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PopWatch Confessional: The worst movie a kid has made you sit through

For a pop-culture obsessive, watching the kids you love morph into mini-movie hounds is a beautiful thing. At least, until those kids seize on a movie they can’t get enough of, and insist on watching it again… and again… and again. Or they become cinematic aficionados, but only for the types of films that tend to make anyone over the age of 10 cringe. (Have you ever attempted to rewatch, say, Blank Check? That stuff does not hold up.) Thus this week’s PopWatch Confessional question: What’s the worst, most grating, or otherwise unpleasant children’s movie you’ve been forced to sit through by an actual kid, either because the movie stank to begin with or because you had to see it so many damn times?

Joshua Rivera, EW.com writer: The worst kids’ movie I’ve ever had to sit through—hell, the worst movie I’ve ever had to sit through—is Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2. It is the worst thing. The. Worst. Thing. Thanks to that movie, there’s an entire day of my life I don’t remember, because I’ve spent the years since trying to forget everything about that movie—and failing that, have forgotten everything else about that day, including the kid that made me watch it with him. This story will probably end years from now with a Twilight Zone-esque twist in which I realize that I watched it all on my own. READ FULL STORY

The Mister Rogers of 'Minecraft' is headed for Hollywood


The newest voice in children’s entertainment is shrill, British, and very, very square. Thanks to the jaw-dropping success of the videogame Minecraft—a sort of online digital LEGO universe in which kids (and more than a few grown-ups) build their own worlds, play in them, and invite their online friends to join them—a 23-year-old former bartender from the south coast of England has become millions of kids’ onscreen BFF.

Operating under the Minecraft alter ego of stampylonghead (a.k.a. Stampy Cat)—a boxy orange character with a la-di-da voice and a rat-a-tat laugh—Joseph Garrett has attracted a legion of elementary-school-age fans into Stampy’s Lovely World, where he eats cake for breakfast, visits his friends iBallistic Squid and a bear called L for Leeeeee x, and embarks on often-silly adventures with dragons and aliens. “I never set out to make children’s content,” says Garrett, who boasts a mop of curly hair and the slight build of a man who spends most of his days in front of a computer screen. “It was more that I was enjoying making these videos, so these are the videos I’m going to make.” READ FULL STORY

It's Always Sunny in ... Japan? 'Dayman' gets an adorable schoolkid makeover -- VIDEO

These kids officially have the coolest teacher ever. Remember Charlie’s musical The Nightman Cometh on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which the gang took on the road back in 2009? Well, these Japanese kindergartners certainly do.

A video, which was posted on YouTube in August and just went viral, has eight schoolchildren singing Charlie’s epic “Dayman” song — which works surprisingly well as a kids’ song, considering the show’s typical content. Their pantomimes for “karate and friendship for everyone” are especially adorable.

Check it out below:

Bobby Flay joins petition for gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven -- VIDEO

Since the celebrity chef revolution of the early aughts, food has been more visible in pop culture than ever before. But despite dozens of TV programs that glamorize butchers, bakers, and sous-vide duck breast with truffle jus-makers of both genders, Hasbro still only targets girls with the commercials and packaging for its Easy-Bake Ovens — which come only in shades of purple and pink. (Not like there aren’t any boys who like purple and pink, but still: the feminine slant is clear.)

But 13-year-old crusader McKenna Pope is determined to change that. In late November, she launched a petition urging Hasbro to manufacture and promote a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven, all for the sake of her cooking-obsessed little brother, Gavyn. “I want my brother to know that it’s not ‘wrong’ for him to want to be a chef, that it’s okay to go against what society believes to be appropriate,” she explains. “Please, sign this petition, help me in creating gender equality, and help the children of today become what they’re destined to be tomorrow.”

She also attached a video that shows off how freakin’ cute little Gavyn is:


Which 'Oogieloves' star (yes, there are actual stars) should be most embarrassed?


Let me be upfront: I haven’t seen The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure yet. Of course, you probably haven’t either, as it just had the worst opening weekend in box office history.

But I sort of want to. Somehow, the film earning that dubious distinction has unleashed an alarming obsession within me for all things Oogieloves in the last 24 hours. I mean, have you SEEN Oogieloves.com?! The sheer WTF factor of this strange, strange franchise is utterly intoxicating. And Oogieloves filmmaker Kenn Viselman seems to indicate that this might be exactly what he was hoping for. “This was never about box office,” Viselman told TheWrap Monday morning. “It was about exposure. We’ve now got the notoriety we were trying to get for weeks before the film opened.”


