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Fake 23 blast, 90 razor, X-out and other great football plays

This year’s Super Bowl — if it’s a good one — will feature 60 minutes of complex back-and-forth between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers: sneaks and feints and breaks from the pocket.

(Oh, and a Beyoncé concert.)

That sort of x’s-and-o’s talk also fills football-themed entertainment. And, sometimes, some of the great plays they pull off on-screen are actually, y’know, great. Here’s a round-up of some of the greatest — if either team, or its fans, need a refresher.


Oprah's still the highest-paid woman in entertainment -- but maybe not for long

The sun is hot, water is wet, and Oprah Winfrey earns more each year than any other woman in the entertainment industry — as well as any other celebrity, male or female. Thus it is, and thus it always will be. Right?

Not necessarily, according to Forbes. Though Oprah is still sitting pretty atop the magazine’s list of both the highest-paid celebs and the highest-paid women in entertainment, Forbes warns that Winfrey’s number one spot on the latter could soon be in jeopardy. During the time frame Forbes used to calculate that list, the OWN owner was still earning money from The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now her old series is kaput — and since she has yet to take a salary at OWN, Winfrey’s only sources of revenue now are O, The Oprah Magazine, her satellite radio station, and the TV series made by her production company, Harpo.


Whitney Houston in 'Sparkle': How will she rank among these posthumous performers?

Nobody wants to join the list of actors whose last movies were released after they died — but you’ve got to admit that the company is good. And as of today, that unfortunate club has another illustrious member: Whitney Houston, star of the Jordin Sparks vehicle Sparkle. (Not to be confused with Marian Carey’s Glitter, though both are lustrous tales of up-and-coming singers.)

EW’s Owen Gleiberman wasn’t a huge fan of Sparkle; he gave the film a B- in EW this week, calling it “an overheated mediocrity.” He does, however, praise Houston, applauding her “gravelly conviction” in his review. “This could have been the first step not merely in a comeback but in a major re-invention,” he continues. “She had the instincts of a superb character actress.”

So Whitney’s last movie isn’t exactly Oscar material — but could she still enter the pantheon of stars who gave especially memorable posthumous performances? Let’s take a look at some of her competition:


Jennifer Lopez unseats Lady Gaga on the Forbes Celebrity 100

According to the just-released Forbes 2012 Celebrity 100 List, Jenny from the Block is back. She handily defeated Lady Gaga, last year’s No. 1, as well as Oprah Winfrey (No. 2), Britney Spears (No. 6), and Steven Spielberg (No. 10). Lopez’s resurgence can be credited to her gig as a judge on American Idol, as well as her Kohl’s clothing line, her top-selling fragrances, her endorsement deals with L’Oreal and Gillette, and the two movies she has coming out this year.


The 'Time' 100 includes Louis C.K., Jessica Chastain, EL James, and Rihanna


You can’t quantify pop culture, which is why pop culture lists are enjoyable — especially lists modified with “best” or, in the case of Time magazine’s annual “Time 100,” “most influential.” In our rapid-evolution media age, influence is fleeting. Nevertheless, the pop culture corner of the list tries to capture a cross-section of movers and shakers from across the media landscape. It’s hard to argue with the choice of Louis C.K., whose show Louie has redefined TV authorship. Likewise, even if you never read Fifty Shades of Grey or its oncoming imitators, author EL James has ushered in an era in which your older relatives will utter the phrase “mommy porn” at your next family reunion. And Jessica Chastain has become an “influential” movie actress the old-fashioned way: By appearing in every single movie currently being made. READ FULL STORY

Bates, please! Seven 'Downton Abbey'-inspired Tumblrs that will delight or enrage you

For what it’s worth, the Internet is filled with productive people who actually want to help change the world. Unfortunately, those people are not the ones who made these seven Tumblr blogs, all inspired by the hit PBS series Downton Abbey.

Have a look at these Downton-inspired memes (a.k.a.: a disturbingly enjoyable joke that is employed repeatedly until the humor of it is clobbered into the ground), which will either contribute to your love of the show, or enrage you with their blatant disregard for the Downton canon.  READ FULL STORY

Jes! Sofia Vergara tops AskMen's Most Desirable Women of 2012 list

Modern Family stunner Sofia Vergara jumped from No. 3 to the coveted No. 1 spot on AskMen.com’s annual Most Desirable Women list, which can only mean one thing: Men really, really, really desire…The Smurfs. Yep, that’s precisely what it is. Smurfs. Vergara’s Modern Family costar Eric Stonestreet reacted to the news on Twitter by posting a photo of himself with the MDW alongside Jesse Tyler Ferguson with the tweet, “If @SofiaVergara is the most desirable women in the world, then @jessetylerand I win.”  Vergara herself  told the website, “I am so honored to be AskMen’s most desired woman this year. A big thank you to all the men who desire me.” But let’s all pretend Gloria responded to the news, which probably would have sounded a little something like this, “!!!!!!??????!!!!!”

'The Dark Knight Rises,' Johnny Depp, and 'Lost' top IMDb's top-searched lists

It seems like some folks have found a way to pass the time until movie-event The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20: Check the IMDb page for it obsessively.  (Okay, phew, Anne Hathaway is still there.)

Christopher Nolan’s final installment of his Batman saga has topped IMDb.com‘s most-viewed list for Anticipated In-Production Movies. While it’s certainly no big surprise that that particular film tops that list (I wonder how many visitors went to the Quotes section to figure out what Bane is saying), it is somewhat jarring to see other biggies like The Hunger Games and Prometheus being out-searched by the likes of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Battleship. (Does that mean it will be — forgive me — a hit?)

Pop Culture by the Numbers -- Tim Tebow, Sinead O'Connor, and Baby Blue


Take a look back at the week in pop culture, using numbers as your guide!

9.8 million Number of viewers for the series finale of Disney’s top series Wizards of Waverly Place on Friday.

$33,732,515 Amount that The Devil Inside earned on opening weekend, despite an “F” CinemaScore grade.

42.8 million Average number of people tuned into the last half-hour of the Broncos/Steelers game, when Tim Tebow threw a game-winning 80 yard pass in overtime.

27 Years it took for “St. Elmo’s Fire” to be re-written as a Tim Tebow anthem. READ FULL STORY

Cyber Monday: Does it fall into your pop culture calendar this week?

Is there any time when one suffers more from a case of the Mondays than the first Monday back after a long holiday weekend? Especially when said holiday weekend includes joyous activities like sleeping, eating, and desperately trying, in vain, to get “Mahna Mahna” out of your head after seeing The Muppets. Alas, we can rejoice, PopWatchers! For this is no ordinary soul-crushing Monday. Nay, it’s the unintentionally creepily named Cyber Monday. (Seriously, even typing the words “Cyber Monday” I keep half expecting Chris Hansen to pop up out of nowhere and give me a chance to explain myself.)

Just in case you hadn’t bought enough for your loved ones in a frenzied haze in the early morning hours of Black Friday (or, if you’re anything like me, accidentally bought more things for yourself, namely every season of Mad Men and a bath robe), Cyber Monday gives you the chance to shop some more. READ FULL STORY

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