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'Lost' post-finale live chat: Replay it!

lost-finale-chatEditor’s note: Whew! What a night for us Losties! Our live chat has ended, but you can scroll down to replay the conversation — and share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Make sure to read Doc Jensen’s reaction to tonight’s finale (spoilers!), and come back tomorrow for his full recap. Namaste!

Scroll down to join Losties Margaret Lyons and Mike Bruno as they share their thoughts and facilitate a discussion about tonight’s big finale. They’ll be live-blogging all the way through Jimmy Kimmel’s Lost finale special from 12:05 a.m. – 1:05 a.m. ET. READ FULL STORY

'Totally Lost': We discuss 'What They Died For' and look ahead to tonight's finale!

totally-lostImage Credit: ABCGulp. Sigh. Yay! Yikes! Lot of emotions swirling around today as we prepare to embrace The End of Lost. Just think: By night’s end, you will have all of/some of/few of the answers to the weighty questions that have been keeping you up at night and annoying your family members/friends/co-workers who never watched the show. But before we walk into the light, let us engage in a quick review session. In this week’s installment of Totally Lost, we analyze several critical issues presented in last week’s episode of “What They Died For,” such as Ben’s seeming return to the dark side and the heady responsibilities of the Island Guardian. We also chat about what we want to see in tonight’s Wookie-size blowout finale, fittingly titled “The End.” And given that breaking up is hard to do, we won’t say our farewells just yet—Totally Lost will present one more show so we can address and assess the finale. Follow @ewdocjensen and @dansnierson for more details on when that potentially weepy installment shall come to fruition. Happy viewing tonight, y’all, and watch the video. READ FULL STORY

Countdown to 'Lost': What is the Sideways world? What kind of 'mystery' is 'Lost'? PLUS: What 'Lost' means to me

lost-finale-teaserImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABC“The End” is finally upon us. The Super Bowl of Geekdom has finally arrived. How do I feel? Just…weird. Excited. Nervous. Sad. Relieved. Detached. Overwhelmed. I am certain this heightened flux of emotions will make watching the show and enjoying it and appreciating it and assessing it extremely challenging. I have to post a recap tomorrow. I wish I didn’t. I wish I could sit with the episode and my experience of the episode for a few days before crafting a narrative that could summarize whatever it is you and I and a few million of our friends are about to see. Part of me wishes I never had to write anything about the finale. For starters, I’d rather get in a room with you all and talk about it. And then there’s this: I know whatever I say in my recap won’t be my final thought on Lost. I don’t think I’ll ever arrive at a definitive statement about this story. But I must write a recap, and so I will, and it will post tomorrow — for better and worse. And then I will write one or two more Doc Jensen columns in the next week or two, and then that will be it. No more. The End. READ FULL STORY

'Lost': How much would you be willing to pay to see the finale?

Lost-finaleImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABC You’ve invested six years of your life into this twist-o-rama drama called Lost, and you’ve been brimming with excitement, anxiety, theories, and burning questions. Now, just one day away from the series finale, you’re on the verge of witnessing mystery resolution and learning How It All Ends. But before you do, ponder this hypothetical question: What is that experience worth to you? Can you actually put a price on your curiosity? How much of your hard-earned (or inherited) dough would you be willing to part with to see the last episode of Lost — if that were the only way to see it?

In this scenario, let’s imagine that you’re not so angry that you’ve gotten to see every other episode for free, you would refuse to pay for it on principle. Your viewing experience could be in a movie theater or in your own home — in the words of a certain Island god, you have a choice. Because you’re paying, you do not have to suffer through commerical interruptions. And remember, this will be the only chance you’ll ever have to see it. No waiting for it to come out on DVD a few months later.

I posed this rather ridiculous question to a few of my EW colleagues. Doc Jensen said that he’d shell out $10,000 “as long as I could expense it.” Jason Averett claimed that he’d pony up a non-expensable $250. Dalton Ross insisted that he’d spend only $19.99. (Still, he pointed out that $19.99 “would be the most that I have ever paid to see any movie or TV show.”) As for me? Deeeeeeeeep exhale of consideration…. I know I’m in too deep to let a few Andrew Jacksons stand in the way of ultimate knowledge…. Calculating…. Calculating…. Oh, of course: It has to be… $108! (Now, what if there were an a la carte system, in which you could pay a smaller amount to get an answer to a specific mystery? Yeah, you’re right — too complicated.)

All right, PopWatchers, quickly pore over your financial records and then ask yourself: What is this finale experience worth to you in dollars?

'Lost': Every shirtless male moment. Plus: The sexiest male and female characters

Sawyer-toplessImage Credit: ABCThank the good folks over at Vulture for this one: A video featuring every shirtless male moment from Lost. And there are a lot of them — remember, this is a hot, steamy island, folks! I still hold firm in my belief that shirtless swimming Sawyer is still not nearly as sexy as shirt- and glasses-wearing reading Sawyer. (And it’s still hard to believe watching the video that Charlie’s diaper commercial scene was not played for laughs, and was actually a pretty depressing moment in the series.) Related: Nerve has ranked the sexiest male and female Lost characters. (Poor Leslie Arzt.) I feel Keamy should have placed higher than No. 17, because the bad boy thing — okay, more like psychopathic boy thing — totally works for him. And me. What?

