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Lunchtime Poll: What would you turn into if you were 'Beauty and the Beast'-ed?

It’s a tale as old as time: Creepy old woman asks to use your phone on a cold prologue night, elementary school-age prince declines because his parents raised him well, aforementioned spinster casts a curse on the kid and his entire staff, whose only crime was trying to get by on the crazy merry-go-round we call This Provincial Life.

That’s how Beauty and the Beast transformed a whole ensemble of domestic workers into pieces of furniture and assorted household objects. Certainly it was an unfortunate fate for all of The Beast’s staff, but especially for the ones with bad enough karma to be transformed into, say, a wardrobe—or worse, a teacup without a face. READ FULL STORY

What is your damage, Bravo's 'Heathers' reboot?

I’m gonna go out on a cold, dead limb here and say NOT MUCH.

Today Bravo announced a reboot of the 1989 classic teen clique film Heathers, in which Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder in the movie) returns to Sherwood with her teenage daughter, who’ll have to fend against “The Ashleys” at her school.

This sounds trashy and delicious, especially if they get Winona and Shannen Doherty to show up. Tragically, Heather Chandler will not be able to appear in flashbacks — actress Kim Walker, who famously uttered the line “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?” died of a brain tumor at age 32. (How have I never written about this?!) READ FULL STORY

Does the heat wave make you more likely to go to the movies? -- POLL

Growing up, my mom had just one rule when it came to the movies: my brothers and I were only allowed to go to the theater on a rainy day.

In her mind, there was no reason to sit indoors in front of a silver screen when you could be playing outside in the sunshine.

I remember this rule causing quite the temper tantrum when we wanted to go see Good Burger, but the meteorologist had incorrectly predicted it would be a rainy day. Can I take you orrrder? Yeah, rage!

This weekend, the American populace is suggesting that my mom’s thought process might be the opposite of common thinking, though. As a heat wave sweeps across the majority of America, driving temperatures above 100 degrees in many states, simultaneously, the box office is sizzling at unprecedented levels. BoxOfficeMojo points out that Friday was the first day in box office history during which four movies each grossed over $10 million.

Some EW commenters are suggesting that it’s the heat driving moviegoers into theaters’ cool, air-conditioned auditoriums, but that’s tough to say definitively. The fact is that moviegoers clearly wanted to see a wise-cracking teddy bear and Channing Tatum in a thong regardless of weather — though the heat may be helping the box office cause.

Let me turn this over to you, readers. In a country where air-conditioning isn’t all that hard to come by, does the sweltering heat make you more likely to go to the theater? Vote in the poll below: READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric and Sarah Palin's morning showdown is nearly upon us: Who will YOU watch? -- POLL

Batten down the hatches, morning show watchers! A storm will be brewing tomorrow at precisely the same time as your cup o’ Joe. As we reported yesterday, Sarah Palin will guest host the Today show tomorrow morning. Elsewhere on the airwaves, Palin’s former nemesis Katie Couric, a beloved former Today anchor, will be in her second day of a week-long stint at Good Morning America.

Under normal circumstances, this head-on competition between two such charismatic and formidable figures is the stuff producers pray to the ratings gods for. Add to that the contentious relationship between the news anchor and the conservative political star, and now you have a full-on media event. Below, refresh your memory of Couric and Palin’s first encounter, then tell us which woman you’ll be watching. READ FULL STORY

'Mirror Mirror' poll: Best part of the movie (if you had to pick one)? -- SPOILERS!

Mirror Mirror — the Julia Roberts-Lily Collins-Armie Hammer Snow White story that is nowhere as charming as Ella Enchanted even if it, too, ends with a production number — opened to an estimated $19 million at the box office over the weekend. The movie earned a B+ CinemaScore grade from audiences, which, having seen the film myself, I can only attribute to the audience being largely made up of kids under 12 (37 percent), who’d enjoy anything, and their parents (23 percent), who finally perked up at the end when SPOILER ALERT! Game of Thrones‘ Sean Bean made a cameo as Snow White’s father. It turns out the King (Bean) hadn’t died years earlier. He’d been turned into a beast by Julia Roberts’ evil Queen. At the end of the movie, while the beast is attacking Snow White on the Queen’s command, Snow White cuts off the magic necklace around its neck and it changes back into its human form. (Sean Bean lives! Yay! But he has to hang around for that musical number over the credits? Boo!)

If you saw Mirror, Mirror, what was the best part of it for you? Vote in our poll below. And if you agree that a B+ grade is a little high (EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum gave the film a C+), what was your issue with the film? For me, it wasn’t that the movie was awesomely bad, which would have been fun in its own way. It was just consistently flat. READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' poll: Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

Over the weekend, we confirmed via PopWatch polls that moviegoers who’d read The Hunger Games before seeing the film were more likely to cry than those who hadn’t. Only 15 percent of readers didn’t tear up, while 35 percent of non-readers remained dry-eyed. Does whether you’ve read Suzanne Collins’ trilogy make a difference when you’re asked to choose who Katniss should end up with: Gale or Peeta? Vote below…  READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: Would you eat maple syrupy spaghetti with Buddy the Elf?

