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Entertainment Geekly: On 'Dogma,' Kevin Smith, and the road not taken


Let’s pretend there are two Kevin Smiths: Kevin Smith the Film Director, and Kevin Smith the Everything Else.

Consider the latter: Kevin Smith is a podcaster many times over. Take every podcast he’s ever recorded; beam it into space. Someday humanity will be dead, and somewhere, out there, the aliens will have still have years’ worth of Kevin Smith talking, talking, talking. READ FULL STORY

Kevin Smith hosts poignant discussion of Aurora shooting on Hulu's 'Spoilers' -- VIDEO

On his Hulu’s summer movie appreciation show Spoilers, Kevin Smith usually hosts a lively, free-wheeling discussion about that weekend’s big movie with a live studio audience that had just seen the film. This week’s episode was supposed to be about The Dark Knight Rises; instead, Smith chose to spend the entire half hour talking with his audience about the deadly shooting at a midnight screening of the film in Aurora, Colo.

“This is a show about loving movies,” says Smith in the introduction. “Movies mean the world to us. This thing that happened, this shooting, it’s not only offensive to us as human beings, it’s offensive to us as movie fans.” The thoughtful, somber discussion, held on Friday night, provides a poignant snapshot of the thoughts running through many moviegoers’ heads this weekend. Check it out in its entirety below: READ FULL STORY

Hulu previews 10 new summer series

Hulu continues to expand its original content with 10 new series this summer, the website announced in a press release. Perhaps the most anticipate of these is Kevin Smith’s cinema geek series Spoilers (pictured, right), which premieres June 4. Further shows will premiere in August, including Richard Linklater’s out-of-the-box travel show Up To Speed and guy-centric comedy We Got Next.

Hulu will premiere the second season of its sci-fi thriller The Booth at the End in July and debut shows previously unseen in America — Rev., The Yard, Pramface, Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind, The Promise, and Little Mosque on the Prairie — throughout the summer starting June 3. Watch a preview for the site’s upcoming offerings below. READ FULL STORY

'Clerks III': Kevin Smith on bringing his Jersey boys to Broadway -- EXCLUSIVE

When Kevin Smith announced last year that his upcoming hockey movie Hit Somebody would be his final film as a director, you could almost hear a collective sigh of disappointment from hard-core fans of Dante and Randal, Jay and Silent Bob. Smith’s convenience-store drones and derelicts introduced Smith’s Jersey brand of profane wit in 1994’s Clerks, and a successful 2006 sequel proved that audiences hadn’t had enough. Smith’s retirement threatened to kill any chances of completing the Quik Stop trilogy — a challenge you’d think might tempt the Star Wars-obsessed Smith. Well, there is a new hope. Last week, during a book signing in New York, he revealed that his beloved characters might be heading to Broadway. After seeing the hit play, Seminar, which reminded Smith of the fundamental stagecraft he used to film Clerks, he suddenly envisioned breathing new life into the franchise with a stage production of Clerks III in 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original. It’s still only in early talks, but Smith tells EW that he’s already broached the subject with several members of the cast, including the hard-to-wrangle Jeff Anderson, who played irreverent slacker, Randal.

The writer/director/Silent Bob shared his hopes in an exclusive conversation with EW.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you had any recent discussions — formal or informal — with the cast from the first two Clerks about another potential edition, whether it be on the stage or on the screen?
KEVIN SMITH: Jeff was the first person I reached out to. I sent him an email after I’d seen Alan Rickman in Seminar in February: “You’re the first person I’m gonna tell… Clerks III is gonna be a play on Broadway. We’ll do a six month run and sell out the entirety in advance. You up for six shows a week, sir? Live?” To which Jeff responded, “Better lay off the weed, sir.” READ FULL STORY

'Comic Book Men': Decoding AMC's Kevin Smith reality show based entirely on the press artwork

Next month will witness the debut of AMC’s first unscripted series. Comic Book Men will be set in Kevin Smith’s New Jersey comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, and proposes to capture “all the aspects of the comic store life.” Speaking as someone who grew up digging through back issues of The Mighty Thor trying to find issues 364-366 so I could read the complete “Thor Turns Into a Frog” saga, I am desperately hoping that the show will be a fascinating and stereotype-imploding examination of comic book store culture. Unfortunately, this is the first press image released from the show: READ FULL STORY

Kevin Smith auctions off film props to pay for 'Red State'

Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Bluntman lives! If you’ve been patiently waiting for an update on the antics of Jay and Silent Bob’s comic book alter egos Bluntman and Chronic, now’s your chance to write your own story (or at least secure your Halloween costume). Stoner auteur Kevin Smith is auctioning off props from his various films, including the famed Bluntman costume, to raise money for Red State, his independently financed horror film. Aptly titled: Kevin Smith Sells Out: The Official Askewniverse Garage Sale, the event will be held April 10 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, Calif., and Smith and frequent collaborator Jason Mewes (i.e. Jay) will be in the house to feed fans with trivia and stories related to each item. Among those up for grabs:  READ FULL STORY

Kevin Smith posts a scene from his hockey flick 'Hit Somebody.' We ask three-time Stanley Cup champ Ken Daneyko to review it.

