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Zach Galifianakis gets a little too real with Brad Pitt on 'Between Two Ferns'


Zach Galifianakis really went for it with Brad Pitt in a new segment of Between Two Ferns.


Melissa McCarthy and our nasty, tedious habit of confusing a woman's worth with her weight

What can’t the great Melissa McCarthy do? The 43-year-old actress—whose style of go-for-broke physical comedy is at once wild and grounded, brash and vulnerable—opens movies. She gets awards love. She stars in her own material: the road-trip comedy Tammy (in theaters July 2), which she co-wrote with her husband, first-time director Ben Falcone. She can do everything…except escape stupid. READ FULL STORY

'Louie' comes down to earth in its season finale

At this point, the best way for Louis C.K. to surprise us would be to write a happy ending. And that’s precisely what the auteur comedian did in the fourth-season finale of his undefinable FX series.

As Darren Franich wrote earlier this month, Louie can’t really be categorized. It’s a comedy, until it isn’t; it obeys the laws of continuity, until it doesn’t; it’s grounded by recurring scenes of C.K. doing standup, until those scenes fall by the wayside. The only predictable thing about the show’s ambitious fourth year has been its unpredictability. (Well, that and Louie’s bum luck with women, which is a whole separate issue.) Which is why season four’s two-part finale was so refreshing: The hourlong closer set aside flights of absurd fancy (like Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe) and time jumps (the extended flashback in “Elevator Part 4;” most of “In the Woods”) and meandering 10-minute monologues about the pleasures of being a single, straight, white comedian with no responsibilities (Todd Barry’s segment in “Elevator Part 5″) in favor of a simple, slow-building story about Louie’s complicated relationship with Pamela, the woman who broke his heart back in season two. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Louie,' finales, 'Jersey Boys' premiere, and more

For Game of Thrones fans, today is arguably the most important day of 2014, because it marks yet another season finale, and furthermore, it will probably determine Tyrion’s fate. So to those of you who are obsessed with the show, I wish you good luck. But for the rest of you who are looking past tonight’s finale, there’s an entire week’s worth of possibilities that await you.

Here’s what your pop culture calendar looks like this week: READ FULL STORY

Listen to Louis C.K. recount the true story behind last night's 'Louie'

Monday night’s feature film-length Louie, dubbed “In the Woods,” was experimental — but the part about how young Louis got his trees was true.

The comedian has previously developed and performed stand-up about the time when, as a pot-obsessed teenager, he found a dealer who promised to give him an ounce of pot in exchange for stealing a scale from one of his science classes. When C.K. obliged, the dealer then promised him more pot — if he stole more. The 13-year-old ended up stealing 14 scales, then smoking all the pot himself.


With 'Elevator,' Louis C.K. re-rewrote the rules of television

Louie defies easy formal analysis because it doesn’t quite have an easily definable form. The most basic fact that everyone who cares about Louie knows about Louie is that the show is entirely Louis C.K.: Directed by, written by, edited by, starring. Back in 2010, it was still possible to understand the show as a sitcom, albeit an extremely precise kind of sitcom. Classically, situation comedies were collaborations: Ensemble casts, writing staffs, studio audience. Louie gave the form an auteurist twist, but you could watch the first season and see echoes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (handheld camera, inside-baseball showbiz comedy, playing-themself cameos). READ FULL STORY

'Louie' review: A dreamy new season

Why do we laugh? If you believe Freud, it’s the same reason why we dream: to satisfy unconscious desires that society usually forbids. So there must be a wink behind the strange and wonderful new season of Louie (premiering tonight), which often uses dream logic in place of jokes. The second episode, “Model,” finds Louie (Louis C.K.) hooking up with a rich young beauty (Yvonne Strahovski) whose astronaut father walked on the moon. When he admits that things like this don’t usually happen to him, the woman shrugs, “Well, maybe it’s not really happening.” “Elevator Part 1″ opens with Louie’s daughter Jane (Ursula Parker) waking from a nightmare, and Louie assuring her that the scary dream is over. “No,” she insists, “I’m still dreaming, but…I’m having a nice dream now.” Later, we’re reminded that Jane’s mother (Susan Kelechi Watson) is black, even though Jane is blond-haired and blue-eyed, which might make us suspect that we’re dreaming too. This is what makes Louie so brilliant: It takes the type of mundane, familiar moment that fuels so much observational ­comedy — a random hookup, a rough night with the kids — and pushes it so far past its rational outcome, it ends up challenging the idea that the “naturalism” we love from comedians is any less of a false construction than surrealism. READ FULL STORY

Louis C.K's 'SNL' promos: What does the 'C.K.' stand for, anyway? -- VIDEO

In actuality, the grumpy genius’s stage name is a phonetic approximation of his given last name, Szekely. (The more you know!) In the world of these new Saturday Night Live promos, though, Kenan Thompson assumes that C and K stand for something incredibly gross — so gross, in fact, that we’re not actually privy to hearing his guess.

That’s kind of how the promos go: Kenan says something off-the-wall, Louis reacts with polished straight-man verve. The gags are loose and improvised, if not exactly laugh-out-loud funny — which bodes well for C.K.’s second time on the SNL stage. (Well, as long as he doesn’t waste too much of the week enjoying herbal refreshments with Kenan.)

Check out the clip for yourself below:


Last Call! Turn the Emmy-snubbed into EWwy winners by voting in all 10 categories here!


Voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards — honoring the shows, actors, and actresses readers believe deserved an Emmy nomination but didn’t receive one — ends Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. (Winners will be announced Friday.) For a deep dive into the nominees, click through the Comedy categories and the Drama categories. Or, cast your ballot now by voting in the 10 polls below.

And the Drama nominees are…


EWwy Awards reminder: Voting ends Thursday!


With tonight’s return of Sons of Anarchy, recipient of four nominations in EW’s 5th annual EWwys — a celebration of the Emmy-snubbed — it’s a good time to remind you that voting for the 2012 EWwys ends this Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. Winners will be announced on Friday. View the drama nominees and vote here (there’s a poll after each category). Click here for the comedy nominees.

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