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Video: Seth Meyers recruits LeBron James on 'Late Night'

After opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat, LeBron James has a big decision to make. And luckily for him, Seth Meyers has an offer he can’t (but probably will) refuse.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers and his team put together a rather compelling argument for James to take his talents to New York, but not in the way you’re thinking. Meyers isn’t recruiting James to the New York Knicks. Nope: Meyers thinks James’ talents are better suited for an office setting that offers him a computer, a tape dispenser, access to tons of electrical outlets, and eight different kinds of milk to keep his bones strong. Not to mention that the Late Night office has “heat, calves, and [nail] clippers.” So really, is it all that different from the basketball world?


Video: Don Draper wants LeBron James to come back to Cleveland


At the end of this month, NBA star LeBron James may or may not leave the Miami Heat and enter free agency. According to outlets like CBS Sports, chances are the Heat’s small forward will stay where he is. But, despite an ugly breakup in 2010, there’s a small chance he could return to his home state and sign with his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James said this week that he hasn’t decided yet, but a new video created by the social media team at Bleacher Report slyly suggests one man who could successfully coax James back to Cleveland: Mad Men’s Don Draper, a man famous for doing lots of successful coaxing. READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Fallon takes on office games with LeBron James -- VIDEO

Is this what we have to look forward to in Space Jam 2?

Probably not. Still, Jimmy Fallon added another notch to his viral video belt on Thursday’s Tonight Show when he joined guest LeBron James for “Wastepaper Basketball” — a perfectly ’80s ode to the wonderful office time waster, set to the music of Kurtis Blow.

The intentionally dorky video deserves special mention for rhyming “super fly” with “IT guy,” as well as for the uber-dated graphics interspersed with the duo shooting hoops (a.k.a throwing paper into a trash can). Somewhere, the Jim Halperts of the world are getting inspired.


Forbes names Tim Tebow America's Most Influential Athlete... proving that NFL teams don't read Forbes

A mathematical formula is only useful if it confirms what the observer knows to be empirically true, like two plus two is four. Applying that logic to something more complex, if I told you that I had a system that could quantify and rank the biggest movie stars of all time, you would be immediately skeptical if my calculations insisted the top 3 were Emilio Estevez, Burt Reynolds, and George Raft. All three actors were stars, of course, but clearly, my movie-star algorithm has a few kinks.

So when Forbes magazine announced that Tim Tebow is the Most Influential Athlete in America, I immediately questioned the whole premise. After all, even though Tebow achieved folk-hero status as quarterback of the Florida Gators and the Denver Broncos, he was recently cut by the the New York Jets after a humiliating season sitting on the bench of a losing team. No other NFL team has picked him up since. Is it really conceivable that an athlete who can’t even persuade an NFL team to give him a chance is sport’s most influential figure?

Yet there he is, ranked in front of the future Hall of Famer (and Saturday Night Live all-star) who displaced him in Denver, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, and LeBron James. What gives? Where are the athletes who I actually see on TV commercials, like Phil Mickelson, the Williams sisters, or Danica Patrick? Did the cool kids decide that “Influential” really meant “Overhyped” without telling me?

Click below for the Forbes Top 10 list, full of NFL QBs and Olympic stars basking in the glow of London. READ FULL STORY

Imagining 'Space Jam 2' -- starring LeBron James

On some level, every basketball player in the post-Jordan era wants to be like Mike — and LeBron James is no exception. Like Jordan, James snagged an incredibly lucrative contract with Nike and has starred in a series of iconic commercials. He’s also dabbled in acting and hosted Saturday Night Live, just like the former Chicago Bull — although Jordan never did a cameo on Entourage. Now the Heat’s superstar has set his sights on another Jordinian achievement: Starring in a sequel to everyone’s favorite aliens-vs.-Looney-Tunes adventure.

On Sunday, James was asked on Twitter if he loved the movie Space Jam. LeBron’s answer? “I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!”

The idea really isn’t so crazy. Although movies starring NBA greats aren’t always slam dunks, Space Jam is an exception — the film was a financial success, grossing over $230 million worldwide. (And that’s in 1996 dollars!) Looney Tunes: Back in Action wasn’t nearly as big at the box office in 2003, but it didn’t focus on sports and tried to replace MJ with Brendan Fraser. A Space Jam sequel could be just what the franchise needs to get back in the game — especially if a lightning rod player like James is in the Jordan role.

So, what might the plot for Space Jam 2: It’s Good 2 Be the King entail? Picture this: READ FULL STORY

George Clooney voted celebrity best fit to be U.S. president

Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

President George Clooney?

A poll this week found that 35 percent of men considered Clooney the celebrity best fit for the presidency. Rapper Jay-Z trailed behind with 20 percent of the vote (maybe he could run for VP?). Even more women — 46 percent –picked Clooney, but New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was their runner-up with 27 percent.

The poll, from lifestyle sites AskMen.com and TrèsSugar.com, asked men and women about entertainment and politics to compile the ”great male” and ”great female survey,” respectively. When asked about real politicians, 79 percent of men thought President Barack Obama was the presidential nominee with the most wingman potential. Obama was also chosen by both men and women as the manliest politician. Really? Did anybody watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer?

