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'How I Met Your Mother' ratings are at a series-high: Why is everyone joining the gang now?

There were really two types of Lost fans when the show was on the air: The ones who were there from day one and hung onto every clue, determined until the bitter end to unearth the island’s mysteries, and the ones who, despite enjoying the show at the beginning, simply couldn’t take on another unanswered question or Kate’s constant stream of awful ideas. I count myself in the former category, because no matter how many times the show had left me frustrated, disappointed, or utterly confused, I always had a place in my heart for it. That and I had to know how the damn thing was going to end.

I bring up Lost viewership fandom because of a recent story regarding How I Met Your Mother‘s viewership fandom. [Quick sidebar: Fundamentally, the shows aren’t all that different when you think about it: There’s a big looming mystery (the island/the mother), there’s a struggle between being good (Locke/Marshall) and being evil-terrible (the Man in Black/Ted) and there’s a rabid fanbase willing to stick it out. End sidebar.] According to the Associated Press, ratings for HIMYM  “are the best they’ve ever been, up 19 percent over last season, and it has the youngest average audience on the network’s prime-time schedule.” (And it seems those solid numbers might continue: As EW reported, its first episode of 2012 helped CBS win the day, with 11.9 million viewers tuning in.)

'X Factor' overhaul: Who should replace Nicole, Paula, and Steve?

With this morning’s news that Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and Steve Jones will not be returning to The X Factor next season, it would appear the cheese (Simon Cowell) stands alone. Well, mostly alone. There’s still L.A. Reid, hanging on to his Pepsi cup like a barnacle on a cruise ship. The show is clearly undergoing a major overhaul, probably so Simon Cowell can clinch those 20 million viewers he boldly projected last fall… and that a Cowell-less Idol scored just last week. It got us thinking: Who should host and judge the next edition of X Factor. We pose some suggestions below… READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' poetry roundup: 12 most powerful lines from departing judge Nicole Scherzinger

Hot on the heels of a real tragedy, sources close to The X Factor say that judge Nicole Scherzinger will join host Steve Jones in their expulsion from the harsh, red galaxy. Nicole will not return for season 2, having received Simon Cowell’s blessing to go forth — far, far, away… no, no, a little farther… please, love, if you could just keep walking — and work on her music.

Since turning my “I love Steve Jones” post inside out and doing “10 Things I Won’t Miss About Nicole Scherzinger” seemed a bit cruel, here’s a benign roundup of some of Nicole’s most poignant and thought-provoking utterances in season 1. Print these out and let her wisdom guide you through life. You’re an inspiration for her.

Merely 12 of Nicole Scherzinger’s Most Powerful Lines of Poetry from ‘The X Factor’

“We’re nothing without the talent.” (during a confessional from her hotel suite in Seattle)

“If I were a teenager again, you’d be all over my walls.” (to the Brewer Boys) (ew?)

“If I were a season, I’d want to look just like you.” (to Lakoda Rayne) READ FULL STORY

Best Picture: No 'Bridesmaids' or 'Harry Potter'?! Which film should have been the 10th nominee?

Always a bridesmaid. While it would be unfair, and quite frankly untrue, to say that Bridesmaids got ignored by the Academy (Melissa McCarthy‘s hilarious, star-making performance earned her a deserving Best Supporting Actress nod, while Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo landed rightfully among the Best Original Screenplay nominees for their relatable, infinitely quotable smash comedy), there’s still one big rejection hanging over the film’s head: A Best Picture nomination for the 84th Academy Awards.

Because of the Oscars’ new rule, anywhere between 5 and 10 films could have filled the Best Picture slots. (A movie could only get a nomination if it secured a minimum 5 percent of first-place votes.) This year’s Best Picture race has nine nominees in total, and, unfortunately, the comedy — which will likely be heralded as this year’s Dark Knight, the hit tossed aside for the likes of The Reader and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close — just missed its shot. But that’s just my opinion. Which film do you think deserved the 10th spot on the Best Picture list? READ FULL STORY

Megan Fox laps up the force of life from own clone

It’s the alternate Lost finale we could never have seen coming. Actress Megan Fox and Circe impersonator has set herself up on a deserted island and transformed herself into DOZENS of Megan Foxes in a commercial for Brazilian language school CCAA. “Welcome to Megan Fox Island!” she announces. Help yourself to a Skinny Girl Margarita from her magical urn, lost boys, but for God’s sake order it in English. READ FULL STORY

Standing on the shoulders of f--ing giants: 'Modern Family' and the TV obscenity that paved its way


Modern Family was the most recent TV show to stir up controversy last night when 2-year-old Lily horrified her parents (and the Parents Television Council) by learning her first four-letter word (rhymes with “muck”). With those four letters, Modern Family joined a long tradition of small-screen swearing. In 1972, comedian George Carlin put forth a treatise called “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” Now, 40 years later, how many of those prohibitions have held up? READ FULL STORY

People's Choice Awards: Katy Perry's out, but will you be in?

