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'SYTYCD': Cat Deeley on hanging with TomKat and the shock of the season

Cat-deeley-blog_l It’sofficial: We’re 100! And not looking too bad on it, even if I do say so myself! I know, as a woman , I should never discuss my age, but I’ve got to just express how happy we all are that the show is still such a success after all this time. In England you receive a telegram from the Queen when you turn 100 …. I’m still waiting for mine, Ma’am!

Tuesday’s show was made extra special due to the fact that Ellen DeGeneres joined us on the judging panel. She really was a lovely lady! She hit just the right balance between judge, comedienne, and superfan. Ellen made the show so much fun, and I know the dancers loved her being there. It’s great having a new input on the show — itjust mixes up the dynamics. Portia also came down to the studio and we wereintroduced when I was standing in the tower and she was standing on the studiofloor — not the greatest angle in the world! I had to apologize for the fact thatshe was not only introduced to me, but also to my nasal passages! Fun!


Katie Holmes on 'So You Think You Can Dance': Why not?

There are multiple reports surfacing online that Katie Holmes will perform on So You Think You Can Dance in what's rumored to be a massive movie musical number by regular SYTYCD choreographer Tyce Diorio and featuring several SYTYCD alums. Although no one connected with the Fox series will comment to EW.com about it, judge and exec producer Nigel Lythgoe let slip to some paparazzi that he's met with Mrs. Tom Cruise, and that the show has something "very, very, very special" in the works. Some are speculating that the plan is for the number to air on the show's 100th episode in July, while others are wondering why the program would celebrate that milestone with, of all people, Katie Holmes. Can we say random?

Well, can we also say why the heck not? The show is supposed to be about discovering new dancers, and if the one-time Dawson's Creek star is a closet hoofer, SYTYCD would certainly be the least risky way of showcasing that hidden talent — Broadway could be too nerve-wracking, and Dancing With the Stars too C-list-y. And, besides, Holmes already showed off some nascent dancing skills last year on ABC's nearly-departed Eli Stone, so it's not like this is entirely out of the blue. Check out her moves from that show in the clip below, and then tell me, PopWatchers, are you looking forward to Katie Holmes shaking what her mamma gave her for Nigel, Mary Murphy, Cat Deeley & Co.? Or is this all just one more wobbly step in Holmes' peripatetic post-Tom Cruise career?

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Katie Holmes on 'Eli Stone': The girl can kick! And act!

Katieholmeselistone_lAs a very loyal Dawson’s Creek fan, I was about as excited as Dawson Leery getting a director’s cut DVD of A.I. for Creek star Katie Holmes’ return to television. She played a clumsy lawyer named Grace on last night’s episode of ABC’s Eli Stone and was surprisingly good. Holmes was sweet and charming and totally made you forget that she’s the woman who gave birth to Suri (oh and the wife of Tom Cruise)! And she displayed impressive singing and dancing skills while performing Duke Ellington’s "Hit Me With a Hot Note" during an Eli hallucination (although I kinda knew that she could sing and dance after watching the Dawson’s Creek True Hollywood Story and I think at least one or two Jules Asner/E! specials on Holmes).

But it did make me wish Holmes would get back to doing films that actually give her characters to play, like Wonder Boys and Pieces of April, instead of bigger flicks, like Abandon and Mad Money, that offer scant challenges and, to be honest, completely blow. I could see Holmes actually carving out an Anne Hathaway-ish path on the big screen.  And if that doesn’t work, well she’s always welcome back on the small screen. What do you think Pop Watchers?

The Footlights: Fall Theater Preview

Watchcentury_lThe hot weather is supposed to be behind us (damn you, global warming!) and chillier nights should play host to the new wave of shows. And while it would be utterly loco of me to include everything between now and early December, I figured it would be a good idea to give you some choice highlights, both in and out of the Big Apple, of the upcoming theater season.

Direct from London, here comes the heartwarming tale of a boy (Daniel Radcliffe), horsies, and how he likes to blind said horsies. Buzz is deafening. And you can even nab onstage seats to get a better view of Harry Potter, uh, up close and personal. (Broadhurst Theatre on Broadway, in previews, opens 9/25, www.telecharge.com)

Playwright Michael Weller is busy this season (he also has Beast at New York Theater Workshop right now), but any play with both Norbert Leo Butz and Elizabeth Marvel(ous, always), playing a couple immersed in marital woes, gets the edge. (Lucille Lortel Theatre Off Broadway, in previews, opens 9/28, http://www.mcctheater.org/tickets.html)


Tom Cruise's 'Valkyrie' looks kinda awful

Tom Cruise’s latest flick, Valkyrie, is set in Nazi Germany, and it’s not a comedy, so why does its new trailer (embedded below, or streaming in a higher-quality clip at Yahoo) leave me snickering? Is it the eye patch? Or the way the lightning crashes as Cruise declares "We have to kill Hitler" in his Serious Thespian Voice? Maybe it’s that awful line, "When the S.S. catch you, they will pull you apart like warm bread." (Mission: Carbs!) Or maybe I can no longer separate the tabloid staple from the actor. Whatever the case may be, I’m kind of wondering — especially in the face of Lions for Lambs bombing this weekend — how many other folks share my inability to take Tom Cruise seriously anymore?

50 biggest scandals since '82: What'd we forget?