We all know Kevin Smith is a hockey fan. But is the rough scene he recently posted online from the current draft of his hockey movie Hit Somebodybased on the Warren Zevon song about a Canadian goon (a defenseman known for his hitting) who dreams of scoring a goal — as good as we think it is? To find out, we phoned TV analyst Ken Daneyko, a three-time Stanley Cup champion and logger of more than 2,500 penalty minutes with Smith’s beloved New Jersey Devils from 1983-2003, and asked him to break it down for us. First, read the full scene here. As Smith says in his set-up: “It’s 1961 and our lead character, Buddy McCracken, is 11. Buddy’s suffering from a personal loss when he’s visited on his family’s Saskatchewan farm by the man who’ll be his first hockey coach, Blue Jay Jennings (written for John Goodman).” Let’s start there…  READ FULL STORY

'Red State' teaser poster: Is this Kevin Smith's comeback?

Kevin Smith finished filming his mysterious horror film Red State last Wednesday. He finished editing it a few days later, according to his blog, and even screened the mostly finished film at the wrap party.  Smith claims to have been editing the movie every day of filming: “I haven’t slept much.” To whet our appetites, Smith also released a teaser poster for the film, which features an eerie image and an eerier tagline: “Fear God.” Between Smith’s clear excitement about the project, the sure-to-be-controversial Christian-horror theme, and the dynamite cast (John Goodman, Melissa Leo, Kevin Pollak, and Anna Gunn, among others), I think it’s time to ask: Could this be Kevin Smith’s comeback film?

Smith’s Dogma was one of the most influential films I saw as a teenager. There was something weird and wonderful about how Dogma mashed together Smith’s scruffy predilections — comic books, drugs, poop jokes — with a sly, intelligent, expansive vision of the spiritual universe. (Dogma is the perfect gateway drug to The Seventh Seal.) Coming off Chasing Amy — a great indie romance which I’d argue is basically what every Mumblecore movie wants to be — Dogma looked like a decisive step out into bigger things. It was a movie with ideas. (Also, with Ben Affleck’s exploding head.) READ FULL STORY

The US version of 'Spaced': Why watching footage from the never-broadcast pilot may seriously damage your eyesight

A couple of years back, Charlie’s Angels director McG announced that he was overseeing a US version of Spaced, the utterly fantastic, pop culture reference-drenched, British sitcom which starred Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes. At the time, all of the creators of the original show expressed alarm at this turn of events. Director Edgar Wright blogged that he was having “a terrible recurring dream of being burgled in broad daylight (no joke, and no dream analyst required),” while Hynes jokingly declared her intention to oversee a British version of Charlie’s Angels about three women “who love to make biscuits, and wear button up cardigans.”

The US Spaced—which fans of the Brit comedy swiftly dubbed McSpaced—was subsequently abandoned, but not before a pilot was filmed. Now an enterprising blogger has tracked down footage from said show, which you can see below. I could say there isn’t enough material to judge whether it would have been good or not. But, to hell with that. Being British myself, I am instead going to side with director Wright, who has twittered his concern over “the large amount of you who stabbed out their eyes or washed them with bleach,” after watching it.

Does anyone out there think “McSpaced” could have worked? Or, for that matter, would like to see a cleavage-free, baked goods-oriented, Charlie’s Angels? Let us know! Incidentally, the original Spaced is very much available for purchase on DVD complete with commentaries from Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino, among others.

'Cop Out' red band trailer: Filthy and so much funnier!

The red band trailer for Kevin Smith’s Cop Out, starring Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis, finally makes this film look as funny as an R-rated movie from Kevin Smith starring Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis. We find out that Morgan’s character is orally-fixated (twice), that he will strike a child (who has struck him), that he’s a wild card in the interrogation room (he likes to shout lines from TV shows and movies), and that there’s a good reason why he tells Sean William Scott to shut up (if you don’t know what “DP” stands for, you will). Major NSFW warning.

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