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Seth Meyers introduces his own 'Mad Men' parody -- VIDEO

With Mad Men about to start its final season — or at least, the first half of its final season — fans are already worrying about finding a replacement for Don Draper and co. Thanks to Seth Meyers, they might have found that replacement. Well, not really.

Tuesday on Late Night, Meyers introduced a new Mad Men parody: Bad Me. Like the original series, it’s also about a 1960′s advertising firm — but instead of featuring the likes of Don Draper, it features Meyers himself. And if that doesn’t get you hooked, the advertising firm’s first client is Sunkist Grapefruits.

It’ll all make sense when you watch the clip below:


Seth Meyers pays tribute to Letterman during 'Late Night' monologue

In a fitting and genuine monologue, Late Night‘s newest recruit paid tribute to the man that, in his opinion, started it all, sharing his thoughts on Letterman’s recently announced retirement.

'Late Night with Seth Meyers' to feature 'SNL' skits that didn't make the cut

Like his predecessor, Seth Meyers is honing in on his SNL background to give Late Night (and its audience) a little something special. In Tuesday night’s interview with fellow SNL alum Jason Sudeikis, Meyers announced that the show will introduce “Second Chance Theater,” a segment that would highlight some of the strangest sketches that didn’t make the cut for the SNL stage.


Late Night Highlight: Anderson Cooper thought Seth Meyers was gay when they first met -- VIDEO

In the world of Hollywood, there are a few key places where stars tend to meet for the first time: At a casting call, on a red carpet, at a Whole Foods, or at a gym. And for Seth Meyers and Anderson Cooper, it was a gym.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, guest Anderson Cooper talked about meeting Meyers at “pretty much the gayest gym on the planet,” which influenced how Cooper saw Meyers. “I assumed you were gay, ’cause there weren’t a lot of other reasons to be there,” Cooper tells the Late Night host.

Watch their exchange in our late night highlight video below:


'Late Night': Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski critique skaters at 30 Rock rink -- VIDEO

Former Olympic figure skaters Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski can pretty much talk about anything and we’ll pay attention. The standout stars of NBC’s 2014 Olympics coverage brought engaging insight and fabulous, often coordinated fashion to their figure skating play-by-play in Sochi last month. Weeks after the closing ceremonies, they’ve parlayed their popularity as BFF correspondents into other gigs, including red carpet commentary at the Oscars. On Friday, Seth Meyers enlisted the duo to critique (unwitting) participants in Late Night‘s inaugural 30 Rock Lunchtime Figure Skating Olympics — and it was spectacular.

Weir champions the on-ice texting style of one skater (“That is moxie!”), while Lipinski is taken by the “childlike wonder” one young girl brings to each fall. But keep an eye out for the “bad boy of figure skating,” a favorite for gold. (Seriously, if you’re skating at 30 Rock, you really need to watch out for this guy.)

Kanye West drops some wisdom on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' -- VIDEO

“Everything in the world is exactly the same.” This is what Kanye West told us matter-of-factly in his interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers when Meyers asked him the difference between approaching fashion and music. Kanye West, everyone, philosopher of the 21st century.

West made some predictably out-there statements in his 10-minute interview, including the above, but the best part of it was that he laughed at himself.

Meyers brought up how West had an idea for a sketch when he was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live in 2007: The rapper, not yet famous for interrupting Taylor Swift at that point but definitely famous for ranting about his loss at the MTV Europe Music Awards, would interrupt other competitions, including the Kids’ Choice Awards and a pumpkin contest at a state fair in the skit. West started to laugh at the mention of this sketch, and after Meyers showed the pumpkin patch clip, the usually straight-faced West was all smiles. READ FULL STORY

'Late Night with Seth Meyers' premiere review: 'Saturday Night Live' brand extension or analog holdout in a digital era?

So here’s Seth Meyers, former Weekend Update anchor, hosting his first-ever episode of Late Night. He’s following in the footsteps of Jimmy Fallon, another former Weekend Update anchor. The two men are different, kind of. Fallon on Update was adorable and Meyers on Update was adorably rude. (Fallon is to Meyers as Michelangelo is to Raphael.) But they’re also not that different — not when you consider the whole great ecosystem of comedy that has grown lush in this era of cable and internet and podcasts and books based on Tumblrs getting turned into TV shows. On Monday, Fallon’s monologue had Olympics jokes and a Rob Ford joke; one hour later, Meyers’ first-ever monologue started with an Olympics joke and a Rob Ford joke.

This is the Seth Meyers problem, for now. He’s basically the same age as Jimmy Fallon — actually a year older. You could argue that their pre-Late Night careers were radically different. Fallon spent six years at Saturday Night Live before trying, mostly failing at a movie career. Meyers spent thirteen years at SNL, many of them as the show’s head writer. And, as my colleague Hillary Busis pointed out, he had a distinctive writing voice: Weird, unusual, breaking away from the staid rhythms of SNL‘s live sketches. Though you could argue that Meyers presided over those staid rhythms, too. READ FULL STORY

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