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Poll: Which AMC wife is the worst?

Breaking Bad is back!

You can pour over all the scheming and darkness with EW’s recap — and Ken Tucker’s review — but there’s another matter we want to discuss here in PopWatch: Are the wives on AMC shows just the worst people ever? Skyler got us thinking so last night.

Sure, you can argue Skyler is doing the best she can (her husband did just murder someone, after all). But her dealings with Ted last season were not the best.

You’ve also got Lori on The Walking Dead, and her affair with Shane. Of course, Betty Draper on Mad Men is certainly no dream. Although Don was less than an ideal husband (understatement of the year), Betty is a child with little interest in her own children. For argument’s sake, let’s also throw Sarah Linden from The Killing into the mix. Yes, yes, she’s not technically married, but she’s got to be in this poll for being the world’s most MIA fiancé last season — Rosie killer on the loose or not.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s the worst wife of them all? READ FULL STORY

Dish Network will cut off AMC Networks tomorrow

AMC and DISH have been playing a bitter game of mutual brinksmanship all month long. First, Dish Network banished AMC and its sibling-networks IFC and WE down to the lower reaches of the dial. Then, AMC used the overflowing gravitas of Don Draper to tell everyone that DISH was being totes lame. This was all in good fun, we thought, just the way that media companies do business. But today, DISH implemented the nuclear option: The company announced that, as of 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, AMC Networks will be eradicated from the DISH universe. That means AMC, WE, and IFC will all be gone, although the press release is quick to point out that AMC will be replaced by HDNet Movies. Now, while HDNet Movies does not currently carry two of the greatest TV shows ever made, it is playing Simon Birch tonight. Twice. READ FULL STORY

Real-life cuteness = onscreen weirdness?

As anyone who saw Mad Men this season knows, good girl Rory Gilmore is all grown up.

SPOILER ALERT! Alexis Bledel’s Mad Men character, Beth, may have had an ill-fated fling with Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), but their onscreen longing has turned into something real. US Weekly reports that the duo have begun dating.

As of press time, Bledel’s rep didn’t respond to EW’s request for comment. Assuming it’s true (there’s some historical precedent, Bledel previously dated her Gilmore Girls costar Milo Ventimiglia) they’ll join a list of celebrity couples that, due to their onscreen antics, make us a little uncomfortable. We can’t help it — poor Trudy!

In that spirit, EW rounded up some of the most memorable celebrity couples with onscreen baggage: READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' revealed? I now think I know how the entire series is going to end

Trying to predict what happens on Mad Men is a fool’s game. That’s because the show’s creator/head writer/executive producer/genius, Matthew Weiner (I didn’t think I could ever worship a small-screen auteur the way I used to worship Scorsese when I was in college — but Weiner wins that level of awe in me), learned a lesson well from his former capo David Chase, and that is to keep the lid of omertà clamped tight over everything that happens. When you’ve got a genuinely great television series, leak and reveal…nothing. Maintain the sacredness of silence. READ FULL STORY

Summer TV poll: What classic show was your favorite summer buddy?

Once upon a time, summer programming truly was the dog-days of television’s calendar year. All our favorite friends disappeared in May, leaving us with lonely tumbleweeds in the form of repeats, baseball, and unwanted stepchildren. (I’m referring to oddball programming, not Sam from Diff’rent Strokes.) But every so often, a show would appear that would salvage the season; a show that become even more beloved because of the dregs that surround it. Take Mad Men, for instance. When AMC (who?) debuted the slick 1960s drama in July 2007, it was as valuable as that new, cool best friend at summer camp who makes the dreariness of your cabin bearable until you can return home to your normal life and reliable fall-TV friends.

Cable television has unfurled several scripted shows during the summer that went on to become beloved favorites — Sex and the City, True Blood — but summer TV has also proven a huge launching pad for hit reality shows, like Survivor and American Idol.

Looking back, what was your favorite summer TV show? Vote below for the show that was your favorite summer buddy. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men': What did you think of the season finale?