DirecTV-Viacom feud makes children cry (or at least that 'No More Dora' Nickelodeon commercial did)


Image Credit: Nickelodeon

Search Twitter for responses from
DirecTV subscribers currently without their 17 Viacom-owned cable networks and you'll see some passionate ones. Some folks (like Big Bang Theory EP Bill Prady) would like the financial dispute swiftly resolved so they can watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, while others simply want their MTV or BET (or CMT or VH1). But it's the parents of Nickelodeon fans who caught our attention. Chancie Parmley, 30, is a mother of three -- 3-year-old Lexi, 5-year-old John, and 8-year-old Kiley -- in Virginia Beach, VA. Last night, she and her family were watching Nickelodeon when they saw a commercial informing them that their favorite shows were soon to be "NO MORE" and giving them DirecTV's number to call. Watch it below.* "My 3-year-old was in tears saying, 'I'll never get to watch Dora again, Mommy. Why are they doing that? Why are they not letting me watch Dora? I love Dora,'" Parmley tells EW. "My 5-year-old was like, 'I'll never get to see SpongeBob?!' How do you explain that to a 3- and a 5-year-old? If you want to say, 'Call DirecTV and discuss it with them,' fine. But you don't use cartoon characters to scare kids to manipulate their parents. That's below the belt.... It's kinda like saying, 'Santa Claus has died, and you're never gonna get anymore Christmas presents.' To a kid, 'I'll never get to see my favorite show again' is a big deal. To them, cartoon characters are real. I've talked to friends who've said the exact same thing. [Their kids]

felt like SpongeBob was dying.” (A rep for Nickelodeon did not return EW’s request for comment.) READ FULL STORY

Most popular baby names: 'Twilight' holds top spot for boys' names, is toppled in the girls category

The Social Security Administration has released its list of 2011’s most popular baby names, and Twilight reigns supreme in the boys’ category as Jacob stays in the top spot for the 13th straight year. Isabella, however, has been ousted in favor of Sophia. A surprise resurgence of nostalgia for The Golden Girls? Probably not. Sophia has been gaining popularity over the last decade as a strong, traditional, ends-in-A name with celebrity cachet (Sophia Loren, Sofia Coppola); as with other things, a little Sofia Vergara likely made all the difference.

Celebrity kids continue to have an impact on naming trends across the board as top spots went once again to Ava (daughter or Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe) and Jayden (a name favored by both Will Smith and Britney Spears). The biggest jump went to Mason, a name that wasn’t even on the leaderboard last year. It appears Kourtney Kardashian’s son has spawned a new generation of little guys since it came out of nowhere to take the number 2 spot. It’s a big win for the Kardashian kwest to konquer the world, though there’s still ground to gain as the more traditional spelling of Chloe once again edged out Khloé with a K. Better luck next year, kids!

Beyond those names, it’s the usual suspects. Aiden and Emma — once boosted by hot sitcoms Sex and the City and Friends — have become established faves. With long-time top-10 inhabitants Emily and Daniel suddenly gaining prominence on Revenge, might Sophia and Jacob have some competition for the 2012 titles? Only time — and the fall TV season — will tell. See the full lists below. READ FULL STORY

'Care Bears' are coming back June 2: Finally, a reboot I'm excited to see

The normal script for a blog post about a beloved, kid-friendly property getting a modern update goes something like this:Introductory sentence implying a re-launch is a horrible idea. Derisive description of proposed reboot. Paragraph bemoaning remake, wondering why greedy studios can’t leave our childhoods alone, con-flabbit. Plea for kids to get off my damn lawn.” I should know; I’ve written that blog post before.

But even though I should have been enraged when I heard that The Hub — the kiddie network behind Internet favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic — will premiere a CGI-animated Care Bears program in June, the news didn’t leave me shaking and crying. Instead, I’m looking forward to revisiting old pals like Tenderheart, Funshine Bear, and Cheer Bear — and I’m curious to see if this re-launch will be as charming as the original. READ FULL STORY

Rachel Crow's White House debut: How does her national anthem stack up? -- VIDEO

President Obama did an enthusiastic reading of Where the Wild Things Are at Sunday’s White House Easter Egg Roll, and his performance was nothing short of awesome. It’s even more impressive when you consider that the POTUS had a tough act to follow: X Factor alumna Rachel Crow, who kicked off the wild rumpus with a gospel-tinged “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Crow rocked a bright yellow blazer and some rad ’80s hair as she exhibited her trademark older-than-her-years poise, delivering a powerful anthem that would have made Whitney Houston proud. She also scores major bonus points for keeping things relatively simple, despite having received professional training in Simon Cowell’s House of Gratuitous Melisma.(Psst, Fox: I think we’ve got a name for your newest singing competition.)

Check out Rachel’s song, then tell us: Do you agree with President Obama’s positive assessment of Crow? Are you hoping to see more of this 14-year-old budding star? And who do you think is in that giant bunny suit? It’s got to be Biden, right? READ FULL STORY

President Obama reads and roars 'Where the Wild Things Are' -- VIDEO

For the record, “It’s the wild rumpus!” sounds like the most excellent campaign slogan ever. Kicking off Easter in presidential fashion at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll (which the First Lady has turned into the hottest lawn-based activity since the Slip ‘n Slide), President Obama got into character to deliver another reading of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, which has been an annual tradition there since 2009.

Points to POTUS for channeling his inner thespian for his most animated performance yet, which included several barks, a handful of bellows and a number of entertaining facial expressions. Truth be told, the video is relatively slow until about 1:18, when Obama starts to really get into it, launching into a Scooby Doo-meets-Cookie Monster roar to celebrate the book’s wild rumpuses. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

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