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Justin Bieber turns 18, gives a shout-out to cougars and gets a new car. They grow up so fast!

Justin Bieber turns 18 Canadian years old today (I’m still not sure how we convert that here) but got to celebrate the good old American way: By getting a new car! Some guys have all the luck, eh?

During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs today, the now-technically-an-adult pop star — who also tweeted, “dear cougars. i see the jokes. im legal. hahaha”  — was presented by his long-time manager Scooter Braun with a coveted, environmentally-friendly, albeit pricy (around $100k) Fisker Karma to call his own.

“This is amazing!” Bieber gushed over his new present, which was also from pal/mentor Usher. Watch the full clip below, in which DeGeneres gives the singer some additional toys for his new ride, including bobble head dolls for the dashboard and a window sun shade. And don’t give him a hard time for putting it on the outside of the windshield at first, that’s just how they do it in Canada.

Batman Mr. Potato Head is the toy Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now

It’s simple: We eat the Batman.

From the minds that brought you Darth Tater, Elvis the Spud King, and this hellish nightmare comes the newest in a long line of pop culture-themed Mr. Potato Heads: Batspud!

The defender of Gotham comes complete with batarang, utility belt, and a permanent Gilbert Gottfried facial expression. And because this model ties in to The Dark Knight Rises, the Batsuit is noticeably (and thankfully) sans nipples. READ FULL STORY

Willow Smith whips her hair no more

It’s the end of an era, tweens and tween-adjacents. After 464 glorious days of hair whipping, Will Smith’s singing, dancing daughter Willow posted a pic on her WhoSay account showing a newly shorn head. Known for out-there style choices, the “21st Century Girl” must have felt that long locks were so last year — either that or she got a little too close to a “Fireball.” All in all, it was a good run — when Miss Piggy is mussing her golden coiffure in tribute, you know you’ve succeeded. Let us pause and take a moment to remember the paint-splattering, hair-whipping good times (video below, obviously). READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' season 6 premiere: Dance like nobody's watching!

I’m so glad 30 Rock is back. As a matter of fact, it might just be the highlight of my year, and I realize it’s only January. But it’s been way too long since I last had a nice dose of Liz Lemon & Co. (Although, I will admit that it feels weird to watch 30 Rock at 8 p.m. instead of the noticeably absent Community. It’s not cheating, guys. I love both!) Anyway, let’s get down to the important stuff and chat about “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!”

Kenneth was convinced the world was ending tomorrow. (I guess if you’re not reading this because the world no longer exists, the joke’s on us!) He was excited to go to heaven and receive his reward: 72 virgin…margaritas sans salt. Lemon, who was in a surprisingly good mood, gave Kenneth some valuable advice for his supposed last day on the great blue marble she calls Earth. “Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. Enjoy these Satchel Paige brand tampons.” So Kenneth decided to grab life by the horns and complete all his dream chores. And when the world didn’t end, Pete decided to take a very disappointed Kenneth to see the ocean for the first time. But keep your chin up, Kenneth. 2012 has only just begun. There’s plenty of time for the world to end! READ FULL STORY

Kid rock star Dan Zanes on his favorite Christmas music

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Chances are if you’re a kid or have a kid or know a kid, you love Dan Zanes. And quite possibly,  if you’re reading this right now, you’re hanging out on Christmas Day trying to figure out what kind of holiday music to listen to that’s not on a lame loop at your local mall’s Crate and Barrel. Well, Dan Zanes can help. And considering he just released a new album of holiday music,  Christmas in Concord, the Grammy-winning musician knows what he’s talking about. “There’s a lot out there because it used to be part of the deal when you were a singer,” says Zanes. “I really like Christmas music. And a lot of them are really good songs, but they just don’t sound the same in July.” Here’s his advice on how to capitalize on your one day when you can justify morning-until-night Christmas songs:

1. “My favorite Christmas record is the Bob Dylan Christmas record [Christmas in the Heart]. I think it’s incredible. I think his singing is so good, the arrangements are so great. It’s a real celebration of Christmas and that’s part of why I decided to make Christmas music. I was inspired by the fresh sound.”

2. “Joan Osborne’s [Christmas Means Love] is really nice if you want a contemporary record. But I like it because she’s keeping tradition alive.”

