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'South Park"s Chef-Gate: A helpful timeline

154847__park_lConfused by the messy melee this week involving South Park, Isaac Hayes, Scientology, and Tom Cruise?

There are many burning questions: Did Comedy Central yank this week’s scheduled rerun of the Cruise- and Scientology-spoofing ”Trapped in the Closet” episode in deference to Hayes or under pressure from fellow Scientologist Cruise? Did Cruise threaten not to publicize Paramount’s summer tentpole movie Mission: Impossible 3 if Comedy Central (like Paramount, a division of Viacom) aired the episode again?

We don’t know, but maybe this timeline will help you untangle the events and decide for yourself:

Nov. 16, 2005 The ”Trapped in the Closet” episode airs for the first time. In anticipation of the episode, Radar Online asks whether the episode poses any problems for Viacom or Cruise. Reps for Paramount and Cruise decline to comment, but Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox says Trey Parker and Matt Stone ”are free and have been free to satirize anybody and anything they want to. They’ve made fun of MTV, they’ve made fun of Viacom, they’ve made fun of Comedy Central, and we’ve never interfered with them.”

Jan. 4, 2006 The Onion’s A.V. Club publishes an interview with Hayes, in which he disputes Parker and Stone’s take on Scientology, but defends their right to lampoon any target. ”I understand what they’re doing,” he says, laughing.

Jan. 20 ”Trapped” is yanked from England’s Paramount channel; U.K. tabloid The Sun claims the decision was made out of fear of litigation from Cruise.

Early 2006 Comedy Central schedules South Park‘s Season 10 premiere for March 22.


Best new celebrity words of 2005

131846__colbert_lThe best new word coined in 2005? According to the American Dialect Society, which has issued its 16th annual list of the best neologisms, it’s ”truthiness,” a word coined by Stephen Colbert (pictured) on the debut broadcast of The Colbert Report, which the ADS defines as ”the quality of stating concepts or facts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true.”

Turns out ”truthiness” is only one of several celebrity-related words on this year’s list, which you can download as a PDF here. The Most Unnecessary word of the year is ”K Fed.” (Sorry, Kev.) Among the Most Outrageous is ”Whizzinator,” a word apparently popularized by Tom Sizemore. ”Brangelina” made the Least Likely to Succeed list; do they mean as a word or as a couple?

Finally, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes inspired so many terms they needed their own lexicon, prompting the ADS to coin its own word, ”Cruiselex.” Entries in the ”Cruiselex” include ”Cruisazy” (”crazy in the manner of Tom Cruise”), ”TomKat,” and of course, ”jump the couch.”
Which of these celebrity coinages do you think will last? (I’ve never heard anyone use ”Cruisazy.”) Any words or phrases from 2005 you wish would drop out of circulation? Any new ones you hope will catch on?

addCredit(“The Colbert Report: Joel Jeffries”)

2005: The year of the Jacksons?

9742__janet_lSomehow, I didn’t get the memo, but apparently 2005 was the year of the Jacksons. Siblings Janet (left) and Michael topped highly scientific year-end buzz-o-meters by Google and Access Hollywood, despite the fact that neither put out an album this year.

Janet, a.k.a. Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty (sorry, couldn’t help myself), landed atop the ”2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist” report, which ranks the massive search engine’s most queried news subjects for the year. Whether folks were jonesin’ for another peek at her 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction or seeking membership in the pop star’s Rhythm Nation is a matter of speculation, but Jackson led a top five that included Hurricane Katrina, tsunami, xbox 360, and Brad Pitt. Michael Jackson ranked sixth, followed by American Idol, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Harry Potter.

Access Hollywood, meanwhile, ranked Michael Jackson atop its ”Top Ten Newsmakers of 2005,” a list based on the number of stories the program dedicated to each celebrity over the course of the year. Jackson was the subject of a whopping 77 Access Hollywood segments, followed by Eva Longoria (55), Britney Spears (51), Tom Cruise (49), and Jessica Simpson (46). Completing the top 10: Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, and (tied for ninth) Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey (each with one segment more than Angelina Jolie).

I have to admit, I’m surprised there was enough Longoria news to put her ahead of Britney, Tom, and Martha, but instead of quibbling, I’m just going to look on the bright side of both of these lists: In a sign that the apocalypse may not be totally nigh, Paris Hilton didn’t crack either top 10.

Did anything on these year-end rankings surprise or delight you, PopWatchers?

Be nice to Paris! (And Britney, Tom, Lindsay, and MJ, too)

92448__paris_l”In the end, only kindness matters,” sang Jewel in her 1998 single, ”Hands.” I’ve got to admit that normally, I’d disagree with the pop singer and sometime poet’s mawkish sentimentality — I mean, what about jealousy? And shame? And white-hot rage? Don’t they count for anything? But according to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, it’s World Kindness Week, so I’m going to try embracing the light by saying something nice about five frequently targeted-for-ridicule celebrities. And I want all of you to do the same. Watch, I’ll go first.

-Everybody likes to dismiss Lindsay Lohan as an out-of-control party girl, but if you look at her body of work — from Freaky Friday, to Mean Girls, to the upcoming Altman film A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby — she’s actually got better taste in projects than most young actors.

-I will be forever grateful to Tom Cruise for wisely using his power as a producer of Mission: Impossible III to cast my longtime pal Felicity.

-I heard Britney Spears’ ”Toxic” at the airport on my way home from vacation last week, and I’ll be darned if that isn’t one tasty pop confection. 

(Hang on. Just need a second to wipe the sweat off my brow and rub a little Ben Gay into my ‘kindness muscles.’ It’s been a while, y’know?)