To me, one of the most amusing things about Buddy (Will Ferrell) in 2003’s Elf — and there are many — is his insistence on sticking to the four main food groups of his species: “Candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” Buddy’s ridiculous pasta concoctions rivaled Ally Sheedy’s Cap’n Crunch and Pixy Stix sandwich in The Breakfast Club in terms of sheer sugar per square inch. That is no small feat.

Whoa — was Ally Sheedy’s Breakfast Club character an elf? Did Allison Reynolds arrive at John Hughes High after passing through seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest and the Sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops? I would not be surprised. I feel like I’ve just figured out the answer to EVERYTHING.

My approach to sampling new cuisines is similar to Buddy’s: “Is there sugar in [dish in question]? Then YES.” But we’re not all as nice as Mary Steenburgen, and not everyone’s willing to go through life actively courting diabetes, even if the feelings of an adorable overgrown elf are at stake.


Lunchtime Poll: Which 'Love Actually' couple ended up staying together the longest?

Have you ever wondered what happened to all the couples from 2003’s Love Actually? I watch it often enough that I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this. ‘Tis the season to watch Love Actually with your family and have to listen — for the thousandth time — about how much your dad hates that sleazebag secretary Mia for ruining Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s marriage!

Let’s think about this for real. David and Natalie (Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon, pictured) made a great couple in that they were so different, but would their relationship crumble in the national spotlight? Uncle Jamie (Colin Firth) and his Portuguese housekeeper-turned-fiancée Aurélia had good chemistry despite that pesky language barrier that prevented them from communicating before their tear-jerking proposal scene. Sometimes things are so transparency. Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Juliet (Keira Knightley) had a pretty good shot — especially if Mark (Andrew Lincoln) never showed up to convert them both into Walking Dead zombies and if she continued to keep him interested by wearing wild and crazy things like white cropped sweaters in late December.

Actor stand-ins John and “Just Judy” probably had the most in common. Little drummer boy Sam and his American sweetheart Joanna were probably destined to fail — but that’s fine, because they were so tiny. Meanwhile, Daniel and Carol (Liam Neeson and Claudia Schiffer) just might beat them all. They’d only just met when the movie ended!

I’ve listed all potential long-term couples below. Vote! READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: What did 'Home Alone' kid Kevin McCallister grow up to be?

One of my favorite holiday movies is the 1990 home security comedy Home Alone. Does anyone better embody the spirit of Christmas than Polka King of the Midwest John Candy as he offers Catherine O’Hara a ride in the back of a van from Scranton to Chicago? You gotta love the Kenosha Kickers! (I never appreciated them at the time; now I think they’re one of the most brilliant parts of the whole movie.) Also, sometimes when I see “Merry Christmas” emblazoned on something, I hear those words as spoken softly by Old Man Marley in the sad church scene. You’d think I’d imagine them as spoken by Santa, or my parents or something — but nope, it’s the scary snow-shoveling neighbor from Home Alone. Whatever works!

I’ve recently been wondering what Kevin McCallister might have made of himself. Crafty little freak, that one. He’d be a thriving, well-fed, hopefully non-vampiric 29-year-old today. On which of his many talents — interior design, trickery, sabotage, coupon-clipping — would Kevin choose to capitalize? Would he get his own OWN program following the cancellation of The Nate Berkus Show? Would he and his monogrammed backpack resurface on TLC’s Extreme Couponers? Would he become an all-grown-up spokesperson for aftershave? The founder of an institute for infectious “you’re such a” disease research? The possibilities are as endless as Kevin’s quest to reach Buzz’s tarantula on the stairs to the third floor.

I’ve listed some career options below — vote or suggest your own! READ FULL STORY

'Family Matters': Did you love or hate Urkel?

If you’re anywhere between the ages of, say, 20 and 35 and reading this website, the question of whether you gleefully devoured ABC’s Friday night, family-friendly line-up TGIF is purely rhetorical. Of course you did.

There’s no doubt you loved Full House, Step By Step, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Perfect Strangers, and a variety of other ridiculously addictive shows. (Personally, I spent those Friday evenings stretched out on the floor of my living room with my three siblings and several Book It-earned personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. Holla! The ’90s were amazing.) But when it comes to one show in particular on that line-up, the block’s anchor for years — that’d be 8 p.m. resident Family Matters — the question isn’t whether you watched, but instead: What’s your opinion on Urkel? Because you certainly watched, and you certainly have an opinion on the polarizing character. READ FULL STORY

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