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'Parks and Rec': New councilmen and a new love interest

Image Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

Last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation introduced us to some new members of Pawnee’s quirky population. The first was Councilman Jam, a sleazeball with an impressive white-boy ‘fro and a taste for back-alley trades (and Leslie’s private bathroom). The next was Councilman Milton, a 58-year council veteran, who originally ran on the Dixie-crat ticket (the platform: de-integrate baseball). The aging racist prefers his lunch with plenty of extras — “Ceasar salad. Extra dressing. Extra croutons. And extra anchovies” — and goes for a poorly-timed kiss with Leslie in his office. I guess tact, unlike wine, gets worse with age. And finally, Ron met a potential new love interest, Diane (played by Xena‘s Lucy Lawless). She’s a rough-and-tumble middle-school Vice Principal who’s not afraid to talk shop with the boys, and even has the guts to show up at the office and ask Ron to dinner – a bold move that Ron, no stranger to tough (and insane) women, finds appealing.

Of course, the real star of last night’s show was Leslie’s half-perm. Feast your eyes on that beautiful disaster.

What do you think, PopWatchers — does Lawless’ Diane have what to takes to tame the Ron Swanson? Does she measure up to his ex-wife Tammy (or, God forbid, the other Tammy)? Sound off in the comments.

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Lucy Lawless honors 'Spartacus' co-star Andy Whitfield -- VIDEO

Lucy Lawless will honor her former Spartacus co-star Andy Whitfield, who passed away last September after battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma, with a video as part of tonight’s Stand Up To Cancer telethon to raise funds for cancer research.

In the tribute, Lawless talks about her inability to wrap her head around someone being so sick, but looking so healthy, as clips of Whitfield joking around on set of Spartacus play in the background. “No one is immune to cancer,” Lawless said. “It strikes unexpectedly, changing lives. We must stand united against this devastating disease.”

Lawless calls Whitfield,”a loving husband and father, terrific actor, and an inspiration to us all.”

Check out the video below: READ FULL STORY

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