Also related: Lost re-enacted by cats. (Embedded below.) Because cats make everything better. Who knew Hurley was played by Professor Happycat? READ FULL STORY

'Lost': Josh Holloway on Jimmy Kimmel with clip from Sunday's finale!

Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night obsesh with Lost just doesn’t stop. Last night, the comedian had Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer, from ABC’s trippy, soon-to-end drama stop by, and the always charming actor — gasp! — wouldn’t even reveal the end of the series. What’s with that? The cutie-pie did, however, cover a wide range of topics with Kimmel, ranging from how Matthew Fox always knew more about what was going to happen with the show than he did, how he predicted that the island would move, and how the “cage stuff” from the earlier seasons were some of his favorite scenes. And! He talked about how he’s always mistaken for Kid Rock — and just goes with it. Hehe. Oh, and Jimmy pulls out a clip from the finale, too! Watch Holloway’s interview, which includes the finale footage, in two parts here:


'Lost' to address unanswered mysteries with DVD extras. PLUS: A killer hip-hop salute to the show!

Supper-Lost-Locke-photoImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCLost fans are already sweating the prospect that Sunday’s series won’t resolve their favorite pet mystery or most burning question. For those left wanting, there is hope: EW has confirmed a TV Guide report that the producers plan to address a selection of baffling bits of unfinished business on the season 6 DVD, which goes on sale in August. An ABC insider says the set will include “new content that addresses some of the unanswered questions in an entertaining way,” though disputed reports that there could be as much as 20 minutes worth of mystery-resolution material.

While Lost die-hards probably needed no incentive to invest in the DVD, the promise of extra revelation will no doubt increase the chances that they will make the purchase the second it becomes available. What do you think of the move? On one hand, I can see fans feeling grateful that producers are looking out for their interests. On the other hand, I can see them irked that none of the DVD stuff was in the (free-to-watch) show. Getting past that: which mysteries should get addressed? Personally, I’d like to know more about the Dharma palette drop (season 2) and Jacob’s cabin (season 3 and 5). How about you? But before you answer, check out this epic, inspired, and rather moving fan-made music video dedicated to the show. (Video embedded after the jump.) If you’re a Lost fan, get ready to hear your new favorite song. READ FULL STORY

'Lost': Matthew Fox talks to Jimmy Fallon about the 'beautiful ending'

The Jack Shephard Farewell Tour continued last night on Late Night, one evening after revealing to David Letterman that the Lost series finale would not pull a Newhart it-was-all-a-dream stunt. It began rather awkwardly, with Fallon congratulating Fox on his Saturday Night Live episode — from four years ago — and then asking the actor about his childhood growing up on a Wyoming ranch. It felt like an uncomfortable first date, with Fallon paying rapt attention as Fox talked about his Economics degree from Columbia. READ FULL STORY

'Lost' instant reaction: Start talking about 'What They Died For'

Lost-Died-ForImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCBefore we begin, let’s talk about the importance of a high fiber diet. It’s one of the few subjects we haven’t discussed in obsessive detail over the past six years, but it’s an important one, and I think here at the end, we should squeeze in a conversation about the matter. Getting mucho fiber into your body each day is crucial to living a healthy, fully-realized life. For starters, it keeps you regular. I know it’s unseemly to talk about our poops, but we can’t afford to be shy about this. You don’t want to get backed up. Seriously. Do you know what happens when you keep too much toxicity inside you for too long? That’s right: You become a steaming coil of psychopathic black smoke. Forever. You don’t want that. Nobody wants that. READ FULL STORY

'Totally Lost': 'Across the Sea' discussion! Special guests! Teasers for tonight's episode!

totally-lostImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCLast week, Lost gave us a different kind of episode, one in which we journeyed back to the earlier days of the Island, where we met the Boy in Black, Jacob as Junior, and one crazy Mother. This week on Totally Lost — the Lost web show that is 47 percent Doc Jensen, 44 percent Dan Snierson, and 9 percent “Other/No Response” — we break form to delve into the mysteries of “Across the Sea.” You may find the experience therapeutic. You may also find it a little bizzare. In any case, we hope to shed light on the episode with the help of some very gracious — and hilarious — guests. We’ll also be changing up the teasers this week for the ominously titled “What They Died For.” Sorry, but you don’t get three hints about tonight’s action — you get four! This is it, folks: This is absolutely the very last episode… before the series finale. And before you get all nostalgic, watch the video and then type your feelings below: What did you make of “Across the Sea”? Do you buy into the idea that Mother may have Smoke Monster-y abilities? And if you had to give the Man in Black a name, what would it be? (Hit @dansnierson with your inspiration, and the best answer that’s not Nigel will receive its due in a manner to be determined later. How’s that for a sexy prize?) READ FULL STORY

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