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To Fund or Not to Fund: 'That Dragon, Cancer'


To Fund or Not to Fund takes a look at new or interesting Kickstarter projects and determines whether they’re worth pledging to or if it’s smarter to save money for the next “next big project” on Kickstarter.

The ProjectThat Dragon, Cancer is an adventure game more concerned with conveying its story and themes than supplying the player with traditional goals and objectives. Dragon tells the story of Joel, an infant and later toddler who battles with the titular dragon, cancer, for four years.


'Shaq Fu,' Val Kilmer & Slash in 'Breaking Bad 2,' and more weird crowdfunding projects


First potato salad, now an album made entirely of cat sounds: The ideas behind high-profile crowdfunding projects are sounding more and more like a game of Mad Libs.

Some background: Killer Mike and El-P, who make music together as the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, joked in September about releasing a special edition of their next album that replaces all their beats with cat sounds. Then a Kickstarter user created a campaign to turn the joke into a reality. Soon, musicians like Zola Jesus, Boots, Just Blaze, and more clambered to contribute to Meow the Jewels.

As goofy as the project is, it’s far from the weirdest celebrity crowdfunding project the Internet has ever seen. From Shaq Fu to a personal Kenny Loggins concert, here are some of the oddest requests trying to get your money.


H. Jon Benjamin makes a crazy Kenny Loggins Kickstarter even crazier


Born in Everett, Washington, the American recording artist Kenneth Clark “Kenny” Loggins spent most of the 1980s creating music that became synonymous with the films they were featured in, like “Footloose” from Footloose or “Danger Zone” from Top Gun. He doesn’t really do this anymore, but he still makes music: This month, a Kickstarter for Loggins and his band, Blue Sky Riders, met its funding goal for a new studio album. READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' spin-off starring Val Kilmer and Slash hits Kickstarter

With each season of Breaking Bad, the show’s fan base grew, right up until showrunner Vince Gilligan decided that Walter White’s story had come to end after five seasons. But not everyone agreed with Gilligan’s choice. And as far as industry newcomer Larry Shepherd is concerned—spoiler!—Walt’s presumed death is not the final chapter of the story. And that’s exactly why he has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his own Breaking Bad spin-off titled Anastasia.

On the Anastasia Kickstarter page, Shepherd describes his series as picking up directly after Walter White’s collapse in the Breaking Bad finale, when a mystery person appears and drags Walt out of the meth lab by his ankles. Anastasia will focus on two U.S. Marshals—played by obvious choices Val Kilmer and Slash—who try to answer three very important questions: Is Walter White alive? Where is he? And who dragged him away? READ FULL STORY

Internet raises $10,000 for potato salad on Kickstarter


Last week, a guy calling himself Zack Danger Brown created a humble Kickstarter campaign, with a modest goal of $10, to make a simple potato salad. The internet started throwing money at him.

After mashing through his original goal, the flood of cash hasn’t stopped. The Kickstarter has more than 1,500 backers giving over $10,000, with another 26 days to go. According to Kicktraq, a website that tracks the status of Kickstarter campaigns, Zack is on track to raise more than $91,000 by the time the campaign ends. READ FULL STORY

LeVar Burton talks Kickstarter success, why we need 'Reading Rainbow' now more than ever

On Wednesday, actor LeVar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million to bring back Reading Rainbow. On Thursday, the $1 million was raised. And by Friday, nearly $3 million had been donated — and there are still 32 days left to contribute to the campaign. Talk about a fundraising success. READ FULL STORY

LeVar Burton starts Kickstarter campaign to bring 'Reading Rainbow' to the web -- VIDEO


UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after launching, Burton surpassed his goal. See below for his tear-filled reaction: READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: 'Veronica Mars' lives!

A long time ago, we used to be friends with a whip-smart teen sleuth named Veronica Mars. And now, thanks to a historic Kickstarter campaign, Mars is back in Neptune — this time on the big screen. In this week’s cover story, star Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas take EW along for the roller-coaster revival of the beloved cult TV series. Just a year ago, a big-screen revival of Veronica Mars was still a pipe dream. But after a groundbreaking and breakneck turn of events, on March 14 it will be a dream come true for tens of thousands of fans that made it come true by donating $5.7 million last spring to a Kickstarter campaign — organized by Mars creator Rob Thomas — to finance the revival they’ve wanted since The CW canceled the series in 2007. Even Veronica is pinching herself. “Never before have we had a platform that allows people to engage us and tell us what they want,” Kristen Bell told EW when we visited the set of the movie last summer. “We said, ‘Guys! Maybe we’re crazy, but we really want to do it again. Do you?’ And they answered!” Adds Thomas, “We’re guinea pigs for a whole new model of filmmaking. It would be nice to be a success.” READ FULL STORY

Jane Austen RPG hits Kickstarter goal; what other classics deserve to be videogames?


A single Jane Austen fan in possession of a computer must be in want of an MMORPG.

In today’s most entertaining bit of brilliant-or-bonkers, a new online role-playing game set in the virtual world of Jane Austen has reached its Kickstarter goal. Creator Judy L. Tyrer’s playable period piece Ever, Jane reached $109,563 of its $100,000 goal yesterday, with the help of 1,600 backers eager to increase their Bow and Curtsy skill or level up in Piano-Forte.

Kickstarter defends Spike Lee: 'Kickstarter projects are not charity'

The latest big name to come to the defense of Spike Lee’s crowdfunded project for The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint is the actual website that hosted his cash-raising efforts, Kickstarter. The company posted a defense of the director on their blog on Aug. 19 after Lee began amassing criticism accusing him of abusing the crowdfunding platform and hurting the success of lesser-known projects.

Here are Kickstarter‘s main lines of defense: READ FULL STORY

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