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Larry David on his play: 'Same character, different name, same idiot'

Don’t expect a different Larry David in his upcoming play, Fish in the Dark. “As with most things I write, the main character sounded exactly like me,” he said during a TimesTalks event Tuesday evening. “What a coincidence?” He continued: “Same character, different name, same idiot.” READ FULL STORY

Rita Wilson to star in Larry David play 'Fish in the Dark'

Rita Wilson hasn’t been on Broadway since her stint in 2006’s Chicago revival, but she’s returning in 2015 for a role in Larry David’s Fish in the Dark.


Casting, Broadway dates set for Larry David's 'Fish in the Dark'

Yes, it’s real, and it’s happening—Larry David’s hotly anticipated Broadway debut has officially set its dates.

David will make his acting and Broadway playwriting debut in Fish in the Dark, a new comedy directed by Anna D. Shapiro that starts previews February 2 at Broadway’s Cort Theatre. Opening night is scheduled for March 5.

David will star alongside theater veterans Jayne Houdyshell and Jerry Adler (The Sopranos), as well as Rosie Perez, Jonny Orsini (who made a splash in his Broadway debut in 2013’s The Nance) and Jake Cannavale, son of two-time Tony nominee Bobby Cannavale. Additional casting will be announced at a later date.

Fish in the Dark—described simply as “a comedy about a death in the family”—will be produced by Scott Rudin and feature scenic design by Todd Rosenthal, costumes by Ann Roth, and lighting by Brian MacDevitt.

Larry David heads to Broadway in new play by Larry David

Amp up your enthusiasm—Larry David is coming to Broadway.

EW has confirmed that the Emmy-winning Seinfeld co-creator and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm will make his Broadway debut—two debuts, in fact, for acting and writing—in the 2014-15 season in his first play Fish in the Dark.

According to The New York Times, which first reported the news, David’s play is an ensemble comedy (about 15 characters) centering on a death in a family. David tells the Times that he’ll play “somebody very similar to Larry David—it might even be Larry David with a different name.”

Fish in the Dark will play an unnamed Shubert theater and will open in March 2015. Scott Rudin will produce with Anna D. Shapiro, who’s currently at the helm of the upcoming Michael Cera-led play This Is Our Youth, on board to direct.

The news of David’s debut comes after multiple false rumors emerged about the project in the past few months, including one naming Jerry Seinfeld as actor or director (David tells the Times that was never the case) and another citing the play’s title as Shiva.

David briefly dabbled in Broadway in Curb‘s season-four storyline, wherein his character landed the lead role in Mel Brooks’ smash musical The Producers and subsequently forgot his lines during the opening night performance. David’s stint with theater on the cable series largely did not inspire him to try Broadway in the real world, but his involvement with Fish in the Dark will almost certainly delay another season of Curb, should David decide to pursue it.

'Clear History': HBO movie's 'Curb'-iest moments

Watching an HBO one-off starring Larry David and Jon Hamm was such a no-brainer for me that I think I expected to like it too much. Clear History — which first aired Saturday night and is available now on HBO Go — works better as an extended all-star episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm than as a full-length feature.

But would any Curb fan turn down a feature-length episode? Hell to the no! The film’s complicated backstory and confusing arc (are we really to believe the cantankerous Rolly —  basically Larry David playing himself — is considered the nicest guy on Martha’s Vineyard?) can be overlooked if you decide to just sit back and enjoy the performances from David, Hamm, and co-stars Kate Hudson, Amy Ryan, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Bill Hader, Michael Keaton, J.B. Smoove, Philip Baker Hall, and an uncredited Liev Schreiber. (Maybe he thought Ray Donovan would put a hit out on him if he figured out he’d jumped from Showtime to HBO to play a long-haired Chechnyan criminal?)

