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'Looking' react: Welcome to San Francisco!

Three more guys are looking to join your Sunday night crew.

HBO’s new series Looking premiered tonight. The show follows three late twenty-something guys grappling with love and life in a big city: New York City San Francisco. Being that this is HBO, of course there’s more to the story: All three lead characters are gay. While the first episode’s plot deals with some issues that are outside what is typically seen on television (cruising in a park, for example), fans will note that the most revolutionary thing about the show is that the characters don’t have drawn-out conversations about what being gay means — it’s simply a part of their lives.

The show begins with Patrick (Broadway and Glee star Jonathan Groff) cruising in a San Francisco park – but this isn’t an average occurrence. Instead, we learn over the course of the premiere that Patrick is actually rather shy, never having had a serious relationship and currently debating whether it’s socially appropriate or not to go to his former boyfriend’s co-bachelor party. He’s a video game designer with an OKCupid account, and the best moments of the premiere come with the kind of seemingly-off-the-cuff riffs on 2014-y situations that young people – regardless of sexual orientation – are all too familiar with. “Instagram filters have ruined everything and I can’t tell if this guy is hot or not,” Patrick sighs while flipping through online profiles. READ FULL STORY

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