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Why can't Madonna score a hit single on U.S. radio?

102135__madonna_lThis week’s Ask Billboard column tackles a subject that’s been on my mind for a while now: What the heck is going on with Madonna’s highly addictive single, ”Get Together”? (If you’ve been deprived of hearing the track, it’s streaming here, at her official website.) Chart guru Keith Caulfield explains that "Get Together" has pretty much stalled out on American radio. A handful of dance stations are spinning the track a lot, but most outlets have ignored the song." What’s more, while the single has failed to crack Billboard’s Hot 100, Caulfield notes that "unsurprisingly, ‘Get Together’ is doing well on the radio in many countries outside of America."

addCredit(“Madonna: Steven Klein”)

Still, the question Caulfield doesn’t answer is this: Why? I mean, considering Rihanna’s relentlessly nasal ”Unfaithful” and Paris Hilton’s tepid ”Stars Are Blind” have climbed to Nos. 6 and 18 respectively in recent weeks, it’s certainly not a matter of quality. "Get Together" is a far frothier summer treat, its pulsing dance beat serving as the foundation for Madonna’s siren call to a potential lover. And I don’t think it’s an age thing, either, since veteran acts like Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Busta Rhymes are all currently in the top 50. Not even the super-lame videoclip that accompanies "Get Together" — oh, how I long for the heady days of "Like a Prayer" and "Express Yourself" — can be blamed for radio’s snub, leaving me at a loss for theories.

Could Madge have contracted a case of Bigineuropeitis — a disease that’s afflicted Robbie Williams, Anastacia, and Kylie Minogue — by virtue of her late-onset British accent? Is this all a case of widespread leotard-o-phobia? Or does anyone have a more plausible theory? I’m leaving it up to you, PopWatchers, while I dial my local stations and demand some love for "Get Together."

Is the term 'Madonna scandal' played out?

94429__madonna_lAOL Music has put together a gallery of Madonna’s most controversial moments, along with a reader poll to determine whether said greatest hits were ultimately shocking, boring, or entertaining. As of this moment, readers (52 percent of ‘em, to be specific) rate Madge ticking off Planned Parenthood with the ”keeping my baby” hook on ”Papa Don’t Preach” as the most yawn-inducing, while her Truth or Dare documentary ranks as the most crowd-pleasing. (Good taste, people!)

Still, here’s what I want to know: How come the article makes no mention of the latest (and most baffling) Madonna-related hullabaloo — girlfriend’s inability to score any kind of serious airplay for ”Get Together,” the spacey-fabulous third single off Confessions on a Dancefloor? In my opinion, what Madonna really needs to reivigorate her airplay fortunes is a big-budget video that returns her to the storytelling vibe she favored on ”Take a Bow,” ”Bad Girl,” and ”Music.”

How ’bout this for a concept? Madonna as a frustrated Nebraska housewife who begins a passionate extramarital affair with the foxy extraterrestrial (Josh Holloway) she meets during a kinky alien-abduction experience. Am I on to something here, or have you got a better idea? Holla back!

addCredit(“Madonna: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com”)

What's the all-time best Madonna video?

155529__madonna_lI’ll say this much for Logo: In the fledgling cable network’s ongoing quest to snatch the title of Big Gay on Campus from HGTV and Bravo, its enlistment of megahag Madonna (pictured) is a pretty savvy move. I mean, what better way to stop viewers from flipping to Divine Design with Candice Olson than by interspersing 30 of Madge’s videos amid its regularly scheduled programs from now till June 24, right?

On closer inspection, though, there’s a snag in Logo’s carefully woven strategic tapestry: Its online poll to determine the Ultimate Madonna Video somehow omits the new H&M spokesmodel‘s crowning clip, ”Bad Girl,’‘ a vastly underappreciated single off the 1992 Erotica album. The video casts Madge as Louise Oriole, a troubled executive whose lust for booze and men leads her straight into the path of a serial strangler, and Christopher Walken as the guardian angel who desperately tries to rescue her. That’s my pick, anyhow, but feel free to tell me if my taste is jank (not that you need any encouragement).

So let’s hear it: what’s your favorite Madonna video? And don’t take the easy road, folks — limit yourself to just one.

addCredit(“Madonna: Kevin Mazur/London Features”)

Ma'donn! Madonna crucifies self!

9599__madonna_lJockeying for a top slot on the Fox News Outrage Hour, Madonna crucified herself in L.A. yesterday. It probably wasn’t the only crucifixion in L.A. this weekend, but it certainly grabbed the most headlines. The stunt was the centerpiece of a performance that was, by most accounts, very athletic and satisfying, featuring strong vocals and dance by The Great Blasphemadge. (I’m tired of "The Material Mom" and its cognates.) Oh yeah, and there were video images of BushandBlair juxtaposed with Osama and Hitler and (to prove she reads The New Yorker) Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. (What, no Kim Jong Il? After he was nice enough to immolate all the Pyongyang critics who hated Swept Away?)

