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Justin Bieber's 'Family Guy' bling worth a reported $25,000

Remember when you were 17 years old, and you begged and begged your parents for a $1,000 used car to get yourself to school, but the price tag was just too expensive? Kids these days!

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Baby, baby, baby, ew: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez share (another) awkward kiss
Justin Bieber kisses Selena Gomez. Where does this rank amongst pop culture’s most awkward smooches?

Andy Samberg sits down with 'Sesame Street' resident Bert. Move over Ernie (and James Lipton, for that matter)!

Consider the talk show wars over, people! There’s a new reigning champ on the gab fest circuit… and it’s Bert from Sesame Street. Yes, everyone’s favorite unibrow-ed puppet has his own new series, called, fittingly, “Conversations with Bert,” and it’s equal parts hilarious, adorable, and surprisingly insightful. In his first installment, Bert — who opted to go sans sidekick, as Ernie is nowhere to be found — sat down with Saturday Night Live star and “all-around groovy guy” Andy Samberg for a hilarious round table conversation, compete with “snappy comedy banter,” fun facts (if Andy he could be any fabric he would be velour or rayon, Bert’s last read was a book by a “depressed Russian novelists”), and milk breaks! All we have to say is watch and learn, Charlie Rose and James Lipton. Watch and learn. READ FULL STORY

On the scene at Time To Play's toy fair: 'Cars 2,' 'Green Lantern,' 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' and more!

When I was assigned to cover yesterday’s Time To Play’s Spring Toy Showcase in New York, my brain immediately changed the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Boys Boys Boys.” As I walked from display to display, I couldn’t help but think, “Toys, toys, toys, we like toys from Cars.” One, because I was a little proud of my version, even if it lacked much creativity; and two, because the toys from Cars 2 were actually really awesome! I even got to take home a few things for myself. (Try not to be too jealous.) Here’s an on-the-scene look at the new toys coming to a playroom near you:

CARS 2 (June 24) The Cars franchise has continued to grow since Lightning McQueen won his first Piston Cup in 2006’s smash hit. Jim Silver, editor-in-chief of TimeToPlayMag.com, told reporters that he expects the Cars franchise to surpass the Toy Story franchise in terms of toys sold. (There’s irony at its finest.) One new character caught my eye — British master spy Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine). I wasn’t completely impressed until I saw the Zero-Gravity McMissile in action. The car can drive on a flat surface, and then transition up a wall! (See below.) Color me impressed, along with everyone else who flocked to see the demonstration. The other new character on display was Francesco Bernoulli, the Italian race car voiced by John Turturro. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': A historical lesson brought to you by Richard Stands

Last night’s Cougar Town taught us a valuable lesson about embarrassment: You can’t hear the world laughing at you if you’re laughing harder. (Or in Andy’s case, if you have pool water stuck in your ear.) It also taught us the importance of a good history lesson. If you don’t learn the simple stuff, you might just end up looking like a super-sexy corpse. And I think that’s a bad thing. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Adventures in babysitting

It’s like Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) in April with TWO new episodes of Cul-De-Sac Crew…umm Cougar City…I mean Cougar Town this week. So let’s pound grape and dive right into it!

In Wednesday’s “Baby’s A Rock ‘N’ Roller,” we were reminded of baby Stan. That’s right. Ellie and Andy have a kid. Really, they do! I’m not making it up. And thus a plot was born: In order to prove that it’s a lot harder to raise a baby in your 40s than in your 20s, Ellie gets Jules (and Grayson by association) to babysit Stan. Team Ellie pointed out when Jules had Travis, she was young, had a lot of energy, and was too dumb to worry about screwing him up. Team Jules seemed to think that with a devoted husband and nanny, Ellie had it easy peasy. So Jules put all of her dangerous items in the pantry and her babysitting duties began. READ FULL STORY

Let's hear it for the return of '90s Nickelodeon: It's about time!

In college, I learned a foolproof method for striking up a conversation with just about anyone between the ages of 18 and 22: Mention an old Nickelodeon show, and soon enough, nostalgia would begin flowing like green slime. Sure, every now and then I’d encounter a kid who hadn’t grown up with cable (those poor, deprived souls!), but generally speaking, people my age (I just turned 23) have a fierce, borderline obsessive attachment to the TV of our childhood — and we’re also all convinced that Nick as a network started to take a serious nosedive in quality around the turn of the millennium.  READ FULL STORY

Julia Roberts as an evil queen. Famke Janssen as a hunted witch. Fairy tales are going grim(m).

Disney; Kimberly French

Once upon a time, there was a studio executive. And on one bright, sunny, beautiful day, that studio executive put on his magical thinking cap and came up with the grandest of ideas: “I’ve got it!” the handsome man said to his loyal assistant steed. “Let us tap into moviegoers’ hearts via nostalgia. Let’s bring to life the mystical, wonderful tales they heard as wee ones ready for respite in bed! And where, I say, is my coffee?” And so it began: The fairy tale movie trend.

So, after awhile, a Stardust came and went. Then an Enchanted, a conglomerate of every fairy tale of our youth, captured our hearts. Then an Alice in Wonderland collected more gold than a leprechaun could ever hope to see. And today, we see the casting of Julia Roberts in one of two Snow White projects, and Famke Janssen in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (which Paramount confirmed to EW). So you know what this means: This trend will carry on until the fat lady sings. You know, Strega Nona. READ FULL STORY

Kids reenact five Oscar nominated films!

I’m not sure why the Internet is rampant with kids reenacting stuff. Oh, wait. Because it’s adorable! From Kanye’s tweets to Project Runway, these children keep us entertained with their mini (ha) versions of what’s hot in pop culture.

The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning, and it didn’t take long for the kiddos to reenact five of the Best Picture nominees. If you haven’t seen 127 Hours, Black Swan, The Fighter, The King’s Speech, or The Social Network you’ve still got time before Oscar night to catch up. But if you don’t think you’re going to make it through all the films, fear not. These reenactments will suffice. And did I mention they’re adorable?

(Spoiler alert! These shorts give up some important plot points. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)  READ FULL STORY

Is Will Smith remaking the musical 'Annie' with daughter Willow?

Willow-Smith-AnnieImage Credit: James Coldrey/WireImage.com; Everett CollectionYou’ve gotta admit it — being Will Smith’s kid is a pretty sweet gig. Last year, the box-office heavyweight and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith produced an update of The Karate Kid as a star vehicle for their 12-year-old son Jaden. It worked. The film raked in more than $350 million worldwide. Now, Variety is reporting that the Smiths are talking to Sony about adapting the Broadway musical chestnut Annie for their 10-year-old daughter, Willow. READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway surprises P.S. 22 -- with a trip to the Oscars

The P.S. 22 chorus, known for its fantastic covers of pop songs, will be performing on the Oscars this year. Cue screaming! Anne Hathaway, who’s co-hosting this year’s ceremony with James Franco, stopped by the Staten Island school’s winter concert last night to surprise them with the news, and holy-moly, are these kids excited. Like ya do: READ FULL STORY

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