Katy Perry tweeted yesterday that she won’t be attending tomorrow night’s People’s Choice Awards. Despite an ultra-successful 2011 that led to seven People’s Choice nominations, it’s been a rough couple weeks for Perry. She officially split from husband Russell Brand on Dec. 30, during a two-week time period when she was abandoned her Twitter feed completely. Personal dramas aside, Perry’s decision to skip this particular awards show brings to light greater implications about the People’s Choice Awards. See why Perry’s no-show matters and register your RSVP after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' heads can't imagine the show without Ryan Seacrest. Can you?

As James Hibberd reported yesterday, Ryan Seacrest’s megabucks American Idol hosting contract will be up at the end of this season. With rumors swirling that Seacrest might defect for a hosting gig on the Today show, Idol fans are left to wonder what the show will be like without the tried-and-true Seacrest to navigate them through the latest pack of hopefuls — not to mention months of auditions leading up to the performances. At the network’s presser Sunday, Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly and Mike Darnell — an Idol producer and Fox’s president of alternative entertainment — both admitted they couldn’t imagine the show without Seacrest. But can you? READ FULL STORY

Soderbergh says 'It's always good to kill movie stars.' What's the most unexpected death scene?


If you’ve seen Gwyneth Paltrow’s brain dissected in Contagion, you know that Steven Soderbergh is willing to portray stars in a less than glamorous light. But in an interview with The Independent, the Oscar-winning director of Traffic and Haywire practically exuded blood lust for A-listers. Don’t worry, though: It’s all in the name of art!

“It’s always good to kill movie stars,” Soderbergh told the British newspaper. “I think that the two most important things that have happened to that aspect of movies in the last 50 years are Hitchcock killing off Janet Leigh in a way that nobody had ever dreamed of doing – taking his heroine and killing her off after 40 minutes – and… Mike Nichols casting Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. That changed everything.”

Obviously this means Soderbergh’s greatest dream must be to kill off a character played by Dustin Hoffman. In all seriousness, though, it’s easy to see what he’s getting at. Star power has traditionally acted as a kind of metaphysical protection onscreen. The bigger the name, the better the chances of that actor’s character surviving for the duration of the film. We take comfort in movie stars, those walking embodiments of our dreams and fantasies. If in the midst of a Julia Roberts everygirl rom-com, she suddenly gets her head blown off, we’d find it more than a little upsetting. Psycho rocked everybody’s world when Janet Leigh’s Marion Crane stepped into that shower because people still saw her as the actress they had known and loved in gentle movies like Little Women, Holiday Affair, or the Lassie movie Hills of Home.

Today, movie stars’ onscreen mortality rate is pretty darn high. (WARNING! Many, many SPOILERS ahead!) It’s hard to imagine John Wayne in They Were Expendable or Kirk Douglas in Paths of Glory being offed as quickly or indiscriminately as Guy Pearce at the beginning of The Hurt Locker. Or Lauren Bacall suddenly getting blown up halfway through To Have and Have Not, like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s early exit as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight. And I’d love to have seen Joseph von Sternberg try to get Marlene Dietrich, queen of the Vaseline-covered camera lens, to submit to a scene like Gwynnie’s autopsy in Contagion.

Soderbergh clearly got us thinking, so here are ten of our favorite unexpected movie-star death scenes since Psycho. READ FULL STORY

'Celebrity Wife Swap' wish list: Who's on yours?

It’s going to be hard to top the onslaught of lunacy that Celebrity Wife Swap contestants Ted Haggard and Gary Busey and their respective significant others brought to the table during last night’s absolutely bonkers episode. No one brings the crazy quite like Busey. While Flavor Flav and Dee Snider will do their best to protect the sanctity of marriage and reality television during next week’s episode (though Snider should try and save up some of that energy for his upcoming stint on The Celebrity Apprentice… just ask Busey), there’s plenty of other stars who would make for an hour of baffling, albeit undeniably entertaining, television.

Of course, there’s the wish list of celebrities who would rightfully, understandably never participate in this bizarre, desperate social experiment (Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Bert and Ernie), but there’s the, well, lower echelon of stars we can envision making an appearance on the ABC series. Here are some dream pairings: READ FULL STORY

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