So… big weekend for the culture wars, huh? Da Vinci makes its preordained mint; The Passion of the Madonna makes waves… If you subscribe to specious dichotomies, then it looks like this round goes to the degenerate secular humanists, while the God-ocracy smolders and regroups. But the real winners here are bloggers and cable news commentators. Imagine all the yapping this will generate! Unless, of course, it doesn’t. Tom Hanks in a wan religious thriller and Madonna, the Western world’s senior provocatrix, executing vaguely yogic anti-establishment monkeyshines on a plastic cross  really doesn’t consitutute much of a firestorm.

Which is why I propose we design our own controversy, a real corker. Personally, I’d like to see Jack Bauer buttonhole God for his part in the Sentox gas terror plot on tonight’s 24. President, schmesident — Jack should go right to the top of this thing and shake down the big man himself. ("You have 10 seconds to explain the human condition in the moral vacuum of an apparently meaningless universe… 10! 9!") Yeah, that’d light up the boards, from Falwell to Franken.

Seriously, though: Does Madonna still retain the power to shock? Is that even what we want from her anymore? And what could she possibly do at this point that would really shock you? Take communion? Move to Omaha? Patch things up with Sean Penn?

addCredit(“Madonna: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com”)

Diva Roundup: Let's play a game...

Let’s play a game called Six Degrees of Newsmaking Songbird Separation. Actually if it weren’t for two of these gals, we could just point out that everybody on the list has been a Will & Grace guest star and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be much fun. And, anyhow, PopWatch has been a wee bit anemic in its diva coverage of late — the fact that I just returned from a week’s vacation is purely coincidental — so c’mon, let’s get started.

-Xtina plans to unveil some new music when she performs at the MTV Movie Awards, airing June 8. (Insert schoolgirlish squeal of delight here.) But will there she sport a fetching chaps-panties combo emblazoned with her delicate musical message? Drrrrrrty folks can only hope.

-Aguilera’s former Mouseketeer colleague, one Britney Jean Spears, is inching back into the spotlight with some pretty (or pretty predictable) new photos in the UK edition of Glamour. (Thanks to PinkIsTheNewBlog for pointing ‘em out.)

-Brit’s erstwhile duet partner, Madonna, shows how it’s really done with a glamorous 58-page(!) cover story/photo spread (ooh! ponies!) in W. (Apologies, by the by, for conjuring up repressed memories of ”Me Against the Music”).

-Cher (whose ”The Beat Goes On” got Britney-ized on the pop tart’s 1999 debut) is having a special space built for her when she takes over Celine Dion’s gig at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but will she be encased in a near-constant bubble of humidity when she’s onstage?

-Janet Jackson, who like Chastity’s mama, once made a stop on the Will & Grace promotional tour, is slated for a Today concert on Sept. 29. (See what you’re missing, Katie?)

-And, finally, Nelly Furtado’s hawt new single, ”Promiscuous,” a preview to her new R&B-heavy disc Loose (due June 20), is a duet with Timbaland, who once remixed Miss Jackson’s ”Go Deep.”

And now it’s time for me to go get back in touch with my masculine side, which leapt out my 29th-floor window while I wrote this item.

Madonna's pure poetry, yo!

175554__madonna_lMadonna’s fashion spread in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar has inspired (what else?) another PopWatch haiku. Won’t you write one, too?

Get on down, Miss Madge
Your leotard’s like a badge
Bourgeoisie. Rebel.


Who gives a better buzz? Madonna or Mariah?

So with the rumor flying that Mariah Carey recently purchased herself a vineyard, and the decision by Celebrity Cellars to market a collection of bottles inspired by Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor, we thought liquor stores might need some help coming up with shelf-tag descriptions to accompany the new product. Check out ours, or post your own in the comments section below:

Mimi’s Cab-aret Sauvignon: This full-bodied red goes down just like honey, with a slightly nutty aftertaste, and despite the occasional sharp note, we suspect this one will be atop the charts for years to come.

Madge’s So-vogue-non Blanc: This crisp-bodied white comes on a bit strong for some, though its tartness and staying power are cherished in certain circles. Keep in mind that while each vintage has a distinctly different flavor, all bottles are 100 percent Kosher.

Madonna: Alt-rock queen?

First there was Madonna’s Grammy duet with Gorillaz; now comes the news that she’s going to make her rock festival debut on April 30 at Coachella, before heading off on her club tour. Is Madge going alternative on us? Do you think she’ll mesh well on a bill that includes Franz Ferdinand, Tool, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, My Morning Jacket, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I don’t know, but I’d love to be a fly on the wall backstage to hear what Madonna and Karen O or Cat Power have to say to each other.

Madonna's summer tour: Small is the new big

Looks like Madonna will be taking the ”dance floor” part of Confessions on a Dance Floor literally on this summer’s tour, which will include a number of club dates.Tour creative director Jamie King tells MTV News that Madonna wants to be up close and personal with her fans as well as her dancers, to make the show a more ”intimate experience.” (Uh-oh, this sounds like Spinal Tap manager Ian Faith explaining why the band is playing smaller venues by insisting they’re not less popular, but rather that ”their appeal is becoming more selective.”) King also says that the set list will draw heavily on the current album, with only a handful of older hits. Look for dates to be announced shortly.

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