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Sean Penn and Kid Rock spar over politics ... drink to freedom

Among celebrities, you’d be hard-pressed to find two people with more divergent political persuasions than Sean Penn and Kid Rock. Penn, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of a gay-rights advocate in 2008’s Milk, is an open and vehement Democrat — his work with social and political causes is nearly as extensive as his filmography. Kid Rock, on the flip side, is a guitar-totin’ Skynyrd devotee who supports the troops, NASCAR, and Mitt Romney. A match made in heaven? I think not.

But this unlikely duo have released a funny 10-minute NSFW PSA calling for an end to destructive partisan antagonism. It’s an undeniably strange clip — yes, they do talk about penis size. But the message is clear: quit demonizing your political rivals and actually work toward something. Watch the video after the jump for a heartening celebration of compromise in the face of extreme difference.

Or at least, watch it so you can see Sean Penn and Kid Rock go on a sun-soaked California man date. And talk about their penises. READ FULL STORY

What are the hottest parties at the RNC?

The Democrats may have a more party-hardy reputation than the Republicans, but that doesn’t mean the right isn’t planning to get down with some celebs this week. Speaking from experience (I covered both conventions in 2008), I’d like to note that regardless of the celebrity special guest performing — be it Will.i.am or Willie Nelson — convention parties are pretty boring compared to Oscar parties or SXSW parties, or even say, your niece’s third birthday party. Most of the attendees at the DNC and RNC alike are delegates in uncomfortable suits, dancing uncomfortably to some band they’ve never heard of.

But I’m not that blasé — it can be exciting to catch John McCain shaking it up to Big & Rich or Jon Voight getting down with Kid Rock. So if you’re at all curious about what’s going down when the sun goes down in Tampa, here’s a list of the musical and entertainment acts scheduled to appear during the RNC. If you’re planning a trip to Tampa, however, don’t expect to get in – most of these events are for donors and range from hundreds to thousands for a ticket.

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