When asked ”which male public figure are you most tired of hearing about?” 67 percent of men said Justin Bieber. LeBron James and Kanye West tied for second place. With 62 percent of the vote, Kim Kardashian was the female public figure of choice in the same category. It’s only fitting that Kardashian has been linked to Bieber and West, and that James and West are (if you believe Google image search) besties. Women agreed that they’ve had enough of Bieber and Kardashian.

Men selected Emma Stone as the female celebrity they wanted their girlfriends to emulate (51 percent). The nine percent of men who weren’t tired of hearing about her voted for Kardashian.

In a close race, the band the Black Keys was named the ”next Michael Jackson” (33 percent). Keeping with the contradictory results, 23 percent picked Justin Bieber, who came in third after Usher.

Read more:
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Is it time to forgive LeBron James?

On the precipice of LeBron James’ first NBA championship — the Heat could win it all tonight if Kevin Durant and the Thunder can’t stop them — I wonder, as a former diehard fan turned hater from Akron, Ohio, if I should just let my grudge go.

My complicated history with LeBron began 13 years ago. When I was a sophomore in high school, my dad told me about this basketball player — a freshmen at St. Vincent-St. Mary, a school not far from us. “He’s going to be good,” he said, over breakfast. “Pay attention.” And so I did.

I followed him on both the basketball court and the football field. I defended him against naysayers when they lost the state championship his junior year. I worried whether the Ohio High School Athletic Association would rule him ineligible to play his senior year for accepting two throwback jerseys worth $845 from a sporting-goods store. I was relieved when they didn’t. I steeled myself for the lottery, promising to follow him anywhere. I rejoiced when Gordon Gund learned that the Cavs drew the No. 1 pick. I cried when David Stern called James’ name during the draft.

And that was just the first four years of our one-sided relationship. Over the next seven, it was much of the same — marveling at his talent, fighting with people who thought Carmelo Anthony deserved the ROY award, telling myself “there’s always next year” when we’d lose in the playoffs, wondering what he would do after the 2009-2010 season, resolving to follow him if he left. We were lucky to win him in the draft, I convinced myself then.

But that was before he stabbed me in the back, tore my heart out and danced on it — which brings us to July 8, 2010. There’s nothing new to add about The Decision. Even James himself realizes it was wrong. But like a remorseful boyfriend who apologizes for sleeping with another woman, it was too little, too late for amends.

When his talents left for South Beach in the 2010-2011 season, I barely watched a game. I found solace in the “Cavs for Mavs” fans and celebrated when Dirk Nowitzki and his cough beat Miami’s big three. This year, I’m definitely guilty of throwing out a few #OKCLE tweets during the finals and a lot of LeBron hate. But when I look back to “our” beginning, all I ever wanted was to see him with several rings on his fingers. It shouldn’t matter where he is when he earns them.

Forget LeBron’s betrayal, his lack of loyalty or even sense, he’s still a great basketball player. So I might not be able to watch game 5 tonight, but I hope I can stomach it if he prevails. I will remember him wearing his Irish jersey or the Cavs’ wine and gold and appreciate the 11 mostly amazing years he gave us.

In my LeBron era, I lost focus on my other teams. But the Indians sucked and Kentucky basketball couldn’t cut it. Now, though, that’s not the case. The Indians are in first place (barely) and the Wildcats won the national championship in April. Even the Cavs have a shot at glory again — if they are lucky enough to pick up Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the draft, joining our newest rookie of the year, Kyrie Irving. I need to focus on the good, and move on with my life.

Besides, with the lockout-shortened season, this championship will have an asterisk, right?

Mike Tyson sings LeBron’s praises on Jimmy Kimmel — VIDEO
LeBron James and Tiger Woods: Are we ready for them to win?

Mike Tyson sings LeBron's praises on Jimmy Kimmel -- VIDEO

Kevin Durant may have helped lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a Game 1 NBA Finals win over the Miami Heat last night, but Mike Tyson knew just the thing to help rally Heat and LeBron James fans — an inspiring song.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tyson performed his original number “LeBron.” It had everything you could want: Tyson on guitar, lyrics such as “LeBron James is great, he makes Cleveland irate,” a shout-out to James’ fourth-quarter choking problem, and even a dove.

Watch the tune below: READ FULL STORY

LeBron James and Tiger Woods: Are we ready for them to win?

Tonight in Oklahoma City, LeBron James takes the court in the NBA Finals against the Thunder and gets another shot at redemption. With his tone-deaf July 2010 ESPN television special announcing his decision to take his talents to Miami, no American athlete — outside of pro wrestling — has ever gone from hero to heel as quickly as James, the onetime teenage wunderkind who was anointed the heir to the crown worn by Magic, Jordan, and Kobe. Departing the Cleveland Cavaliers was not unexpected, but the manner in which he rejected them turned the basketball gods against him. Even before his first game with his new superstar teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he predicted the Heat would win at least eight NBA championships. Boos subsequently greeted him in every arena the Heat visited. And though the Heat went to the finals last year, his failure to bring home a title was relished by critics, who taunted him for repeatedly coming up short when the game was on the line. After helping the Heat rally to defeat the Celtics last week, though, James is on the verge of proving the naysayers wrong and perhaps winning back some goodwill.

On Thursday near San Francisco, Tiger Woods will tee off in the first round of the U.S. Open at the Olympic Club. Since his still-baffling car crash in November 2009 led to the exposure of a sordid secret life of multiple extramarital affairs, no American athlete — including pro wrestlers — has ever shed an armor of invincibility to become a subject of ridicule so quickly. READ FULL STORY

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