So this morning we posted EW’s countdown of the top 25 biggest celebrity scandals of the past 25 years. (Online-only bonus: Check out Nos. 50-26 here!) Anyway, the full list of 50 is chock-full of things that make me die inside, including Ted Danson performing blackface while roasting then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg (No. 40), Woody Allen marrying Soon-Yi Previn (No. 6), and Michael Jackson dangling baby Blanket (No. 5). Other usual suspects on the list: R. Kelly, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Mel Gibson.

Now we want to hear from you, P-Dubs: What did we forget to include? Maybe it’s too recent to go down in the annals of "xx"-dom, but seems like Denise Richards’ nasty split from Charlie Sheen (who’s already on this list, natch) and her subsequent involvement with friend Heather Locklear’s ex, Richie Sambora, is tawdry enough to deserve a spot here. What say you?

Trailer Blazer: 'Lions for Lambs,' Things We Lost..., 'Kite Runner'

Three fall movie trailers, which have me respectively feeling: (A) nada; (B) mixed emotions; and (C) the excited tinglies.

Lions for Lambs (Nov. 9) It doesn’t get much more Oscar-bait-y than Meryl Streep starring in a Robert Redford-directed political drama about the war in Afghanistan and its implications in Washington and the world of academia. So how come the trailer plays so stiff and turgid? Lines like, "What is relevant is the implementation of a new strategy" don’t help, but the thing that’s really bogging me down is Tom Cruise’s performance as a powerful U.S. senator. Take his big, hoo-hah question to Streep’s reporter: "Do you wanna win the war on terror? Yes or no? This is the quintessential yes-or-no question of our time. Yes or no?" Doesn’t he deliver this in almost the same exact tone that he once asked Matt Lauer, "Do you know what Aderol is? Do you know Ritalin? Do you know now that Ritalin is a street drug? Do you understand that?" Maybe my perception’s been thrown off by the photo of Cruise dirty dancing with Katie Holmes in that copy of Us that I accidentally bought last night — yes, accidentally! it can happen! — but I can’t take "Serious Cruise" seriously anymore.


Choose your side: Timothy Olyphant or Josh Duhamel

Josh_tim_lPerhaps it’s only a war in my mind because I’m desperate to see more of Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant (pictured, right) at the moment. But play along: Will Olyphant (currently the baddie in Live Free or Die Hard) or his Las Vegas lookalike Josh Duhamel (left), featured in next week’s Transformers, emerge the bigger star this summer? And by “bigger star,” I mean “the one who’ll get offered the roles they’ll both be considered for first.”

The reasons I’m on Team Olyphant:

• He finally found a hair length that doesn’t make him look at all slimy. With that killer smirk, you know this took some work.

• He’s already shown range, while Duhamel has primarily shown skin. (Not that I’m complaining.)

• He uses double guns as assassin Agent 47 in October’s Hitman. And I love double guns. (I hope you’re growing your hair back, Mister.)

• He’s the sports reporter for Indie 103.1 FM‘s morning show with Joe Escalante, which is way cooler than dating Fergie. Olyphant had appeared on the program to promote the third season of Deadwood, and heard the station was planning on hiring a sports guy. He just started calling in every morning. That was over a year ago. Some recent highlights:


Tom Cruise's New Comedy: He's Playing A Nazi!

Cruise_lTom Cruise: Superspy, samurai… Nazi? Reports indicate that he’s planning to play one of the Third Reich rebels who tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Hitler in an upcoming film. Rumors about Cruise’s career moves are like catnip to us entertainment journalists, and coverage of this one hasn’t disappointed. According to the ever-reliable Fox News, "many" think that the film is part of an elaborate effort to get the German government to soften its unfriendly stance on Scientology. (Huh?!) To the wags over at Best Week Ever, it’s yet another piece of evidence that Cruise’s career is in irretrievable free-fall.

For a more plausible explanation of this perplexing development, however, you may want to look back at EW’s own Cruise files. Back in August, our own Daniel Fierman reported that Cruise was quietly looking to add more comedic roles to his seriously serious résumé. A couple of months ago, when word got out that Cruise was indeed teaming with Ben Stiller in guaranteed yukfest The Hardy Men, PopWatch noted the light-hearted turn in his role choices approvingly. But this latest news shows the Hardy project was just a distraction. He isn’t interested in easy buddy-flick giggles. No, Tom’s into some dark, absurdist stuff. Just imagine him in a Nazi uniform, that trademark deranged gleam in his eye, shouting at Goebbels and Himmler to stop being so "glib." Talk about humor via discomfort! Of course he hasn’t announced this project as a comedy — playing it straight is the key to the gag. This guy’ll out-Borat Borat by the time the film is through. I know I’ll be in stitches.

addCredit(“Tom Cruise: Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com”)


Spot the fake news item (British Import edition)

16120__prisoner_lAll three of these deals have been reported in actual newspapers recently, but one of them is, apparently, pure fiction. See if you can spot the fake project:

A. Cable channel AMC has greenlit a new series that will be a remake of The Prisoner, the classic 1960s British brain-bending drama that starred Patrick McGoohan (pictured).

B. Victoria Beckham will star as an alien bride in The Thetan, a Tom Cruise-produced sci-fi movie inspired by Scientology lore.

C. ABC is Americanizing the BBC sudser Footballers’ Wives, with Superman Returns director Bryan Singer attached to shoot the pilot.

(See the answer after the jump.)

addCredit(“The Prisoner: Everett Collection”)


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