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'Lost' map: Explaining the Island. Sort of.

Lost-MapImage Credit: Jonah M. AdkinsWhile we may never fully uncover all the mysteries of Lost‘s island, we at least have this: a new and lovely map to show us where things are! Hurray. See? Now I get it! Everything finally makes sense.

Well, no, but it is still a cool map! Cartographer Jonah Adkins has been making maps for the government and the DOD for 11 years, and he used those same skills to plot the main features of the Island. “You start with an image/satellite photo, in this case an image of Rousseau’s map from a few seasons back,” he told EW in an e-mail. And then you extrapolate. “So much went into using the dialogue from the show to get geographic details,” he said, but of course, Lost had some chronic inconsistencies. “Sometimes it would take a group of people to get from point A to point B minutes on the show one time, then days the next time. Sometimes the camera shots would depict the water on different sides of a feature in the same scene.” And some key locations were just impossible to map. “I didn’t place Jacob’s cabin simply because most of the time it was shown, it was in a different place.”

Adkins says posters will be available soon, so maybe by the time the season 6 DVDs comes out, you can plot everyone’s travels with little pins or something. Not that anyone would ever…be so dorky…or obsessive… about anything…

Homer! Buffy! Jack Bauer! Find out why they made our 100 Greatest Characters list

We laugh at them. We quote them at will. We love them more than we do some of our own family members. They are, of course, the truly iconic characters in pop culture, and in the current issue of EW, we celebrate the heck out of them with our list of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years, featuring quotes from the men and women who brought these creations to life. In addition to picking up a copy of the issue, check out the following video, in which Jeff Jensen and I pay tribute to honorees including Homer Simpson, Sydney Bristow, Jack Bauer, Don Draper, and a guy we may have talked about once or twice on Totally Lost: John Locke. (By the way, we’ll keep you posted when the final Totally Lost is ready to post.) You’ll also hear Glee’s Jane Lynch and 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan talk about their onscreen alter egos. After you watch the video, do some role playing of your own and tell us: Who are your favorite characters of the last 20 years?

'Lost' star Evangeline Lilly: Children's book author?

Lost looker Evangeline Lilly dropped by Craig Ferguson’s couch last night for some after-hours chit chat. And after covering a few non-kid-friendly topics (Ferguson’s snake-shape mug, the potential removability of Lilly’s dress, etc.), she shifted gears to give a sneak peek of a children’s book she’s writing called Squickerwonkers (we’re guessing at the spelling there). Here’s a sample:


The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years: Here's our full list!

1105_coverTo help celebrate Entertainment Weekly‘s 20th anniversary (one more year and we can finally drink booze!), the writers and editors have carefully curated a list of the 100 greatest characters in pop-culture over the last 20 years. Whether the fictional women, men, ogres, muppets, babies, and cartoon rockers who made our list were initially created before 1990 didn’t matter so long as they made a lasting impact in the culture after 1990. Some characters were so inseparable in our minds and hearts — like a certain highly articulate TV mother and daughter, for example — that we simply listed them together. (Hey, it’s our list, so we get to make the rules.) Rest assured, we carefully deliberated, debated, argued, and bickered over who would make the cut and where they deserved to be ranked; after you take a look at our list, please feel free to do the same in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Ron White to star in USA comedy that I pictured Josh Holloway in. (Two very different shows.)

Josh-Holloway-Ron-WhiteUSA has picked up a half-hour comedy, Driven, penned by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (Designing Women, Evening Shade, Hearts Afire). Blue Collar comedian Ron White is set to star as “an out-of-work Austin, Texas, resident who launches a limo business,” Variety reports. How did I picture Lost‘s Sawyer in this role? Well, I’d just heard the one-line synopsis and thought flannel, jeans, cowboy boots, scruff, smarmy guy hitting on/scamming his passengers — Josh Holloway.

Reading the fine print, I do concede that Ron White is a better fit for a comedy to be exec produced by Bloodworth and her husband, Harry Thomason. (For Holloway to do a half-hour comedy, it would need to be on Showtime.) The idea of native Texan White, known for having a cigar and a cocktail in his hand while he’s onstage, being behind the wheel is funny. Plus, the man likes to wear a suit while he’s talking toilet humor (sample below) — that bodes well for a limo driver. (There’s also something sexy about him when he’s performing — I think it’s his delivery. There’s no rushing.)

As for Holloway, I wouldn’t mind seeing him on an hour-long USA dramedy. Imagine him popping up in Miami shirtless as a professional rival/love interest for Gabrielle Anwar’s trigger-happy Fiona on Burn Notice. Holloway facing off against Jeffrey Donovan’s Michael Westen? Nice, right? (I also second the suggestion that he join the cast of True Blood. Clearly, we want him somewhere hot and sweaty.) READ FULL STORY

Michael Emerson teases 'Lost' epilogue

On yesterday’s Attack of the Show, Michael Emerson said the complete-series Lost DVD crashing into your basement in August will contain a 12-minute bonus feature exploring what happened after Ben became second-in-command under Hurley’s leadership. “You could call it an epilogue,” Emerson teased. “It’s self-contained, although it’s a rich period in the show’s mythology that’s never been explored, so who knows what will come of it?”


'Lost': ABC says final images of wreckage 'not part of the final story'

the-end-lostImage Credit: ABC[SPOILER ALERT] So, raise your hand if you’ve spent the past three days obsessing over what was purgatory, what was real-life, for the past six years on Lost. No doubt, for many of you, a big part of your understanding has included an interpretation of the series’ final scenes of plane wreckage strewn across an empty beach, nothing but the white noise of crashing waves cutting through the deadly silence. Well, turns out ABC just threw those final scenes in there as a “visual aid,” and they didn’t actually have anything to do with the show’s plot. ABC told the LA Times that the network — and not executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuseadded those shots of the beach simply to soften the transition from the emotional ending of the series finale to the 11 p.m. news and didn’t realize that viewers who had been obsessing over every detail of every scene of every episode might have considered the series’ final images as having some meaning. “”The images shown during the end credits of the Lost finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news,” an ABC spokesperson told the Times. READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: College Humor explores 100 unanswered 'Lost' questions

Oh, Lost. You just had to end before telling us what the deal was with those hieroglyphics in the hatch. And pregnancy on the island. And WAAAAAAAAAALT. Below, check out College Humor’s compilation of Lost‘s most frustrating unanswered questions. Thank God the series explained Jack’s tattoos though, right? Phew. [via VultureREAD FULL STORY

'Lost' finale Target commercials: Right on target

Perhaps you were miffed about Lost‘s 45 minutes of commercials last night, but if one good thing came from the lengthy breaks, it was Target’s awesome Lost-themed spots. After watching the trio of commercials, I’m not sure which product I would like to purchase more: The smoke detector, barbecue sauce, or a computer keyboard. I think I’ll go with the computer keyboard, though, since I know the frustration that comes with spilling Dharma beer water all over my computer.


'Lost' finale instant reaction: What did you think of 'The End'? Plus! Josh Holloway talks about [SPOILER!]

lost-castSpoiler Alert! Stop reading if you haven’t watched Lost‘s series finale, or else I’m going to have both Desmond and Sayid take you behind a bar and beat some common sense into you. Really. Complete and total spoilers ahead. READ FULL STORY

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