3. “The Christmas music that came out of Memphis, in the ’60s when the R&B people did it, I love. Aretha Franklin did some really nice stuff.”

4. “You could check out the Louvin Brothers, who were precursors to the Everly Brothers.”

5. “It hasn’t happened yet, but the person I would really like to hear do a Christmas record would be Asa. I think she could do a really nice one.”

What do you say PopWatchers? Do you agree with Dan Zanes’ picks? What are your favorite songs to listen to today?

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry Barbies to be auctioned for charity: Which celebs should get the doll treatment?

Seeing as Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have already technically modeled their entire makeup, hair, and wardrobe after Barbie (though, in all fairness, Barbie has never had to worry about a nip slip), it seemed only fitting that Mattel would transform the singers into their iconic dolls.

And they can be all yours for the low, low starting bid price of… $1,000.  Starting on Friday, CharityBuzz.com began to auction off the dolls, including Minaj’s plastic likeness named, perfectly enough, Minajesty Barbie, which boasts that the 11-½ inch replica of the colorful “Super Bass” singer has every part of her down pat, from her pink hair (jeez, bangs are everywhere today), right down to the tattoo she has on her left arm. READ FULL STORY

'The Muppets' opens as best-reviewed wide release of 2011

Statler and Waldorf would have a thing or two to say about this. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the best movie of the year so far stars felt puppets from the 1970s.

The Muppets, which opens today, was poised to debut at a perfect 100 percent on the review accumulation site… but a pair of last-minute critiques dipped the film’s score to a still-stellar 98 percent. Perfection would have been a nice feather in the cap of writer-star Jason Segel, but the actor and Muppet champion can still take pride in his passion project being the best-reviewed wide release of the year. The nearest competitor is this summer’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, which scored 96 percent. READ FULL STORY

Patrick Warburton: How an 8-year-old got the 'Rules of Engagement' star to be in her malaria PSA

The last thing Rules of Engagement star Patrick Warburton thought he’d be doing this Monday night is co-hosting a charity event for the non-profit End Malaria Now. But then a young actress and activist named Madison Moellers did a guest spot on his sitcom. “Madison and her mother presented me with this,” the big-hearted Warburton told me last week. “I’m going to be getting back Sunday night from San Francisco — my son and I are going on a great white shark trip where you go in a cage and you meet the sharks. Then I have to work on Monday. So doing an event on Monday would have been first on my list. But it’s impossible to say no to Madison.” Hence, Warburton will be appearing at Cafe Entourage in Hollywood this Monday night to raise money for EndMalariaNow.org. “It’s primarily a problem that’s happening on the other side of the planet, so it’s not in our immediate perspective,” Warburton says. “Malaria kills almost a million people every single year, and most of them are children under the age of five.”

Inspired by the Kenya-set movie The First Grader, Madison and two of her friends also filmed a PSA for End Malaria Now and even got Warburton to participate. It’s not slick but it gets the job done. Take a look after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Can you tell this man how to get to 'Sesame Street'? They're looking for him!

Sesame Street has handled a lot of tricky tasks over the past 42 years, from teaching tykes the alphabet to explaining television to Keith Staskiewicz, but nothing quite like this before. Today’s Sesame Street PopWatch is brought to you by the letter M, for the Missing original Gordon.

In an open letter on their website, the Sesame Workshop explains that they’ve been on the hunt for an actor who played Gordon in an un-aired test pilot that was shown to a focus group of children in the summer of 1969. While all of the other Gordons (played by Matt Robinson, Hal Miller, and Roscoe Orman) are accounted for, they can’t seem to find the mystery man who originated the role of the beloved science teacher. No one, not even Big Bird (Caroll Spinney) knows who is he is… and Big Bird knows everything. READ FULL STORY

'Family Circus': The best of Bil Keane

Family Circus creator Bil Keane made a lot of people’s mornings brighter with his low-key observations, subtle eye for humor, and appreciation for the innocence of children. Back in 1990, our own Ken Tucker called Family Circus “the most underrated comic strip in the country.” In light of his sad passing Tuesday, I looked through the cartoonist’s archives and picked out some of my favorites. See them below. READ FULL STORY

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