super Bowl performance — it was like watching your mad drunken aunt at Christmas, wasn’t it?” He questioned the Twitter L-U-V bomb for Madonna, claiming boldly, “She was gruesome!”

Morgan freely admitted, “I don’t like the woman,” then added, “but at least I’ve found that I have one common ground with Madonna: Neither of us have sung live at the Super Bowl.” See what else he had to say about Ms. Ciccone, and why he “quit” America’s Got Talent, after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Super Bowl halftime headliners: Where does Madonna rank? POLL!

The debate continues this morning over Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance: Was it, as EW’s Ken Tucker says, joyous, unironic, and openhearted, or, as The Vampire Diaries‘ star Paul Wesley succinctly put it on Twitter, “one of the most unintentionally amusing things” you’ve seen in a long while? Either way, it’s a performance you’ll remember (and not just for M.I.A.’s middle finger). Let’s find out where Madonna ranks among the halftime headliners in recent memory:  READ FULL STORY

Twitter reacts to Madonna's half-time show, M.I.A.'s middle finger, and those boots!

Madge killed it in her halftime show, even earning love from the hard-to-please and often overly critical social media madding crowd. She looked amazing and belted out classics “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer” alongside her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and 2000’s “Music.” Okay, so she tripped on the bleachers (who wouldn’t in those sky-high boots?), and maybe M.I.A. gave her the finger mid-song (did she or didn’t she?) — and there is a dispute over whether she was lip syncing (was she or wasn’t she?). But Madonna certainly proved her prowess as a professional and a performer, with a clean, solid show featuring old favorites and a new song that has her classic, catchy persona written all over it.

There are hundreds of results when you search Twitter for Madonna right now. Some are questioning the performance’s legitimacy, but most are praising Madonna for her incredible show and commenting on a certain finger lifting. So here are some of the best tweets from around the web, including thoughts from celebs like Eva Longoria, Steve Martin, and Denise Richards on the Material Girl’s show. Read theirs and share your thoughts below or tweet us @EW! READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Madonna is everywhere, Clooney is everywhere, and change your password! xoxo

Even if the groundhog sees his shadow on Thursday and winter sticks around, awards season is still heating up. Tonight’s Screen Actors Guild awards will honor the industry’s best — and feature some of Hollywood’s hottest names. Later this week, Super Bowl madness begins, starting with Lenny Kravitz at the NFL Honors on Saturday and running straight through to a halftime show starring Madonna and LMFAO that’s sure to blow Indianapolis away. We’ve got all the info on the week for your pop culture needs. xoxo, EW.

SAG Awards, TNT and TBS (8 p.m./7 p.m. Central, live on the West Coast at 5 p.m.)

With the lead actor’s race in hot contention, the annual Screen Actors Guild awards are a clash of the (heartthrob) titans this year, as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all up for the prize. Check back to EW.com for the winners and on-the-scene updates later tonight! READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: The Year in Memes

After 2011, will the word “occupy” ever mean the same thing to you again? Can you ever deny the omnipotence of Ryan Gosling? (He’s a gentleman and a feminist scholar!) A Californian taxidermist and a Pop Tart-shaped cat with a catchy theme song suddenly had relevance, and everyday folks like you and me suddenly had a chance for a date with the likes of Justin Timberlake.

These are just a sampling of the most memorable memes to overtake the World Wide Web over the last 12 months. We’ve got one for every month. Check them out after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: Viral video edition!

The first 10 years of the new millennium brought us Christian the LionAntoine Dodson, and some formerly floppy-haired Canadian kid you may have heard of named Justin Bieber, so how has the first year of this decade shaped up, virally speaking? Well, let’s see… hydrangeas were pronounced hateful (or, to be more accurate, loathsome), Beauty and the Beast got the West Hollywood treatment, a respected newsman collapsed into giggles over a Frenchman’s urine, a teen shot to stardom by serenading a day of the week, and… well, we could go on and on. Instead, we’ve posted all that’s fit to embed over the next several pages. Get ready to lay your emotions bare like the girl in this 2008 viral fave, then click through!


Madonna Super Bowl playlist: What should she sing during the half-time show?

Get into the (football) groove: Madonna has officially been announced as the featured performer for the Super Bowl XLVI half-time show on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis. While it’s still a little too soon to place our bets on which teams will play in the big game (where’s Lisa Simpson when you need her?), that doesn’t mean we can’t start to guess, or at the very least make our wish list, for what the Material Girl will sing during the half-time show. (Early prediction: She probably won’t play “Material Girl.”)

While last year’s half-time act/pod people of the future the Black Eyed Peas, along with Usher and Slash, played eight tunes, the standard playlist by previous performers like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, and U2 has featured three to five of their greatest hits. (Then again, Prince rocked no less than seven during his Super Bowl XLI appearance.)

So what’s the ideal Madonna playlist? READ FULL STORY

Madonna and Lourdes looking for someone who can 'Get into the Groove' with their Material Girl line

“My bustier’s too tight!” Snooki and the gang may have Guido Problems, Madonna has well… Madonna Problems. And one problem currently plaguing Ms. Ciccone is her search for a new face for Material Girl, the fashion line she launched last year with her daughter, Lourdes Leon. The duo has put out a promo video for their “Be Our Next ‘Lucky Star'” campaign where they brainstorm how to find a spokesmodel. Madonna even throws in a few self-deprecating bites along the way: “People think I’m a superficial person,” Madonna mourns. “I’m not. I love horses… I love flowers– I don’t love hydrangeas,” she said, in a nod to FlowerGate 2011. See the trials and tribulations of life as Mo & Lo after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Like a splurgin': Madonna's famous bustier sells for $72,000 at auction

Halloween is just five days away, PopWatchers, so it’s really time to settle on that costume. Will you go current and dress up as Driver from Drive (Why, oh why, isn’t that jacket available yet?!) or will you go classic and opt for vintage 80’s Madonna? If you chose the latter — and happened to have $72,000 — you’re in luck! You’ll be sporting Madge’s classic black bustier (tassels and all!) that she wore during her Who’s That Girl world tour in 1987.

According to UK’s The Daily Mail, the trend-setting corset (when was the last time you saw a female pop star wearing pants?) was auctioned off for a whopping $72,000, far surpassing its pre-sale estimate of $6,000-$8,000. (Fishnets, presumably, not included.) READ FULL STORY

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