-Okay, where were we? Aside from Madonna, nobody makes videos as consistently great as Michael Jackson.

-And finally, I like (and occasionally use) the catchphrase made famous by Paris Hilton (above): ”That’s hot.”

Alrighty, PopWatchers. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now make me (and Jewel) proud. Pick an oft-maligned entertainer and share something other than your mockery and scorn. Go!

addCredit(“Paris Hilton: Chris Pizzello/Reuters”)

Lauren Bacall joins the Tom Cruise pile-on

91029__bacall_lOne of the virtues of being an 80-year-old Hollywood legend is that you can say pretty much anything you damn well please about anyone. Lauren Bacall rips into Tom Cruise in an interview in the new issue of Time. The actress, who has more to say during her own Turner Classic Movies special tonight, belittles Cruise as an actor (”When you talk about a great actor, you’re not talking about Tom Cruise”), echoing her comments a year ago about Cruise’s ex (and Bacall’s own two-time costar) Nicole Kidman, that she doesn’t yet deserve to be called a legend. Bacall also blasts Cruise for his recent public appearances. ”His whole behavior is so shocking,” she says. ”It’s inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially, but I think it’s kind of a sickness.” (Not that the cat food pitchwoman is averse to using your vocal talents to sell anything commercially.) Guess this means she’s not going to be invited to Tom and Katie’s nuptials.

Katie Holmes' wedding gown

9412__katie_lW magazine’s cover-story interview with Katie Holmes was apparently conducted before Tom popped the question at the Eiffel Tower, but it still features the future Bride of Cruise in a photo spread that includes a shot of her modeling a Comme des Garçons wedding gown. The interview itself takes a skeptical tone toward Holmes’ echoes of her couch-hopping fiancé’s gushing declarations of love, noting that Holmes’ new best friend, Church of Scientology employee Jessica Rodriguez, occasionally feeds her a line. (”You adore him,” she tells Holmes to say.) Alas, no photo of the moment in the interview where she one-ups her man by leaping on a chair, then jumps back to the floor and does a split — no, seriously, we’re not making that up. A move like that could have been worth an extra $30 million to Batman Begins‘ box office.

Tom Cruise on 'Today': Part II

Anyone expecting a repeat ofFriday’s fireworks in the second half of Matt Lauer’s Tom Cruise interviewwould have been disappointed by the anticlimactic chat that Today aired thismorning. The nerve of that guy, giving a normal interview where all he did wastalk about his movie and include a brief reference to his upcoming nuptials.Doesn’t he know he was supposed to continue his public meltdown?

After the Cruise chat, Katie Couric interviewed two shrinksregarding whether or not the actor had a point last week in his slam ofantidepressants. Surprisingly, one doc agreed with him that the jury is stillout on whether such drugs really correct chemical imbalances in the brain,while the other conceded that antidepressants may be overprescribed. Thesegment was followed immediately by an commercial for War of the Worlds. Did Paramountknow that Monday’s Cruise coverage would be much friendlier than Friday’s? Ordid the studio simply not care, believing that any coverage was good as long aseveryone kept mentioning Tom Cruise’s name?

What do you think? Did Today pull its punches? Does Cruisehave a point? Does any mention of Cruise only encourage viewers to see War ofthe Worlds?

On the Scene: 'War of the Worlds' press conference

9240__war_lAbout 120 print, TV, and online journalists from around the world gathered in the ballroom of New York’s Essex House hotel for a pair of ”War of the Worlds” press conferences, first from Tim Robbins, and then from Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg, who fielded questions together.

Robbins, who has a small but pivotal role, got started about 25 minutes late, thanks apparently to some technical and sound glitches. ”We can make tripods come out of the air but we can’t get the sound right,” joked Robbins, looking fitter and trimmer than the doughy proles he’s played in his last couple movies. He answered all questions affably, even those that were fatuous (asked what a more famously friendly Spielberg alien would think of the film, Robbins said, ”E.T. would be pissed”) or that baited him about his career (”I don’t think much about Howard the Duck,” he said when reminded of that early low point in his filmography) or his politics (One moral of the film, the outspokenly anti-Iraq War actor said, was that ”you can conquer but you can never really inhabit”). Asked if he thought there was intelligent life on other planets, he replied, ”I’m not sure intelligent life exists here.” He ended his remarks with what he called ”a shameless plug” for Embedded Live, a filmed performance of his satirical play about the Iraq War, which he said is out now on DVD.

Then came the World’s Biggest Movie Star and the World’s Biggest Movie Director, who together seemed to form the world’s biggest mutual admiration society. They said they had never disagreed about anything over the course of making two sci-fi epics together. Both also downplayed the potential box office threat from Fantastic Four, saying they were both looking forward to seeing the superhero adventure with their own families.


Oprah, Tom; Tom, Oprah.

Don’t say PopWatch never does anything for you. If you happened to miss Tom Cruise’s, um, energetic performance on Oprah last month, you can catch the repeat on Thursday, June 22. (Check your local listings for the correct time.) If you’ve already watched it on Tivo 137 times, check out this insane re-edit of what happened what The Cruise met The O (special guest star Tyra Banks).

What's next for Katie Holmes?

Now that the Catholic-until-recently actress is taking classes in her boyfriend’s faith, I have a few nagging questions:

How long before she signs on to costar opposite John Travolta in Battlefield Earth 2?

Will she play Kirstie Alley’s bubbly niece on the next season of Fat Actress?

Will she be required to denounce prescription-drug user Brooke Shields?

Will she get to duet with Beck or will she have to settle for Lisa Marie Presley?

Should TomKat split up, will she be allowed to seek solace in therapy?

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