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Let's revisit Larry King's 2 a.m. Twitter rampage

We all have those moments late at night when the Netflix queue is just “meh,” everything in the freezer has been microwaved and eaten, and all there’s left to do in this world is to tweet. It seems that Larry King had that kind of night as he tweeted with the stamina of a thousand youths late last night (or more like early this morning). It all began with a critical appraisal of Dane Cook’s Showtime special (as it usually does) and devolved into an appreciation of Derek Jeter, Oreo cookies with milk, and a hatred of people with perfect teeth. Let’s try to figure out what the hell is actually going on.


Larry King talks the one day he'd like to do over (and giving up pot) -- LISTEN!

He may be good friends with Snoop Dogg, but Larry King is getting nothing but a contact high these days. Visiting Entertainment Weekly Radio on Wednesday, King was asked if he shared a joint with another famous toker, Willie Nelson, who recently appeared on Larry King Now. The answer is no, because King hasn’t smoked pot or cigarettes since his 1987 heart attack. He discusses both habits in the clip below.

“I never smoked pot again. Not because I didn’t like it. I thought pot was terrific, and I think it has medicinal value,” he tells EW Morning Live hosts Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw. “[But] because I feared that if I put it in my mouth and blew smoke out, I would get back to cigarettes again. If I had one day in my life to [do] over again, it would be the day I started smoking. I regret that, and I paid a price for it.”

Quitting smoking was surprisingly easy for him, King says. “Once that heart attack happened, a psychiatrist friend told me that I literally got scared to death. I never picked up a cigarette again, never reached for one.” READ FULL STORY

Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, and Snooki read mean tweets about themselves -- VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has become a factory for laugh-out-loud segments that have fun at guests’ expenses. Last night was no different. Celebrities including Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, and Snooki read nasty tweets about themselves out loud to the camera.

While some of the tweets targeted stars’ careers — James Van Der Beek’s show Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Katy Perry’s movie Katy Perry: Part of Me — the funniest ones were personal attacks. Larry King look repulsed as he read, ”Did you know that if you skinned Larry King & ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give 1 to every poor child in America?”

Most of the celebs took the insults in stride, but Danny McBride couldn’t quite suppress his anger.

Watch the video below (the segment starts halfway through the clip).


Betty White roast: Superlatives for the most super ninetysomething of all (sorry, Abe Vigoda!)

Betty White’s roast this afternoon was handled with more delicacy than most. After all, America’s adopted grandmother is 90 years old. That said, she’s still intimidating, considering her boundless energy and eighth-decade career resurgence. Indeed, even Uggie from The Artist showed signs of stage fright during an interview with roastmaster Barbara Walters. From the red carpet to the roasting dais, the stars mostly kept it clean for the beatific blonde, but never fear, PopWatchers. I’ll skip the sanitized bits and get right to the good stuff. Click through to find out who was best, worst, and most surprising at White’s roast. READ FULL STORY

Larry King launches Internet TV network

Larry King will pick back up the mic, snap his suspenders in place, and dust off his famous interviewing skills to co-found an Internet television network financed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú. The new network will be called Ora.TV and will broadcast throughout the United States and Latin America.

King will host a program similar to his former CNN talk show Larry King Live because, as he told the New York Times, “I run into people everyday who tell me they miss my show. And a lot of times I miss it too.” He said his wife Shawn will likely be involved in the network as a style or celebrity host. The Kings’ programs are among a number of shows in development, and more will be announced in coming months. According to a release sent out today, “Ora is in discussions with other on-air personalities to join King in creating a unique and compelling roster of talent and programming.” READ FULL STORY

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