Below, Clear History‘s Curb-iest moments:

'New York Times' editor calls Larry David's Boston Marathon bombing op-ed 'insensitive' and 'unfunny'

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a satirical piece in which Larry David imagines how his fawning mother might have defended him if he had been the Boston Marathon bomber. The article, inspired by Zubeidat Tsarnaeva’s vehement denial that her own sons were behind the bombing, ruffled a lot of feathers — which led New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan to address the piece on her blog this afternoon, effectively writing that she thinks the Times shouldn’t have run it.


Jeff Garlin talks about his new podcast and the future of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' -- EXCLUSIVE


Jeff Garlin is an actor, writer, director, stand-up comedian, and, of course, Larry David’s amoral manager on Curb Your Enthusiasm (not to mention Susie Essman’s “fat f—” of a husband on the same). Beginning this Thursday, the funnyman will add “podcaster” to his resumé when By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin debuts on the Earwolf Podcast Network. As its name implies, the show features Garlin yakking it up with a series of notable acquaintances, including Larry David himself, who guests on the first episode.

Below, the jovial Garlin talks about his podcast, the future of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and why it is his patriotic duty to work again with Shakira. READ FULL STORY

Larry David narrates Obama film on 'The Daily Show': 'Less bad is better than more bad!'

Look, The Daily Show gets that a lot of Americans feel like they aren’t better off now than they were four years ago. But hey — even if President Obama hasn’t been perfect, he hasn’t made as many mistakes as he could have made. And everyone agrees that less bad is better than more bad… right?

That’s the point driven home by this fake biographical video for Obama. It points out how, as president, he put in place an “economic stimulus package that definitely didn’t ruin the country” and managed to keep the unemployment rating below 12 percent, “or 19! Or 80! There’s no limit to how high numbers can go!” As for Obamacare? “It’s better than cancer!” The whole thing is narrated by Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David, a guy who knows a thing or two about optimistic pessimism.

Check out the devastating and funny — or is that devastatingly funny? — clip below.


Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee': Larry David likes his tea, dammit! -- VIDEO

Hollywood types and TV observers are fond of bemoaning that there’s no such thing anymore as a Seinfeld-style megahit — the culture has become far too fractured for 35 million people to agree to tune into anything on network television at the same time (save events like the Oscars and the Super Bowl). But watching the first episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series on Crackle Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, I began to spin a highly speculative What If in my head: Had Seinfeld wanted to make Seinfeld in 2012 instead of 1990, would he have made 22-minute episodes for TV? Or 13-minute episodes for the Web?

Given how much fun he seems to be having here, and how much fun I had watching it, I suspect it would’ve been the latter. CICGC‘s first episode features Seinfeld picking up his Seinfeld co-conspirator Larry David in a 1952 azure blue Volkswagen Bug, and taking him out for coffee and breakfast at the Los Angeles diner John O’Groats. To a light, jazzy underscore, the two old friends proceed to dither and debate over day-to-day minutiae like the contemplative power of cigars over cigarettes, the freeing quality of boxer briefs over standard briefs, and David’s fastidious dietary philosophy. They occasionally graze past weightier topics — David reveals that his decision to stop drinking coffee helped lead to his divorce — but for the most part, the episode feels like Seinfeld boiled down to its essential spirit: Highly entertaining talk about the trivialities of life, with no silly “plot” to get in the way. David pretty much says as much to Seinfeld at the end of their meal: “You’ve finally made a show about nothing.”

Check out the full episode below:  READ FULL STORY

Watch new trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's web series 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, delves into familiar territory for the comedian: Shows about nothing.

The actor’s new project features Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Michael Richards and other comedians chilling with Seinfeld, and, well, drinking coffee. Details are scarce about the show, which will premiere on Crackle and ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee.com on July 19. If, as it appears, it’s just a cast of funny people shooting the breeze while drinking a beverage, I could definitely get into that.

For now, check out the full-length trailer below, and see David give Seinfeld his kudos: “You have finally done the show about nothing.” READ FULL STORY

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