(UPDATE: Adam B. Vary’s recap is live!) It’s been an understandable complaint issued by even some of Mad Men‘s most ardent fans (including EW’s Ken Tucker) that the last few episodes of season 5 have traded subtle character shifts for sledgehammer shocks. Not to mention that every new installment threatened to spin its plot threads a little bit more obviously around a central unifying theme. So you would have guessed that the finale, titled “The Phantom,” would have saved the most jarring reveals for the end. But not so! By my reckoning at least, ‘The Phantom” was a welcome return — maybe even a payoff – to season 5’s early potential as a prismatic character study and not an inventory of “shocking twists.”


'Mad Men' season 5: Where we have been, and where are we going

I have friends who’ve proclaimed the fifth season of Mad Men to be the show’s best yet. I have colleagues (both at EW and elsewhere) who’ve felt the season started with some of the show’s strongest episodes ever (“Signal 30,” “Far Away Places”), only to drift into grey angst, needless tragedy, and too-obvious thematic unity in its final episodes. And I’ve read many comments on our recap message boards that have expressed in quite colorful terms that this entire season has been ruined by the singular presence of Don Draper’s new wife, the well-adjusted, self-assured (or gap-toothed and petulant, depending on your point of view) Megan. (As you may have surmised, this post will be looking back on the entire season thus far, so consider this a SPOILER ALERT for all those who have yet to catch up.)

Me? I’m reserving judgment until after tonight’s finale. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Dog days of summer TV? No way! 'True Blood', 'Suits' return, plus Usher's new album and more

It’s already June — and high time to figure out your summer jam — so it’s a good thing Usher’s new record is out this week, ready to be blasted at barbeques and in the carpool lane to the beach with the windows down. Plus, while summer TV used to mean reruns and the MTV Beach House, the appearance of great summer programming is just one of the many reasons we’re happy to be living in America today. This week a bunch of favorite shows kick off their new seasons, while another comes to an end. Sunday is a DVR-filled competition, with the premiere of True Blood, the Mad Men season finale, and the Tony Awards – how to choose?! The week fills out with new music, a rockin’ movie premiere, and some fun ideas for dad’s special day. Have a great week!

The Tony Awards, CBS, 8 p.m.
True Blood, HBO, 9 p.m.
Mad Men, AMC, 10 p.m.

There’s too much happening Sunday night to choose just one thing to watch. I’ll be liveblogging the Tony Awards, Broadway’s biggest night, along with Thom Geier, starting at 7:45 p.m. ET, so come back to EW.com later today and check it out. While you’re planning your Sunday TV, make sure the DVR is set for True Blood’s return on HBO and the Mad Men season finale on AMC.  READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men': Are you as devastated as we are by [SPOILER]?

Yes, we still have one episode left of the emotional free fall that has been Mad Men‘s fifth season. That doesn’t mean Matthew Weiner & Co. have saved all their shockers for the end.

Our beloved characters, not to mention us viewers, have been through a lot these twelve episodes. But I don’t think anything — not even Joan prostituting herself into a Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce partnership — has been as devastating as one SCDP partner’s tragic suicide in the latest ep, “Commissions and Fees,” even if with hindsight we definitely could see it coming. Read on to find out who met their fate. (UPDATE: You can read Adam B. Vary’s full recap of the episode here.)


'Mad Men': Chat live with Rich Sommer during tonight's episode at 10 p.m. ET

Roger Sterling isn’t the only one who’s been on a “trip” of late. Mad Men‘s fifth season, possibly its best yet, has been full of enough twists, turns, and narrative rabbit holes–Peggy’s leaving Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce! Joan’s prostituting herself to land a client! Don’s murdering a subconscious manifestation of his guilt! Fat Betty!–to constitute a journey of the mind. And unlike Roger we haven’t had to take LSD to experience it.

To help us unpack season five, Mad Men‘s own Rich Sommer, who plays bespectacled media buyer Harry Crane, will be joining us for a live chat during tonight’s episode at 10:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. Pacific. He’ll add a running commentary to “Commissions and Fees,” the season’s penultimate installment, and take your questions.

There should be a lot for you guys to ask Rich, because Harry’s been on quite a “trip” of his own these past few episodes. READ FULL STORY

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